Day 20 Elle Lothlorien – A Little Wish Fulfillment

I. Don’t. Read. Romance.

I don’t read romance. There—I said it.

The Frog PrinceThis goes a long way towards explaining why, in 2009 (after years of writing thrillers), I had to email the first ten chapters of my latest manuscript (what would later become The Frog Prince) to a book reviewer friend of mine along with this question: “What genre is this?”

Her response was short and to the point. “Romance…it’s a romantic comedy, you dumbass.” What can I tell you? I don’t read romance.

That fact also serves as an answer (of sorts) to this question: “You put a naked frog on the cover of your first self-published romance and it became a bestseller?” Because I don’t read romance, I had no clue what a typical romance cover—of any sub-genre—looked like. In what turned out to be a stroke of dumb luck (and not the “marketing genius” label I would be saddled with after-the-fact), the cover deviated just enough from the norm that it caught—and held—the eyes of tens of thousands of readers who went on to buy the book in the months that followed.

I don’t read romance. And it’s not because I’m some sort of literary snob who thinks one genre is superior to any other—I’m not (and I don’t). Nor is it because I think there aren’t any romance authors out there whose works I would enjoy—of course there are! The simple fact is that I grew up reading fantasy, horror and thrillers—genres my father devoured and passed on to me, beginning as an impressionable middle-schooler. As an adult, my choices became more nuanced and I can now say with confidence to anyone who cares to know that I prefer historical fantasy, speculative fiction and science thrillers.


So how did I end up here? (And I don’t mean “how did I end up writing a blog for Read-a-Romance Month?”—although I’m still wondering that myself). No, what I mean is this: how did someone nurtured on fantasy and horror (and who had written thrillers for years) “accidentally” start writing romances?

Take a peek at the dedication pages of my novels.

The Frog Prince is dedicated to my two children “for everything you’ve sacrificed for my fairy tale.” After years trapped in an abusive marriage, I finally got out, got a divorce and began the thankless task of rebuilding my life. I started The Frog Prince in 2008. The premise? “A sex researcher meets the man who would have been the king of Austria—if the monarchy hadn’t been abolished in 1918.” The love interest, Roman Habsburg von Lorraine, was my “Build-a-Bear” hero—everything I’d ever hoped for in courtship and in love (and the exact opposite of what I had found in real life).

Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty, a humorous contemporary romance, was for my mother “…who selflessly and lovingly put the pieces of my life back together while I slept.” In early 2011, a sleep study confirmed what had long been suspected: I had severe narcolepsy and, despite having regularly closed my eyes for extended periods of time, I hadn’t actually slept for, well, years. As a result, I was suffering from blackouts, memory loss, and cognitive difficulties. In the novel, Claire Beau has “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome,” a real disease that’s even more debilitating than narcolepsy. Her silver lining (besides Davin Wibbens and Brendan Charmant, the two hot men battling for her affections)? That disease burns itself out after a few years, leaving its victim free of it forever, while narcolepsy is incurable. Was Sleeping

Beauty a “wish fulfillment novel?” Oh, yes—in every way that mattered!

Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland is dedicated to my friend (and paranormal author) Alexandra Sokoloff “who took my hand when I needed it most and pulled me down the rabbit hole with her for a most unforgettable adventure through Wonderland.” The year 2012 began as my very own annus horribilis. By August, professional setbacks, health issues, family tragedies, and a broken heart had left me spiraling. Alex’s invitation/demand that I spend two weeks driving with her across Australia saved the year and changed my life. Drawing from that remarkable trip, I crafted Alice in Wonderland (and sexy Lapin “Rabbit” Montgomery) in thirty-seven days.

So. Even though I don’t read romance, I write romance for the same reason others consume it: it’s cathartic, it’s escapism at its best, it reinforces our belief that life is worth living and love is worth seeking, and whether its characters’ stories are fantastical, hilarious, or horrific, we are forever the richer for having invited them (and their “happily ever afters”) into our hearts.


