Day 27 Christina Dodd – Be Decadent & Read

For me, reading a book is a vacation from real life. Reading a book immerses me in exotic worlds and different sensibilities. It’s … fun.

Fall To You

Day 27 Lexi Ryan – Healthy Attitudes from Romance

I want my kids to read romance novels because I want them to be optimists. Romance, at its heart, delivers the message that we are all worthy of love and a good life, but that we have a part to play in reaching that destination. This is a message worth reinforcing.


Day 27 Megan Mulry – A Cause for Celebration

I can still picture the small bag on my front bench in my former house…where it sat untouched for many days. I was pretty snooty about the whole thing. I was too smart for trashy books, doncha know. (Too clever by half, more like it.) Whitney, My Love was in that bag. I get chills just typing that. WHITNEY MY LOVE WAS IN THAT BAG! I mean? What the hell? It’s just a romance novel, right? No big deal. Whitney is selfish and immature and Clayton is autocratic and overbearing and HOLY HELL I could not put that sucker down!