Fall Into Romance ~ Kieran Kramer

Growing up, we always made our own costumes, and our favorite tool to make ourselves into pirates, witches, soldiers, zombies, etc. was a burnt Recipe_from_AUTUMNcork. Mom would get a champagne cork she’d saved and hold a flame to it. Once it burned black, we’d blow out the flame and–voila!–we had this wonderful smudgy thing we could mark ourselves up with, LOL!

Never Kiss a Rake

Anne Stuart – Romance, So Much To Celebrate

Romance fiction is a gift, a taste of what life can be like, a place to run to when things aren’t so great, a place to celebrate when things are glorious.

Never Kiss a Rake

Fall Into Romance ~ Anne Stuart

I love dressing up. I’m probably the only writer with a nun’s habit in her closet, always waiting. I made a dress that was a copy of one by Madame Pompadour, complete with seed pearls and lace, and wore it to a rock concert in New York.

The Manhattan Encounter_Cover

Fall Into Romance – Addison Fox

My thanks to Bobbi for the invitation to come visit again! And she made it so easy since the topic is “Fall Into Romance.” Fall is my favorite season and romance is my favorite thing to write, read and talk about so…once I got going I realized just how easy it was to put them together.


Sophie Eastlake – Q&A, etc…

My reading tastes have changed since I started narrating, for sure. I was an English major in college, so my tastes ran to the old and out-of-print. Ha! I hadn’t read a romance novel, for instance, since I was 16 and discovered Judith McNaught (Oh, Judith McNaught… how do I love thee? Let me count the ways).


Fall Into Romance – Connie Brockway

Halloween! Oh, the tricks I have known! And the tricks I have orchestrated! My favorite one, bar none, is from 1996 —long before anyone in our town decorated for Halloween.


Songbird’s Seduction – An Audiobook Review

I love Brockway’s writing. I think she is one of the best out there, actually, and there are many reasons for this. For one thing, she writes really unique characters, and she sets couples up in perfect disharmony, by which I mean to say, she truly forces her characters to face up to their authentic selves, to be true to who they really are.


Carolina Blues, A Dare Island Novel

If you haven’t discovered the Dare Island series by Virginia Kantra, I highly recommend you take a little trip there. Carolina Blues, the fourth in the series, released last week and I was lucky enough to receive an audio copy of the book to review.


Fall Into Romance – Sonali Dev

I didn’t grow up with Halloween. But I think of it as my mommy festival- given that it’s my children’s favorite holiday thanks to the two pillowcases filled with candy that I get stuck with having to hide in the days that follow. (And no, hiding doesn’t mean gobbling up. Don’t listen to them.)

Not Quite Forever

Fall Into Romance – Catherine Bybee

Spooky & sweet Halloween memories from Catherine Bybee!