Day 13 Robyn Carr – The Reward of Romance

The Joy of Happy Endings

The HeroI get a lot of mail.  It’s all different but a common theme from my readers gives personal testimonies of what the stories do for them.  “I was going through a very rough patch and fell into your stories, which brought me happiness and peace of mind.”  Those ‘rough patches’ are described as anything from illness to job loss to death of someone dear.  But the Rx was always the same – a little time away from the hard times, escape into a gentler place, a place guaranteed to bring a happy ending.  Another very common theme comes from readers who say that they knew exactly how a character I’d written about felt – and that could be because they had also lost a spouse or child, sent a family member off to war or welcomed them home again, fell in love or had love fail them or been the victim of some sort of abuse and had to escape.  And a favorite message says, “I love your books, and just so you know, my one true love is just like Jack Sheridan/Preacher/Luke Riordan, etc.”

The NewcomerWhen National Read A Romance Month asked me to tell them “Why Romance” in 700 words or less my first thought was only 700 words?  I could write a book on why we write or read romance!  Romance readers are the most hopeful people I know.  They want characters who can serve as role models for what makes a healthy, strong, enduring relationship.  They want to observe what to avoid in relationships because in our stories the bad people, the abusive, careless, unfeeling and mean heroes are rejected in favor of caring, loving, trustworthy men.  That goes for women as well – the mean, manipulative, narcissistic and selfish characters lose in favor of honesty, decency, kindness and devotion.  I regularly get letters that say, “I didn’t know how toxic my relationship was until I read about so-and-so and it became so clear – I had to free myself and I’m happy for the first time in many years.”  I write back a note of congratulations because above all our heroes and heroines take control of their lives and demand good treatment.  They do not settle for crumbs.

Our readers see our characters from the inside out and nothing gets by them.  There are no excuses.  Even the most troubled must rise to the occasion if they intend to win the day; they have to come to grips with their problems in healthy and intelligent ways, overcome the more cruel blows life offers up and in the end, deserve the love they win.  True love isn’t cheap, easy, fast or won by half measures – it is pure, honest, kind and memorable.  And our characters do have problems!  Novels are about conflict and in romance and women’s fiction the conflicts are not limited to romantic troubles.  No, sir.  Authentic, real life challenges get in the way of happiness, just like every day in our readers’ lives.  And with the solutions to those problems comes the reward of peace and happiness.


Romance comes in all shapes and sizes from the adventurous and/or erotic, gentle and sweet, suspenseful, historical, futuristic, mysterious, paranormal – you name it.  Readers can always feed their love of any genre and romance.  There are two writers, very different in style, you might like to try.  Marie Bostwick writes an elegant, lovely romance, sometimes with a quilting theme in the background.  And go to Robin Covington for a hotter, sexier read.  I like them both and am having fun watching these two writers grow.


Questions for Robyn

What is the craziest or ugliest object in your house, and why do you keep it?

Add useless to that and it is The Treadmill.  And why do I keep it?  Because tomorrow I’m going to take the clothes off of it and get on it!

If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? (And just for fun, who would play you?)

Anything Is Possible and would probably star Carol Burnett.

What is the best non-monetary gift you ever received?

The most wonderful non-monetary gift I ever received was, beyond doubt, my children and though they were definitely conceived for free, they became very expensive over time.

If you had to pick one romantic scene or couple to recommend to a first-time reader of YOUR books, which would it be? (Any picks for romance novels in general?)

My favorite romantic couple I’ve ever had the joy of writing about were Mel and Jack from Virgin River – I was invited to watch them grow from new love into a married couple who re-examined and renewed their commitment at every turn, just like the rest of us have to do.

Now get out there, pick up a romance and grab a fist full of adventure, love, laughter and tears and experience the fullness of all that life can be.


Robyn Carr Tote BagRobyn is  generously donating one Thunder Point beach bag filled with autographed copies of the first three books in the series. No international sorry. To enter the domestic contest, either leave a comment here or enter the weekly drawing on the contest page. Or both.  (Only one entry per commenter per post, though – multiple comments on one essay does not give you more chances.)  Comment entries must be posted by 11:59pm EST Aug 13 to be eligible, though winners will be announced the following week.


Robyn CarrRobyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of more than forty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series. Robyn and her husband live in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit Robyn Carr’s Web site at

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  • lisa

    I absolutely fell in love with Mel and Jack which spurred me on to keep reading all the related stories :). Your characters are very rich and relatable. I can’t wait for The Hero to come out. Thanks

  • Patoct

    I love Robyn’s books, she writes such great small town romance.

