mistletoe bride

Holiday Love ~ Vanessa Kelly

I remember the Christmas I spent with my mom before she died. I had just gotten engaged to the lovely man who is now my hubby, and he was coming home with me for the holidays.


Holiday Romance ~ Nancy Thayer

The day after Christmas, I stay in my robe, allowing myself to nibble on leftover stuffing and chocolates, and I choose a book written by Rosamund Pilcher, whom I consider the Glittering Fairy Godmother of romance novels.


Holiday Love ~ Lorraine Heath

I like to fill my house with poinsettias. My mom loved them, but she was frugal and would only buy one or two. When I walk through my house at Christmas and see all the poinsettias, I see her.

Maybe this Christmas

Holiday Love ~ Sarah Morgan

A few years ago my family and I broke with tradition and went away for Christmas for the first time. We stayed in a log cabin in a beautiful part of the Lake District which is one of my favourite places in England. It snowed heavily and the whole experience was magical.


Holiday Love ~ Laura Florand

It’s always about the time spent with family, those favorite Christmas memories. Cooking, playing football outside—I have four brothers—playing whatever board game was the gift of the year. We’re a large family, and Christmas is a chance to come together.

curvy christmas

Holiday Love ~ Sugar Jamison

Even though we are all over twenty my parents make us sleep over at their house Christmas Eve. My father then wakes us up ridiculously early the next day, and snaps pictures of us as we make our way to the living room. We all kind of look like zombies, ugly zombies dressed in festive holiday pajamas.


Holiday Love ~ Lori Wilde

It was one of my best Christmas memories. Having my father make it home for Christmas, with a blanket full of books to boot. A budding writer’s dream Christmas.


November Gratitude – Grace Burrowes

I recall lying flat out on a stretch of sidewalk in the park, awash in gratitude, and aware of the worry dissolving into relief and a sense of connectedness to all good things.

deadly obsession

November Gratitude – Maggie Shayne

I am happier, more fulfilled, more content, less stressed out, and far more successful than at any time in my past 22 years of traditional publishing. All because of an event that, at the time, seemed disastrous.

suddenly sexy

A Month of Gratitude – Linda Francis Lee

Oddly, it’s the crazy years that we remember the most in my family. The year we ended up with a raw turkey and glass in the plum pudding. The year we had a freak ice storm and our pipes broke.