in for the kill

New Year, New You ~ Shannon McKenna

I love resolutions! In fact, I’m a total aspirational lit/blog junkie, and spend way too much time reading about improving myself and somewhat less actually trying to do it.

The One In My Heart

New Year, New You ~ Sherry Thomas

No special traditions or rituals. But I do love calling my mother at midnight to wish her a very wonderful year. It’s a moment of great cheer and optimism.

fire me up

New Year, New You ~ Kimberly Kincaid

I love a clean slate! Just thinking about my pristine new day planner makes me smile from ear to ear.

Love me Tender

Happy New Year With Susan Fox

Aside from the bubbly and the beach, I love the sense of a fresh start. It’s like the slate has been wiped clean—just like the waves have refreshed the beach—and I can move on with new energy.

Barefoot in Pearls

New Year, New You ~ Roxanne St. Claire

To be honest, New Years is my #1 favorite holiday of the year. (Well, after Thanksgiving because I love the food and family!)

Blood Assassin

New Year, New You ~ Alexandra Ivy

I love to go out on New Year’s eve. I love all the cheesy things! The sparkly outfit, the champagne, everyone gathered together to watch the new year being rung in!

Mayors Mission cover

New Year, New You ~ Piper Huguley

New Year’s is a very laid back kind of holiday after all of the Christmas rush. We do have certain foods—black-eyed peas for luck and collard greens for money.


Holiday Love ~ Debbie Macomber

My husband’s family wasn’t much into celebrating Christmas and then he married me, the woman who puts up six Christmas trees and spends weeks preparing for the holiday.


Holiday Love ~ Robin Kaye

Every year we go to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA ( as a family and spend the day (into the night) oohing and awing over the most amazing Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen.

mistletoe bride

Holiday Love ~ Vanessa Kelly

I remember the Christmas I spent with my mom before she died. I had just gotten engaged to the lovely man who is now my hubby, and he was coming home with me for the holidays.