Kieran Kramer – The Transforming Power of Love

I know that as a romance author, I feel like a rock star because I get to do something for a living that makes people happy. There’s nothing better!

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Patience Griffin – Coming Home to Romance

It gives me great joy to think that maybe there’s someone out there like me—they could be commuting, running errands, or sitting in the carpool—someone who needs a story to help them pass the time. They could be the next person to fall in love with romance…like me.


Vanessa Kelly – Romance and Happiness

Rewarding the good and punishing the bad, I realized, was at the heart of my enjoyment of the romance genre (along with the sexy heroes). And that’s when I also realized that I wanted to write my own stories of good people overcoming adversity and sometimes their own stupidity and flaws to achieve their just rewards—love and happiness.


Robyn Carr – Romance, And More

We like to make an emotional connection with the romantic part of our lives. We like remembering and imagining love. Good love. In addition, we like the study of strong, intelligent women making sound choices for themselves and we especially enjoy an inside view of women who reject bad choices. We eschew mean, careless, abusive men. We know what makes a real man. And we love seeing a man with integrity partnered with a woman of high standards.


Heidi Rice – Addicted to Great Dialogue

Great dialogue provides that pithy back and forth between your hero and heroine that not only zings with wit and humour, but also delivers lashings of sexual and emotional tension, because romance novel dialogue is usually loaded with subtext. Ie: the conflict between what your hero and heroine are saying to each other and what they are actually thinking.


Adrienne Giordano

I think the most important thing is feeling good about whatever it is we consider romantic. Shouldn’t romance make us feel lighter? Make us feel as if the world is not such a hard place? For me, that’s the best kind of romance there is.

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Jeannie Lin – Love is Always Possible

If you spare them even a moment’s effort, you’ll see romance novels encompass the widest range of stories of any genre. They span countries and continents, worlds and even dimensions. They feature every sort of person from any walk of life. Love is always possible anywhere, for anyone.

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Terri Brisbin – Love Worth The Struggle

But, no matter what kind of romance you read, no matter the length or word count, the publisher, the setting, you can expect an emotional story, of overcoming challenges and obstacles, of facing fears and danger and finding a love worth that struggle at the end.


Maxine Sullivan – Romance, Where Dreams Come True

I think romance novels have it all. They take you on a journey where romance turns to love and dreams are found… no matter where in the world you are. Happy reading!

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Abby Green – Long Live Romance

I read broadly, across a lot of genres but the genre that has my heart, that I will always come back to is romance. In all its guises. Because quite simply, romance is at the heart of what we all do every day – we search for connection and to be understood and hopefully to be loved and love in return.