  • JenM

    I’m so happy there was a bundle of the first four Virgin River stories on sale when I first got my Kindle, and that there are so many of them in the series. Every time I read one, I just want to move there!

  • Melanie Backus

    I love your post and can’t wait to start reading. Romance is alive and well. Keeping my fingers crossed for the win!

  • Laurie W G

    I like your attitude. Life is to be lived so deal with it. I haven’t started your Virgin River series yet. i’m sorry I’m so late to discover this series. I do have the first two of your Thunder Point novels, THE WANDERER & THE NEWCOMER, on my TBR pile. I heard lots of wonderful reviews about them.

  • Linda White

    I am always thrilled to learn that one of your books will soon be published. I want to live in Virgin River or Thunder Point!

  • Alissa

    You’re so right. Reading a good romance blows away all of the cobwebs. It energizes the spirit and inspires happiness.

  • Glenda

    Great message in your post! Love that your children are your favorite gift — and you are right that they don’t stay free. 🙂

  • Jen C

    I don’t even know where to begin. I love your stories, and the Virgin River books are the most-played audiobooks I have. I’m enjoying the new series too! I fell in love with every character in Virgin River. I picked up “Virgin River” when I first started reading romances. It was the cover that intrigued me.
    I learned SO MUCH about life from this series, or at least the stories made me think about life and people differently. The conversations between Jack and Ricky along with Ricky’s early story with Liz gave me confidence (and some of the language to use) to talk about openly and responsibly with my own teenager about sex. And the couples who traditionally don’t get love scenes in romances or if they do, they’re glossed over or made comedic – The General/Muriel, Maureen/George – remind my young self that love and romance is not just for one age group.
    The way the community works together and helps each other is so refreshing.
    I adore your stories and pass them on to others whenever I can. Keep up the great work!
    And, by the way, if anyone wants to read steamy scenes, I’d check out the Ellie and the Pastor’s book (yep, you heard it right, the PASTOR!) and Colin and Jilly’s book. 🙂

  • Nancy Huddleston

    What a great gift you give to readers. Thanks for the hope and love.

  • Beverly DeeAnjello

    I finally read one of your books and can’t believe I waited so long. I am hooked and I can’t wait to read them all.

  • Karen Johnston

    Oh I LOVED Mel and Jack! I love all your stories and characters but I think they will always remain a favorite. Hmmm just thinking about them makes me miss them! I think I may have to go revisit Virgin River! 😉 thanks for sharing your stories with us!!

  • Britney Adams

    I LOVE reading a good book series and Robyn has written some GREAT ones!!! Fingers crossed for a win!!

  • Sandi in OH

    I love both series. I think my favorite book in the Virgin River Series was Preacher and Paige’s.

  • Polly

    I’ve been a fan since the first Virgin River novel, kept reading forward from book one, but also went back and read your back list. Now I am following the Thunder Point folk, and waiting impatiently for August 27 and THE HERO.

  • tonda hargett

    I love your essay, right on the money! Thank you!

  • Nicole Fortuna

    Your’re my favorite author. I’ve read every Virgin River book, some twice, my favorite still being Jack and Mel’s story. I always look forward to your new releases and I haven’t started the Thunder Point books yet because I am waiting for The Hero to be released so that I can read them one after another.

  • Toni Linenberger

    Love your books!

  • Amy McKechney Lang

    Love your books! Was sad to see the Virgin River series end.

  • jcp

    My favorite couple from Virgin River was Noah and Ellie from Forbidden Falls

  • Kim Cornwell

    I love your Virgin River series! I read the 3rd book I picked up at a grocery store and fell in love. I had to rush and get 1 & 2 and I have read them all! I would love to win the Thunder Point Beach bag! Thanks for the chance!

  • rebecca moe

    The Thunder Point books are on my TBR list…

  • suepeace

    (Not entering contest, I’m Canadian, lol) But I love your books, Robyn and want to live in Virgin River!! 🙂 I’ve read the first Thunderpoint book and have the next one to get to soon!!

  • Krysten Michelsen

    I love the Thunder Point books! I’m definitely going to go back and read all the Virgin River ones now 🙂

  • Rosemarie N.

    Robyn , I love reading your books. The characters are so real. Someone told me to read your Virgin River series once I did I was hooked. I’m really starting to love your Thunder point one too. Please keep the great stories coming. Thank you!