Lorca Damon is a Young Adult (YA) novelist. Since I have a Young Adult lurking about my house (and because it features a male protagonist), I took a peek at her novel Driving the Demon to see if it was something I thought my son (aka “The Boy”) would enjoy being forced to read as part of the Summer Enrichment Program at Chez Lothlorien. After reading the opening sentence to him aloud (“Three things happened all on the same day: my grandfather died, my parents split up, and I got suspended from school for five days for being a terrorist.”), he devoured it. Try The Earth Is for Dancing and Not My Kind too.

Lorca Damon’s books are real. By that I mean that the focus of her novels—the shifting opinions involving drugs and drug use, coping with aging grandparents, ADD—are issues that teens live with every day. I suppose the realism of her work isn’t surprising given that they are based on scenarios she picked up from the kids in the juvenile correctional facility where she teaches.

Lorca also happens to write one of the most hysterical blogs around. (Seriously, if you can get through “Whip Me, Beat Me, Get Me Drunk and Milk Me Like a Goat” without choking on your tongue, you have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever.)  In what is perhaps the ultimate irony, Lorca recently signed a three-book deal (writing as Gigi Van Eyck) with Grassroot Books to launch their romance imprint. Don’t worry—she already knows I won’t read them. (Kidding….I’m kidding.)

Questions for Elle:

What is the craziest or ugliest object in your house, and why do you keep it?

The craziest object in my house would have to be my son, The Boy. While I suppose he’s as attractive as any kid at the age of fifteen can be, I find myself questioning his sanity daily. Here is a typical exchange, this one taking place after I caught The Boy microwaving one of those greasy “pancake-and-sausage-on-a-stick” snacks on a paper towel instead of plate:

Me: “Don’t cook that on a paper towel—the microwave will get all greasy! Put it on a plate!”
The Boy: “I couldn’t find a plate!”
Me [opens cupboard, points at a plate]: “What does that look like?”
The Boy: “I mean I couldn’t find a SMALL plate. They’re all in the dishwasher.”
Me: “What difference does it make what size the plate is?”
The Boy: “It just feels weird to only use part of it.”
Me, incredulous: “You still have to put it in the dishwasher and wash the whole thing no matter how much of it you get dirty! If it makes you feel better, lick the parts of the plate your food doesn’t touch.”
The Boy, laughing: “Shut up, okay?”
Me, shaking head sadly while walking away: “Well, okay…if you think it’ll help.”

Why do I keep him? Well, I suppose I’ve always been under the impression that it is my legal obligation to feed, shelter, and nurture The Boy until he reaches the age of 18 (or is arrested and extradited for hacking into, like, Uzbekistan). Also, along with my dachshund, Bacon Bourgeois, Legendary Wiener, The Boy has a cult following on my Facebook page. If anecdotes about him suddenly stopped, people would notice.

If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? (And just for fun, who would play you?)

It would be called DIVA: Everything Wrong with the Modern Literary Market in One Aggressively Self-Congratulatory Package.

In the summer of 2012 (annus horribilis, remember?), I wrote a controversial “business of e-publishing” blog that generated a tsunami of vitriolic comments, emails, Facebook posts, and tweets—not to mention a couple of assault/death threats—that lasted for months. Of all the comments I read, the most memorable was one in which I was not only called a “diva,” but the rest of the faux “movie title” you see above. As you have probably surmised for yourself, this individual did not enjoy my opinion piece.

I think Zach Galifianakis would do an outstanding job playing me. (Hey, Cate Blanchett got rave reviews for playing Bob Dylan in the biopic I’m Not There.) Also, I just like saying his name:  “Zach Galifianakis.” It’s kewl. If Zach is, for whatever reason, unavailable, I’d be willing to play myself if (and only if) Ian Somerhalder agrees to play all of my love interests from the age of fifteen to the present.

What is the best non-monetary gift you ever received?

Hands down, the best non-monetary gift I’ve ever received was the gift of literacy.

If you had to pick one romantic scene or couple to recommend to a first-time reader of YOUR books, which would it be?

Oh, that would definitely be Chapter 14 of The Frog Prince when Roman Habsburg von Lorraine drives his girlfriend, Leigh Fromm, to his new house in the Rocky Mountains for the first time. Leigh is frustrated (and a little worried) when he stops the car and announces, “This is it!”—because there isn’t a single house in sight. (Pssst! Look up!)

