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Misty Evans – Romance Readers & Writers Rock

Romance authors are passionate people who live for a good HEA. Spreading love and happily-ever-afters around is like being a romance fairy—who wouldn’t love that? We sprinkle love dust on our characters, enchant readers, and when all looks lost in our stories, we wave our magic wand and love conquers all. In real life, we may not have magic wands, but we still believe love will conquer all.


Jenn LeBlanc – Celebrating the Romance Readers

We live in this incredible world where different books that can’t be mainstream published are finding their own audience. IT’S AMAZING and who wins in this new world? THE READER. So that’s what I’m here to celebrate— THE READER of the romance, because you guys are voracious, passionate, wonderful and just as in love with love as we writers are. I LOVE YOU guys.

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Erin Knightley – All the Possibilities

Even at that age, I knew what was important to me. There was enough bad stuff in the world. Why would I want to read about more bad stuff? I read to escape and experience different times and places, but most of all, I read for enjoyment. I read to feel better about life, and love, and all the possibilities for finding joy and excitement.

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Addison Fox – Romance, Guiding Us Toward Better

The heroes and heroines that populate the pages of a romance novel are larger than life. Even while in pain, the characters who truly move us are the ones who take their life lessons and spin them into the gold of their future. They’re the very best versions of ourselves and when we spend time in that world we become a bit better, too.

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Linnea Sinclair – Boldly Exploring Romance & Love

Even though we have for years been encouraged to “boldly go where no one has gone before,” it seems that the boldness required is most needed in emotional relationships.


Tracey Devlyn – Hooked on Romance

As a reader, all I cared about was the romantic payoff. I wanted to experience the spine-tingling first kiss between the hero and heroine, the crushing fear that The Bad Thing would keep them apart, the passionate point of no return, and the beauty of hearing their first “I love you.”


Nancy Herkness – Hope, Intensity & Love

Our stories speak to what is most important for the human race: putting someone else’s needs before ours, risking our hearts and even our lives for another. That’s what brings on the adrenaline rush and that’s what gives us the hope that we’ll survive into tomorrow.

Romance Dish

PJ Ausdenmore – The Gift of Hope & Joy

The simple answer to why I read romance books is that I enjoy them. They bring me pleasure. Some make me laugh. Others rip my heart to shreds then stitch that tender organ back together, stronger than before. They often teach me something new. Do you know how much fun it is to confidently answer a difficult Jeopardy question then turn to a friend who looks down upon the genre and say, “I learned that in a romance novel.” I admit it. I love when that happens!


Sep 8 Damon Suede – Excellence & Diversity

These “trashy” books don’t give “credulous” readers unreasonable expectations; rather, romance novels teach us all to…to examine our choices, to ask for more from our lives, to honor emotion and experiences different from our own, and to take concrete steps toward our possible Happy Endings.


Sep 7 Claudia Connor – Romance is Realistic

I say, romance is the absolute MOST realistic fiction there is. I mean most of us are not on the run from Zombies or birthing dragons, though I have asked my family to refer to me as The Khaleesi-didn’t work. But love…I’m going to take a wild guess and say 99% percent of the world’s population wants to be loved. Wants someone to love them more than they love anything else.