  • Chelsea

    LOL the treadmill! I have one too, but it is a ‘fan stand’ it is the perfect height for my fan to sit in the window and blow in cool air at night. I promised myself I wouldn’t by a treadmill and not use it…which for the first few weeks I did use it, then I fractured my foot and it have been sitting there holding my fan and collecting dust ever since… 🙁

  • Sue G.

    I agree about the tredmill. I have one of those collecting dust too. I prefer to walk at the Y on the track. Less painful on the old knees!

  • Beth Re

    UGH tredmill
    I would like to read this book –
    My favorite romantic couple I’ve ever had the joy of writing about were Mel and Jack from Virgin River – I was invited to watch them grow from new love into a married couple who re-examined and renewed their commitment at every turn, just like the rest of us have to do.

    After 27 years of marriage we have hit some rough patches I would like to read about renewel

  • Cheryl Castings

    I really enjoyed reading this essay. There IS joy in happy endings. By the way, Mel and Jack are a favorite couple of mine, too.

  • alisha woods

    AWESOME prize, I love your books I even got my granny reading them too. She is 88

  • Liz Flaherty

    Yes, Mel and Jack. And so on…

  • Ann Mettert

    Really enjoy your books. Just finished THE WANDERER in fact. 🙂

  • Kareni

    I’ve read and enjoyed many of your books. Thanks for the joy that you spread!

  • Lesley Lindsey

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Robyn! I love to read romance for escapism. I loved your Virgin River series! As much as I also love Jack and Mel’s story and how they were the backbone of the town, my go-to VR story is Luke and Shelby in Temptation Ridge. I love the Riordan boys!! Even though I prefer to think of you on a break from the VR series and shudder the thought there may never be another, I’m so happy it ended with Patrick’s story and the melding of the Sheridans and Riordans. Awesome!

  • mariannewestrich

    Robyn, you are one of my all-time-fav, must-buy, go-to reads! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  • Stephanie M.

    Thank you for reaffirming the rewards of romance and joy of happy endings.

  • Marjorie Miller

    Absolutely love your books. It is always relaxing to escape for awhile. Thank you.

  • Carrie

    I really enjoyed your essay. Hope seems to be a prevalent theme, and I couldn’t agree more. Romance novels make the best escape from reality.

  • Meredith Richardson

    I totally agree with your essay! Hope is something that is important for everyone to have while going through good times and bad. Hope allows us to see the good in our lives and the good things to come!

  • Erlinda Mejia

    Thank you Ms. Carr for sharing your stories with us. I have gotten so much pleasure and insight from your books and anticipate each one you write. One of my favorite gripes is that my favorite writers just don’t write fast enough! Lol.

  • stampin_sue

    I’m sorry to say I haven’t read any of your books yet, but after reading your post and the many comments complimenting your work I am definitely going to.

  • Hannah Weitzman

    Thank you for your insight and the recommendations!

  • BookLady

    Love your books! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on romance. I especially enjoyed the comment about your treadmill. lol

  • Anne

    Thank you for the essay. I really do enjoy your books. They speak of every day trials that a loving couple may have to face. They speak of real people with real problems. Thank you for giving words to what so many of us really do face and survive through to stay as a couple!

  • glittergirl54

    Robyn, thanks so much for the beautiful post. I’m reading The Wanderer right now and it’s been a delightful journey. It was recommended to me by a trusted friend/blogger and I picked it up because it was set in my beautiful Oregon Coast. I’d so much fun reading about places I’ve been to, cities I know and beaches I’ve combed. It’s interesting to read stories written set on my home turf.

  • Pamby50

    Robyn, I fell in love with your Virgin River series. You keep coming up with characters that keep inspiring us to hope for the best. I read the first book set on the Oregon coast. Looking forward to reading the rest.

  • Joanne Ozment

    Love your Virgin River series as well & I’m enjoying the Thunder Point one as well.

  • Ruth

    “True love isn’t cheap, easy, fast or won by half measures – it is pure, honest, kind and memorable.” Spot on. And no crumbs for me!! Thanks, Robyn!

  • Bernadette Long

    The Virgin River series continues to be one of my all-time favorites. I lent my girlfriend (who was in the Army and her husband and all three sons were also in the Army) the books to read. She told me that she couldn’t put them down, either.

  • Martha Lawton

    I love the Thunder Point Novels and I am slowly amassing the Virgin River series so I can read them in order instead of piecemeal. Thank You for your books, characters and insights into the human psychie

  • Rochelle

    What a lovely essay on why romance matters. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Flora Segura-Buchler

    I’m saving your blogpost to give to those people who ask me why I enjoy reading Romance; thanks Robyn!