You are reading this essay at Be sure to visit the About Read-A-Romance Month to learn more, or the Authors & Contributors page to see a list of all the great romance writers who are participating in celebrating the romance genre during the month of August.  Also visit the Awesome Contests page to see how you can register each week to win “A Month of Romance” (31 books), e-readers, and even the Grand Central Grand Prize, an iPad mini. If you love romance, then this is the place to be!

Elle is generously donating a prize package of an autographed copy of her four novels as well as one of the Romance Rocks mugs from the RARM store (Thanks, Elle! ~Bobbi) to one U.S. reader (U.S. only, apologies to international readers.). U.S. readers, to enter, either leave a comment here or enter the weekly drawing on the contest page. Or both.  (Only one entry per commenter per post, though – multiple comments on one essay does not give you more chances.)  Comment entries must be posted by 11:59pm EST Aug 20 to be eligible, though winners will be announced the following week.

Elle LothlorienA “military brat,” Elle was born in Germany and spent her childhood in such far-flung places as Puerto Rico, Charleston, S.C., Italy, and Washington D.C. Sadly, the only language she ever became semi- fluent in is English.

Her first self-published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an Amazon bestseller in December 2010—a distinction it kept through the summer of 2012 when it peaked at #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 List for Humor. She was one of the first self-published authors to take advantage of Amazon’s “free promo days,” which she used on Valentine’s Day 2012 to give away 45,000 copies of her novels—catapulting her second novel, Sleeping Beauty, to Amazon’s bestseller list. In March of 2012, she published an alternate-ending version of Sleeping Beauty (called Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up) in response to fans unhappy with the ending of the original. Alice in Wonderland followed in November of 2012. Her current project, Gilding the Lily-pad, is the story of The Frog Prince—told from the man’s point-of-view. You can read the first five chapters of Gilding the Lily-pad here.

Elle lives in Denver, Colorado. She keeps a teenage boy and a miniature dachshund around the house to provide comic relief.

Buy Elle’s books on Amazon

  • Melanie Backus

    Enjoyed your story and would love to read your book. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you for reading, Melanie! If you do go on to read any of the books, I’d love to hear what you think! (Oh, and good luck!) 🙂

  • Addison K.A.T.

    I absolutely love your humor and writing style. I have devoured every one of your books! Keep up the great work!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Addison! “Keep up the great work.” I’m trying. Every day, I promise! ♥

  • Anne

    Thank you for sharing. I do believe I had better go and get one of your books.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      I appreciate you taking the time to read, Anne. If you do get around to reading any of them, I’d love to hear what you think!

  • Dola King

    So many times when I start a book I find myself comparing the first chapter to the writing style of Elle and find them lacking. Not because they aren’t good, because they are, they just don’t “grab” like Elle’s do. When I finish one of Elle’s books, I feel as if the characters are friends of mine that I’ve witnessed living their story. That is the sign of a great book and author in my opinion.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “…I feel as if the characters are friends of mine.” Yeah, me too! When I finish writing a book, I’m always shocked to realize that, for example, Kat and I WON’T be having any more telephone heart-to-hearts, there will be NO surfing at dusk with Rev in California, and I will NOT be attending any extravagant balls on a yacht in Sydney Harbor. SHOCKED, I tell you! ♥

  • Becky

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! And you’re right; I would definitely notice if the stories about The Boy dried up! 🙂 I LOVE all of your books and your sense of humor!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “I would definitely notice if the stories about The Boy dried up!”

      Haha! I tell The Boy that his fan following is the only thing keeping him from an unmarked, shallow grave. Thanks for taking the time to read this today. ♥

  • Cynthia Reifel

    Loved reading this! Love your sense of humor! Loved the Frog Prince, so I need more of your books! It only makes sense!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Cynthia. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read it. I suggest going from The Frog Prince to Alice in Wonderland (if you do go on to read more). Then you can tell me what you think about it on FB. (Oh, yes…I recognize all of my Friends posting comments here, don’t think I don’t!) ♥

  • Melissa Russell Judson

    Hi, my name is Melissa & I’m addicted to Elle’s books. Say it with me: ” Hi, Melissa.”

