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A Month of Gratitude – Linda Francis Lee

Oddly, it’s the crazy years that we remember the most in my family. The year we ended up with a raw turkey and glass in the plum pudding. The year we had a freak ice storm and our pipes broke.


A Month of Gratitude ~ Cathy Maxwell

I’ve had a great run. I sold the first manuscript I completed. I supported my family on my writing. But I can look back with the clarity of experience and confess success is in the hands of luck. And none of this was possible without fear.

The Autumn Bride

Fall Into Romance ~ Anne Gracie

These days, Australia —and the rest of the English-speaking world—is starting to adopt Hallowe’en pumpkins and trick-or-treating. The kids have picked it up from American TV shows and movies, and who can blame them? An opportunity for dressing up as witches or fairies or vampires or ghosts — what’s not to love about that?

lost recipe

Fall Into Romance ~ Barbara O’Neal

I am madlly in love with fall–the crisp air, apples everywhere, the smell of change and leaves crunching underfoot.

in your dreams 1

Fall Into Romance ~ Kristan Higgins

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! When the kids were little, we’d have their entire classes over, and I felt it was my duty to scare the bejeezushalloween choc out of them…Happy times, and hopefully not too many emotional scars.


Fall Into Romance – Mindy Klasky

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, in a tiny three-block neighborhood, cut off from the rest of surburbia by major roads. As kids, we knew every one of our neighbors, so all treats were known to be safe – including the homemade candy apples that were the specialty of one neighbor.


Fall Into Romance ~ Alyssa Day

My daughter has been a princess every single year. Forest princess, snow princess, Disney princess, manga princess, you name it–she’s been it. I absolutely adore the memories and photos of that little sweetie pie!

darkness bound

Fall Into Romance ~ J. T. Geissinger

I am a giant sissy when it comes to Halloween stories. I refuse to watch horror movies, and I also refuse to read scary books, because I have what is politely termed an “overactive” imagination. I can’t even watch the news because I’ll have nightmares.

into_the darkness

J. T. Geissinger – Love Saves Us

They say truth is stranger than fiction. I don’t know about that. What I do know is that soul mates, love at first sight, and knights in shining armor are not only things we read about in romance novels. They’re things that happen in real life, too.


Fall Into Romance ~ Kieran Kramer

Growing up, we always made our own costumes, and our favorite tool to make ourselves into pirates, witches, soldiers, zombies, etc. was a burnt Recipe_from_AUTUMNcork. Mom would get a champagne cork she’d saved and hold a flame to it. Once it burned black, we’d blow out the flame and–voila!–we had this wonderful smudgy thing we could mark ourselves up with, LOL!