  • Marcy Shuler

    I loved the first two books in your Thunder Point series and can’t wait to read THE HERO! Just two more weeks to go! 🙂

  • Heather Coulter

    I <3 the first book – looking forward to reading the HERO

  • Ketta Peters

    Fantastic prize package, thank you! I have one of those “useless” machines, too!

  • Mary Jo Burke

    Love Robin and happy endings!

  • Patty Vasquez

    As I read through the authors’ essays, I hear a common thread: many readers find that romance novels gave them hope or helped them change their outlook on life and ultimately their circumstances. I’ve been thinking that I’ve overcome obstacles in my life and have subsequently been very blessed. Perhaps I should donate my gently used romance novels to the woman’s shelter in my community. Maybe just one person will find the strength to make a change from reading one of those books.

  • Sharlene Wegner

    Oh, my gosh Robyn – the treadmill as a clothesline! I have an old exercise bike in the basement that I use for the same purpose! Thanks for your inspiring words. And I love Mel & Jack, too!

  • Wonderful essay, Robyn! You are one of my favorite authors, and I feel so excited to have the chance to say, hi! Thank you for posting today, and I have my fingers crossed to win. 🙂

  • Mary McCoy

    Thank you for all your books, the essay above and all the great answers to the questions, especially re the priceless/pricey kids!

  • Terri C

    I’ve been reading Robyn Carr books for what seems like forever. Mel and Jack are a great couple and I loved catching up with them in so many books.

  • Courtney Chance

    I just startes the Virgin River Series and OMG I love jack and Mel. Im on book two and even in this book theyre just so happy! And I love Preacher 🙂
    I cant wait to continue this series!

  • TrishJ

    LOL. I have the same treadmill with clothes hanging all over it. Why do we do that? I love books I can identify with. Your books are like chicken soup, they make us feel better.

  • TwolfMom

    Thank you for such positive, uplifting commentary on romance readers. I love the Virgin River series. I have listened to several of the books on CD. I like Thunder Road and how the characters interact from there.

  • Marjorie morris

    I love all your characters. They are so real and face issues people deal with today. I will have to look for robin Covington as I have never heard of her.

  • Vickie P

    Mel and Jack were great characters to follow! Already read The Wanderer…would love to win the Rees Thunder Pt books!

  • Mary Kay Lyons

    I just finished the first two in the wanderer series and I thought I had the third one and realized it doesn’t come out until the 27th That is really hard to take. I can’t wait… I love the series Thanks so much for your writings.
    Mary Kay Lyons

  • Ann

    Love your books!

  • Lorelei’s Lit Lair

    I have to say you are definitely an amazing writer and ever since I discovered your books, I can count on reading about wonderful topics along with great romance . The thunder pointe series is the best and up to date issues. Bravo!

  • leah g

    Your Virgin River Series was the first romance series I ever read, admittedly I protested a bit at first to the idea of romance, but I quickly fell in love with, well, Virgin River and all its residents. I guess it was my stepping stone into the world of love.
    I don’t know why I haven’t read Thunder Point yet. I shall have to rectify this soon!

  • Becky Rabalais

    I love the Virgin River series, but am captivated with the Thunder Point series and character. Can’t wait to read The Hero. Many thanks for awesome books

  • catslady

    This would be a new series for me but it looks like something I would really enjoy!

  • Cheryl Hastings

    I haven’t read the Thunder Point series yet but am a huge fan of Virgin River. Thanks for the recommendations and for your thoughtful post 🙂

  • Kim

    Great post! I’m looking forward to starting the Thunder Point series.

  • Robin Covington

    Robyn – as always you say it all so perfectly. You make me proud to be a romance author. Thanks so much for the shout-out! Robin

  • Marcia Berbeza

    I’ve been listening to talking books on my kindle. As a librarian, I like to rotate genres. I listened to ONE of yours and turned around and bought a lot more. Somehow you managed to walk a fine line of writing a really decent story, it wasn’t too mushy, it wasn’t overly explicit, and it made me feel good afterwards. What more could a woman ask for? Thanks for what you do! And in my house, I have an exercise bike that collects dust in the rec room. 😉

  • Kortney

    Love Robyn’s books. Have not read the Thunder Point books and would love the opportunity to read them!!

  • E.L. F.