    Romance isn’t my usual genre of choice, but I’ve read (& greatly enjoyed) everything Elle has written. I’ve told her directly & will tell anyone who listens that she absolutely RAWKS!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “HI, MELISSA!” I, for one, and grateful for your addiction. You’re the perfect fan: you read all of my books (more than once) but you DON’T trap me in an isolated cabin and cut my foot off with an ax when I don’t write a sequel. ♥

  • Katrina Lakey

    Oh, Elle, you crack me up on a daily basis. Please don’t ever change! Or get rid of The Boy. That kid is comedy gold!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “That kid is comedy gold!” Indeed. I believe I will be able to use every anecdote I ever wrote about him for Jack and the Beanstalk. The book will write itself. ♥

  • Leah

    well done, Elle! Not only have you survived – you THRIVE!!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thanks, Leah. I’m glad you only had to type that comment and not SAY it. And I hope you’re drinking lots of tea and honey for that golden voice of yours! I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the The Frog Prince audiobook! ♥

  • Meredith Richardson

    I love your books!!!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you so much, Meredith. I appreciate you taking the time to read this today! ♥

  • Elizabeth F.

    “…who selflessly and lovingly put the pieces of my life back together while I slept.” Winning them or procuring them on my own, I’ll be an official reader based on that quote alone. I “slept” from a different cause but it was my Momma, too, who made it safe to happen.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Hi, Elizabeth. I’m not going to lie: I kinda/sorta choked up a little reading your comment. But I also kinda/sorta choke up whenever I read the dedication I wrote for my own mother too. Helping their kiddos, whatever it takes…that’s what Momma’s do–whether you’re 4, 14, or 40! ♥

  • Heather Hill Delacruz

    Elle, awesome blog! You were worried for nothing!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      You should know me well enough by now to know that EVERYTHING worries me. In fact, I’m worried you won’t like my response to your comment. ♥

  • Randy Brown

    Elle, what can i say? your story’s touch the heart and soul, then whack your funny-bone with a feather wrapped around a gold brick. the essay’s that you pen should be collected and bound, (book-wise, that is, i have no idea about the ‘other’ type of ‘binding’-being just a simple country boy in idaho.)

    i hadn’t realized that ‘Romance’ story’s were escapism. i started reading them many, many years ago, then i began writing them.

    i found that i could write thousands of words, creating the most boring drivel that you would ever find, if you were a drivel seeker.

    i have taken the last few months off (a long, self-pityingly saga) and will start writing as soon as i tweak the RV and hit the road.

    your books are on my keeper self, next to Terry Pratchett, Donald Westlake, Douglas Adams–well, they are in good company. i look forward to getting my hands on Rapunzel. soon?

    thank you for being such an inspirational dynamo and of course, a marketing genus that knows exactly how to get the public’s attention. 😉

    hope you and your ‘boy’ and dachshund are doing well. (only one dog? tsk, tsk)

    the ever ageing idaho reader

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you for the lovely compliments, Randy. Craft is always a work in progress…no matter how long you’ve been writing. 🙂

  • Britney Adams

    I loved reading Elle’s journey to writing romance! Can’t wait to read her books!!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Britney. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read it. I look forward to hearing what you think of the books. (Psst! I’d start with The Frog Prince. Just a suggestion!) ♥

  • Mayra Gomez-Molina

    Elle’s books are great! My favorite is Alice in Wonderland. I loved rabbit’s character. What are you working on now Elle?

  • Toni Linenberger

    I think I need to start reading your books. They all sound fabulous!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Hi, Toni. By some wonderful coincidence, I JUST saw your Friend request on Facebook! (Welcome to the Tea Party, etc.) Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog today. I look forward to hearing from you on FB! ♥

  • Sarah Blumkin

    Love ya Elle! You had no reason to worry. ;D

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “You had no reason to worry.”

