Bobbi Dumas ~ #LoveRomance, Love My Life

I love romance novels. I love the romance arc. I find it uplifting and affirming and, yes, joyful. I don’t understand why women should be made to feel ashamed for loving these delightful books,


Remembering Cathie Linz

If you were a romance reader back then, you knew better than to hope that you might find the books you loved to read at your local public library. However, that changed when one person – Cathie Linz – decided enough was enough.

Desperate Fortune

Susanna Kearsley – Loving Love at First Sight

In Italy they know it as the “colpo di fulmine”, and in France it’s called the “coupe de foudre” ̶ quite literally “the lightning-strike” ̶ because it’s just that rare, that unexpected, and that powerful.


Sarah Morgan – The Light of Romance

I’ve never understood why a book that leaves you feeling happy and uplifted is something to be dismissed. Why is it bad to do something that brings you joy?

desert sheik

Caitlin Crews/Megan Crane – Loving Romance

I think romances are medicine. The happy ending helps, but it’s all the many paths to getting there, too. They don’t just pat us on the head and tell us it’s going to be okay, these stories, they show us how.


Dani Collins – Romancing Our Dreams

It should be noted here that if I had not been a fan of romance, if romance heroines had not persevered through all those pages on my keeper shelf for more years than I had been writing, I may not have had the courage to keep trying.