    That’s a great title and epitomizes what I love best about romances, the joy of happy endings. No matter what kind of things are going on in my life, I can always count on the uplift I get from going through trials and tribulations with the characters in a romance and reaching that wonderful happy ending. Thank you for your lovely stories.

  • Kristan Higgins

    Loved this interview, Robyn! xox

  • Michelle Bates

    I love all of your books so far. I just finished up the Thunder Point books, and cannot wait for the third. It’s my little escape from real life (although sometimes compared to others, it’s not that bad) Keep writing, and keep changing the world, one romance reader at a time. Thank you Robyn for what you do.

  • Kyla Whitley

    Looking forward to reading the series. 🙂
    jukyjoauka at aol dot com

  • Lori Hughes Miller

    I just finished Temptation Ridge…I loved it!! Now I have to read the rest of the series!

  • Kylan Alexander

    I haven’t read your books yet but they are on my Amazon wish list, which has at least 300 books on it! LOL My TBR pile is more like a mountain and my Kindle is heavily loaded too. So many books and so little money…

  • Kay McCarter Pflueger

    I loved the Virgin River series and am enjoying the Thunder Point series just as much. Can’t wait to read The Hero.

  • Amy Paul

    I LOVE your books and was so sad to say goodbye to Virgin River but can’t wait to start reading about Thunder Point. I’m holding out hope that we might occasionally see a cameo from Virgin River pop up in Thunder Point. As you’ve guessed, I haven’t started Thunder Point novels yet but I do have the 1st two . . . I’m holding out because I know I’ll want more once I get started! Thank you for sharing your talent and characters with us!

  • patp411

    I love all your books!!

  • Karin Anderson

    I don’t own a Treadmill, but I say the same thing about exercise all the time. I was a dancer for a long time, but I just cannot find the time/energy to do it.

  • Kathleen O

    I remember the first time I found the Virgin River book and it was like winning the lottery.. I could not wait to start reading the rest of the series and now I am making my way through Thunder Point.. I just love it.. It’s like finding new friends,

  • mjdownfam

    LOVE Robyn 🙂

  • Rowan Worth

    I worked for years in the field of natural disaster mitigation–reading romance kept me sane.

  • Patricia Treybal

    I discovered your books this last year and quickly came up to speed.I love the realism a much as the happy ever after. Thank you

  • Penny Foster

    I love the Thunder Point books! And I love Robyn Carr!

  • Denise Van Plew

    Love your books read them all but The Hero-one day discovered Virgin River series book no 1 and there it went.

  • Kathi Foley

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  • Terry Benson

    I get paid tomorrow and can’t wait to buy this one to complete the set. I’ve read the other two. LOVE THIS

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    Fell in love with your Virgin River series and now love just as much Thunder Point. Wish these places were real & I could move there…

  • Marcy Cordova

    I think my first message disappeared, so I’ll try again…
    I really love both the Virgin River and Thunderpoint series! You have such a special gift for taking the stories of many people and weaving them seamlessly together. I feel like I know everybody in Virgin River so well, and just want to keep reading more. My only complaint is that they are so good that I read them too quickly, and then have to (im)patiently wait for more!

  • Julie Farley

    Love your books! Can’t wait to read The Hero.

  • Dee Hosier

    I love romance books, and your Virgin River series is wonderful! I’d love to win the Thunderpoint books!

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  • Joyce

    Love the Virgin River Series. So far Thunder Point measures up!

  • Anne Wirth

    When I run out of books I re-read the Virgin River series 😀 I’ve read them all TWICE since the beginning of December 2012! Always excited to see another Robyn Carr book hit my kindle.

  • Rebecca Whitehead-Schwarz

    Oh my goodness, I had to laugh at the “remove the clothes from the treadmill” comment! Too funny. Ms. Carr’s books are so much fun to read!

  • girlygirlhoosier52

    Gah!! The dreaded treadmill… I can’t believe we’ve moved it 4 times, not including the time when it got outsourced to the garage!!

  • Rochelle Shultz Pelachick

    I’ve been carrying my list of Robyn Carr books with me so I know which ones I still need to buy to add to my collection. I think I am up to book 5 in Virgin River series with the 1st 2 of Thunder Point bought and ready to read.

  • cs86

    Treadmills make the best clothes hangers!

  • Sherry Patrick Burney

    I love all of Robyn Carr’s books especially Virgin River but looking forward to starting the new series.

  • brhill2010

    Robyn Carr I have just come to love so many of your books!! Thanks for being a romance writer!

  • donnas

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    thanks so much