      Yeah, but it’s what I do. If I’m not worried about SOMETHING, I’d forget that I’m still alive. 😉 ♥

      • Sarah Blumkin

        Yeah, I drive my husband insane sometimes with my worrying. But, I have gotten a little better over the years. 🙂

        • Elle Lothlorien

          I’ve found that incapacitating quantities of narcotics do the job. (And for anyone else who’s reading this, Sarah is a FB fan and Friend who knows that I am (relatively) drug-free.) 😀

          • Sarah Blumkin

            Yep, a couple glasses of wine and I’m good. And yes, to anyone reading this I know she’s (relatively) drug-free. 😀

  • Teresa Cote Seglin

    I love the ease with which your books flow. You don’t answer questions like a politician. Also, your stories aren’t jumbled and your characters don’t get confusing. Besides…I love hearing stories about “the boy”. It makes me feel like I’m not alone when my kids did or said the things that they did (they are all grown now).

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “You don’t answer questions like a politician.”

      In a PRIVATE FB message, I’m *begging* you to send me an example of this. Begging, Teresa.

      Ah yes, The Boy…I wasn’t kidding about the cult following, as you well know! Thanks for the compliments (and the laugh about The Boy). ♥

  • Marcy Cordova

    I had no doubt that I would love your entry today! Good job. 🙂
    I loved hearing the backstories for the books you wrote. For years I read fantasy, sci fi, horror and mysteries, and have only recently begun to enjoy romance. I think part of what turned me off to them was the cheesy covers…I didn’t want to be caught dead reading a book in public with nearly nude people groping each other on the cover. It also seemed like the few I tried were too formulaic. Thanks to e-books, though, I am more willing to give a cheesy cover a try if the description sounds interesting, and using Bookbub to find free/cheap books has led me to fabulous authors like you!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “I didn’t want to be caught dead reading a book in public with nearly nude people groping each other on the cover.”

      BWAH-hahahahaha! OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that. [wipes away tears] Whew! That was awesome. A friend of mine used to model for those groping pirate/wench covers in her 20s. Whenever I go into a used book store, I always check for old bodice ripper romances, hoping to find one with her on it! ♥

  • Ta Galvez

    Elle, you are a mad genius. Maybe the “mad” part has a slight edge, but still…

    The blog post is pure awesomeness.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Ta. It’s no coincidence that new Friends are welcomed to my FB page with a graphic of the Mad Hatter and a quote from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”:

      “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.

      “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat. “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

      “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.

      “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.” ♥

  • TrishJ

    OMGoodness. I am still laughing! Great post. If your books have this much humor in them, I will be a fan forever!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Trish. Well, if you’re looking for a bucket of chuckles, I’d start with The Frog Prince and then try Alice in Wonderland–both of which are rom-coms. Sleeping Beauty is a humorous contemporary romance–still funny, but with some more sobering bits.

  • M Kuxhaus

    This was one of the funniest posts at RARM! I look forward to reading The Frog Prince.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, M. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of The Frog Prince! ♥

  • Dawn Collins

    the best line in this article from Elle ” I write romance for the same reason others consume it: it’s
    cathartic, it’s escapism at its best, it reinforces our belief that life
    is worth living and love is worth seeking,”

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Yes, ma’am. When I don’t like the world I’m in, I simply create a DIFFERENT one. ♥

  • Teresa Elizabeth Griggs

    To be honest these were the first Romance novels I’ve ever read, I typically prefer Fantasy and Mystery. These set a high bar for any other Romance I read though. I definitely recommend them to anyone who hasn’t read them yet.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “To be honest these were the first Romance novels I’ve ever read…”

      I did not know that, Teresa…or did I? Well, I’m glad you took a chance on them! And thank you for kindly recommending them to others. ♥

  • Kim Cornwell

    Love meeting new authors. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Kim. It was my pleasure, believe me! ♥

  • Tonda Galloway Hargett

    I love your essay, and absolutely adore your answers to the questions! I can’t wait to read The Frog Prince!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Tonda. I hope to hear what you think of The Frog Prince if you do read it! ♥

  • Valerie

    i LOVE the covers of your books!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Valerie! I was dumb not to have researched romance covers before I designed it…hence the “dumb” in “dumb luck.” The funny thing is that I teach book cover design workshops now. (And I do NOT recommend “designing blind.”) 😉

