HerStory: Beverly Jenkins – Celebrating the Unsung

For me, Women’s History Month is every month because in doing research for my historicals, I invariably come across women who are I like to term – unsung. Women whose names and accomplishments have been lost through time.

HerStory: Simone St. James – Love, War & History

The 1920s are usually signified by the carefree flapper with her bobbed hair, which was true, but there was a sad underside to all of the freedom and the partying. So many young men had died that potential husbands were few. Most of the flappers you see in those old photographs had lost a brother, a cousin, a neighbor, a father to the war.

HerStory: Jennifer Robson – Real Women and Their Stories

I can’t recall how old I was when I first started noticing that women’s stories were often left out of history—at least the history I was taught in school, as well as the history I read about in my library books…. Once a century or so, a woman might be mentioned—Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette—but nearly all the history I encountered was focused on men and their actions. Women were left in the shadows.