Day 14 Maya Banks – Romance is Balm For What Ails You

My Warm~Fuzzy Addiction

Rush by Maya BanksWhen asked to write a piece about why romance “matters” I knew this would be a snap. I LOVE romance. Romance novels, romantic situations, anything remotely resembling a sigh-worthy recounting of romance. Which is amusing, because I don’t particularly consider myself on overly “romantic” person.

My husband and I aren’t the smushy, gushy romancy types. Our idea of romance is to banter back and forth and tease each other mercilessly. And honestly, if my husband ever started spouting dialogue worthy of a romance hero, I’d wonder if the mother ship had landed and aliens were coming to take him back home!

But I adore, absolutely love romance novels. Why? They make me happy. And anything that can put a smile on my face and give me a contented, blissful experience is a wonderful thing indeed.

My favorite “kind” of romance novels? I love a really over the top, angsty, emotional, cracktastic story with an adoring, growly, super protective alpha male. I’m hopelessly addicted and have no intentions of every starting a recovery process.

You remember all the Chicken Soup books that were so popular a few years back? I like to consider romance as Chicken Soup for the Soul. A good romance novel is guaranteed to cure what ails you much like chicken soup is a balm for an illness.

Burn by Maya BanksI find that when I’m down, tired, burned out from writing or if real life has just gotten in the way and things seem at their worst and I’m overwhelmed that the best medicine is to immerse myself in a comfort read and lose myself in the pages of a really yummy romance novel.

You know what author is the perfect medicine for when you need a good light hearted romp that hits all the right spots? Kristen Ashley. Her books are cracktastic, over the top, absolutely delicious stories that I can read over and over when I need a pick me up.

Reading is how I get over my own writing slumps. When I’m tired, burned out. When I feel like my creativity is at an all time low and I have no idea how I can possibly finish the story I’m working on, I find that reading recharges my batteries and refills the well so to speak. There is nothing more comforting than disappearing into the pages of a really good book and allowing all my stress and worry to evaporate as I become more immersed in the world another author has created.

Isn’t that what we all love about romance novels? The escape they offer? The warm fuzzy feeling we get when we write about an alpha male brought to his knees by his heroine? Is there anything more satisfying than reading about a hero who when he sees his heroine he absolutely knows that she is the one and he’ll move heaven and earth to keep her? To protect her, cherish her, adore her, spoil her and take a bullet for her if necessary?

If your answer is yes then we are definitely romance soul mates! Romance…matters. It makes us happy. It gives us hope. It provides a brief escape from the hum drum of everyday life and gives us a few hours when we can imagine anything. In the pages of a book anything can happen. Our imagination is our only limitation when it comes to fiction. If we can dream it, it can happen in the pages of a book! And isn’t that what makes romance so very special? That there are no limits to what we can dream, accomplish and hope for?


If you want a taste of delicious alpha males who are super protective and possessive of their heroines, then I invite you to try Kristen Ashley’s books. If you’re like me at all, then you won’t be disappointed!



Questions for Maya:

What is the craziest or ugliest object in your house, and why do you keep it?

A stuffed albino squirrel named “Rocky” with pink, eerie eyes. It belonged to my dad and he kept it in our house growing up. My dad loved that crazy thing and so we kept it, lol.

If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? (And just for fun, who would play you?)

Rush Hour just for the sheer insanity. And if Oded Fehr or The Rock starred opposite “me” then I’d kill anyone who TRIED to play me haha. That’s one role I would insist on playing myself 😉

What is the best non-monetary gift you ever received?

My husband surprised me with a beautiful wedding ring and band a few years ago. When we married, we couldn’t afford rings and honestly my husband isn’t the type to ever pay a lot of money on jewelry. I didn’t even know he could go into a jewelry store by himself! But he did and picked out EXACTLY what I would have picked out for myself and surprised me with it when I returned from a business trip.

If you had to pick one romantic scene or couple to recommend to a first-time reader of YOUR books, which would it be? (Any picks for romance novels in general?)

For first time readers coming to my books, I’d recommend the KGI series and the very first novel in that series, The Darkest Hour. Not only is it an emotional, angst-packed story but it introduces readers to the Kelly family and all the characters who subsequently follow with their own stories. I adore the Kelly family and Ethan and Rachel’s story has a special place in my heart because they are where it all began. And I love marriage in jeopardy and redemption stories and this qualifies on both accounts. The couple has a long, difficult journey back to one another and it’s a truly satisfying read.


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