  • Garrett Cook

    Great interview. And for the record, I’m with the boy. Surface area is one of our most important natural resources but sadly neglected by the media because it doesn’t have benefit concerts or hip celebrity sponsors.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Ah, Garrett…you crack me up, my friend. Thanks for taking a moment to “read all about it.” ♥

  • Mary McCoy

    OMG thank you for the recommendation to read Lorca’s books and blog. And I am guessing you borrowed your nom de plume from Tolkien, my favorite part of Middle Earth besides the Shire.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Isn’t she a HOOT? As for my name, although it is my real, LEGAL name, it is NOT my birth name. If you want the full story, it’s the first question on my FAQ page here: (Graphic of Elvish writing provided at no additional charge!) ♥

  • Cheyenne Harley Lorenzo

    I would love to have a copy of all your books!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      C’mon, you must have at least one already, right? RIGHT? ♥

      • Cheyenne Harley Lorenzo

        Not an autographed or hardcover copy. 😉

  • Melissa Blinsmon

    I am so happy that I stumbled upon you Alice in Wondeland story. It lead me to Sleeping Beauty and Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up (I loved the original and was amazed how you were able to take the same story and twist it around) and finally the Frog Prince. I can’t wait for Gilding the Lily-pad and whatever stories come next! 🙂

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Melissa! I so glad you enjoyed all of the books. I’m hard at work on Gilding. I’m no sure what will be next after that…either Rapunzel or perhaps a sequel to The Frog Prince or Alice (Through the Looking Glass). I appreciate you taking the time to read this today. ♥

  • Cajya Darling

    Love the books, love “The Boy” stories, love your humor. You are hilarious and must never stop writing please…:)

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Your command is, er, my command. 😉 See you on FB, darlin’. ♥

  • Kelsea Lee Moore

    The conversation between you and “the boy” sounds totally like something that my entire family would say to each other…and considering I have 6 siblings and 5 cousins (plus their spouses)…you can just imagine what our thanksgiving is like..

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “you can just imagine what our thanksgiving is like..”

      It sound like somewhere I’d love to be, that’s what. I have a pretty funny family too–especially ol’ dad. He was/is also a fantastic storyteller. He never wrote anything down but listening to him spin a yarn and reading were the two things that helped me understand story structure! ♥

      • Kelsea Lee Moore

        You could totally show up to our thanksgiving and I can pretty much guarantee, nobody will notice until you leave..

        • Elle Lothlorien

          I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult…but I’ll take it! 😀

  • Pamby50

    I’ve just read The Frog Prince and I read it because of the cover. I look forward to reading more of your books.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Ha! You see? THAT COVER. It was the best bit of good luck I’ve ever had, using that frog. And I did it on such a WHIM too, without researching book covers or looking at romance titles of any kind. Sometimes the universe looks out for the not-so-bright among us (i.e. ME). ♥

  • Marcy Shuler

    I like your dedications and your books sound so fun! I’ll be sure to check into them as you’re a new-to-me author. 🙂

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Marcy. I look forward to hearing what you think of them! I suggest starting with The Frog Prince, then Alice in Wonderland. And then circle back around for Sleeping Beauty. (The first two are straight-forward rom-coms, the third more of a humorous contemporary romance.) ♥

  • Courtney Cogswell

    I’ve been looking forward to your post all month and it was definitely worth it. I always enjoy your humor whether it is Facebook posts about “The Boy,” any of your books or even other articles/postings you’ve written. I think it is awesome that you write such fun romance stories yet are not a romance reader yourself. I’ll definitely have to check out Lorca Damon’s books and her blog as well. Thanks for all you do…so glad I stumbled upon your books which ultimately led me to hear about this event!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you for being such a great fan, Courtney. I always look forward to seeing you on FB. And the fact that you have NOT seen Lorca’s blogs (wait–where HAVE you been on FB? I’ve been posting them as soon as she churns them out ever sing the goat one…) is a tragedy that must be remedied. No eating or drinking while reading her blog! Consider yourself warned… ♥

      • Courtney Cogswell

        Oh my god, I just spent the last hour reading some of Lorca’s posts and I am literally in tears. I had to keep reading snippets out loud to my husband as well until I had him in tears. The On Star one might be my favorite. Thank you for yet another fantastic recommendation!!!

        • Elle Lothlorien

          Yeah, she’s pretty damn funny. And you’ve been missing the two of us going back and forth on my FB posts too. She’s a HOOT! My favorite is still the one about the goat cheese. 😀

  • Debra Fritz-Austin

    Oh my DAMon… I had no idea you were as infatuated with Ian as I am. I am in love with him. And yes we would notice if “the boy” disappeared. I look forward to his conversations with you.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Oh, Ian Somerhalder. Why are you such a little, do-gooding, globe-trotting hottie, eh? ♥ As for The Boy, I have told him that his following on FB is the only thing saving him from a shallow, unmarked grave some days. 😉

  • Larena Hubble

    I love your book covers and as I hadn’t heard of them before I will be checking them out. Love the story about your son.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Hi, Larena! Thanks for taking the time to read this today. As for The Boy, if you find me on Facebook, you can read these exchanges at least every few days. He is a regular “anecdote machine” in my house. Here’s one I posted today:

      A text exchange between The Boy (who is at school) and me:

      Me: How’s everything going?
      The Boy: I hate world geography.
      Me: Why?
      The Boy: We had to write about this sheet of paper with statistics on it. What’s there to write about? HE GAVE US THE STATISTICS ALREADY.

      A child after my own heart, I tell you. ♥

      • Larena Hubble


    • Hi, Larena! Please send me a message at bobbiwrites at att dot net. Thanks so much, I hope to hear from you soon. xoxo

  • Sue G.

    I’m glad I read this blog. You are too funny. I am adding you to my reading list. I love your sense of humor. Thanks for making my day.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Hi, Sue. I’m glad you took the time to read it too! I really appreciate you taking the time to do it. If you’re adding the books to your reading list, I suggest starting with The Frog Prince, then Alice in Wonderland. And then circle back around for Sleeping Beauty. (The first two are straight-forward rom-coms, the third more of a humorous contemporary romance.) ♥

      • Sue G.

        Thanks for the tip. I got all 3 now I just need to read them! 🙂

        • Elle Lothlorien

          I look forward to hearing what you think of them! 🙂

          • Sue G.

            Will do! It may take a few weeks, but when I am done I will let you know.

          • Elle Lothlorien

            Take all the time you need. 😉

  • Becky Rabalais

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    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Becky. I look forward to hearing what you think of the books! ♥

  • MaryC

    Love the exchange between you and The Boy!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Hi, Mary. If you find me on Facebook, you can read these exchanges at least every few days. The Boy is a regular “anecdote machine” in my house. Here’s one I posted today:

      A text exchange between The Boy (who is at school) and me:

      Me: How’s everything going?
      The Boy: I hate world geography.
      Me: Why?
      The Boy: We had to write about this sheet of paper with statistics on it. What’s there to write about? HE GAVE US THE STATISTICS ALREADY.

      A child after my own heart, I tell you. ♥

  • QuenKne M

    Thanks for a great post – I can’t wait to go explore your books – I love the titles and covers!!

    • Elle Lothlorien

      I appreciate you taking the time to read it! I would love to hear what you think of the books. (And thank you for the compliment on the covers!) My suggestion? Start with The Frog Prince. ♥

  • Kristen Pfister

    Thank you for sharing with us your past, the present and look forward to the books in your future

    • Elle Lothlorien

      You’re very welcome, Kristen. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day today to read it! ♥

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    • Elle Lothlorien

      Hi, Ann. I really appreciate you taking the time to read the blog today. If you’re adding the books to your TBR pile, I suggest starting with The Frog Prince, then Alice in Wonderland. And then circle back around for Sleeping Beauty. (The first two are straight-forward rom-coms, the third more of a humorous contemporary romance.) ♥

      • Ann

        Thank you, I appreciate the advice!

        • Elle Lothlorien

          You’re very welcome!

  • leah g

    I love your covers. I admit I was one of those drawn in by the frog. It screamed fun and interesting to me.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thanks, Leah! Like I said, a stroke of dumb luck–truly. In fact, I never even looked at other romance/rom-com covers until AFTER the book became a bestseller. At that point, it was a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation. 🙂

  • Thelma Baker-Hill

    I enjoy reading your books. Looking forward to Rapunzel. This blog is every entertaining and funny. And please keep letting us know just what is going on with The Boy.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thanks, Thelma. Sorry for the delay on Rapunzel. There’s a long explanation behind that which I will tell one day… In the meantime, I think you’ll enjoy Gilding the Lily-pad. It’s cracking ME up. And I told The Boy that it was only his cult following on FB that was saving him from a shallow, unmarked grave. 🙂

  • Glenda

    I do love your favorite gift!! I can’t imagine not being being able to read!!! Oh and teens being comic relief happens to save their lives! 😉

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Not being able to read. [shudders] I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t read all the thousands of books I’ve read (not to mention the 5 1/2 I’ve written!) And I’ve told The Boy that it was only his cult following on FB that was saving him from a shallow, unmarked grave. 🙂

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    I just downloaded Sleeping Beauty, I love romance and comedy. A good romance takes all the daily stress away.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      “Escapism at its best” and that’s no lie. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it! ♥

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    • Elle Lothlorien

      Right? I have made it my one-man mission to get the word out about her, her books, and her blog. She. Is. Hysterical. 😀

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    • Elle Lothlorien

      You’re so welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      “Will definitely be adding your books to my TBR list.”
      Ah yes…that’s the problem, isn’t it? So many books, only one lifetime to read them all. Well, I look forward to hearing what you think of them (if you ever get to them, of course)! ♥

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      You’re very welcome, Brooke. I really appreciate you taking the time to read. ♥

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      That’s a problem, isn’t it? So many books, only one lifetime to read them all. I look forward to hearing what you think of it (if you ever get to it, of course)! ♥

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      Thank you, Kim. I appreciate you taking the time to read this today. And definitely keep Lorca’s books in mind for your nephew. They’re FANTASTIC. ♥

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    I loved your off (a little) beat blogpost today, Elle! My TBR list is getting longer and longer, for even though I have heard great things about your accidental Romance books, I have not had a chance to read them yet. Here I come!

    As for that 15 year old, aka “The Boy,” definitely keep him around; mine turned into a wonderful 25 year old young man.

    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Flora. “Off-beat”…yeah, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. (In the plus column, that means I get to churn out more wacky books for you to read!) I’d be delighted to hear from you if and when you ever get to one of my books in your TBR stack. (Sadly, there are way too many books and only one lifetime in which to read them all. *Totally* backwards, if you ask me.)

      Ah, yes: The Boy. Like I said, he has a rabid following on my FB page that virtually ensures that he will live to adulthood. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog today! ♥

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    • Elle Lothlorien

      Thank you, Rebecca, I’m glad you enjoyed it! If you’re adding the books to your TBR pile, I suggest starting with The Frog Prince, then Alice in Wonderland. And then circle back around for Sleeping Beauty. (The first two are straight-forward rom-coms, the third more of a humorous contemporary romance.) ♥

      • rebecca moe

        Thanks for the suggestion! I do have the Sleeping Beauty books already, but I’ll get my hands on the other two first 🙂

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  • Lynn McSweeney

    I, too, don’t read romance novels… but would be very willing to give your novels a shot. I did try reading one or two in High School (Georgette Heyer, in the so-called “Regency” style, which basically is Jane Austin lite, without the social satire) because a friend pressed them on me, but I had to disappoint this early reading-club invitation as I too was strictly a horror/fantasy/science-fiction fan. Perhaps because I only graduated to horror/sci-fi/fantasy when my school library’s fairy-tale section had been completely “read up”, the romance genre always seemed limited as to plot possibilities (the girl ends up with a guy, problems solved) and characters
    who were either icky-sticky-nice or complicated (but-nice-underneath) when compared to the truly dark characters and outcomes lurking in fairy tales, never mind the other genres mentioned. Never liked TV programs like “Leave It to Beaver” or “Father Knows Best” either, for similar reasons: that lingering saccharine aftertaste. You sound like the genre-breaking, humorous romance writer I’d probably enjoy, so… Hope I win your books!