Day 8 Christina Dodd

Romance – The Healthy Alternative

— According to a study cited by Dr. Joyce Brothers, women who read romance novels make love seventy-four percent more often than women who don’t read romance novels.

— According to special research from the British Medical Journal, the more orgasms you have, the longer you’re likely to live.

Christina DoddRecently I got one of those emails filled with wisdom on how to live a good life, and since I’m always looking for wisdom, no matter how shady the source, I was reading along and nodding at bromides like, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger,” and “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.” Then I saw one solemnly given piece of advice that made my hair stand on end. It stated, “Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”

I … what? Was this a joke? No one could seriously consider picking their books according to whether some unnamed, unknown person would judge them after death. Could they?


Yesterday I was scanning Twitter, looking for deep and meaningful discourse among my peers … all right, fine. I was on Twitter, screwing around, when I saw a series of indignant tweets whip past.

It appears that, once again, someone posted a blanket, “Romance is stupid,” article, causing outrage among readers, reviewers and writers.

Or not.

It’s become an internet standard that if a psychologist/book columnist/writer of “more important” fiction, wants attention, s/he posts a “Romance is stupid” article. Frankly, the organ that creates my outrage is exhausted. I can’t get excited (again), when someone I don’t know, don’t care about, will never hear of again, bashes my genre.

Early in my career, I realized how silly the whole romance novel debate was when I was in a bookstore autographing THE GREATEST LOVER IN ALL ENGLAND. Some guy came up and picked it up, and said, “I’d buy one for my wife, but she might think that’s what real life is supposed to be like.”

I was … without words.

As you know, doesn’t often happen.

Can you imagine a woman, any woman, walking up to Tom Clancy and saying, “I’d buy a copy of HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER for my husband, but he might imagine he was a submarine captain”?

There is no way to fight willful ignorance and prejudice, so it’s all going to come down to … do you care what other people think of your reading choices?

Let me tell you a true story.

One night, Truman Capote was in a New York restaurant when a female admirer came across to his table, gushed about his work and begged for an autograph. Her very drunk husband objected, staggered over, unzipped his fly, pulled out his penis and said, “Sign this.” Capote inspected it, then said, “I don’t know if I can sign it. Maybe I could initial it.”

Truman Capote was one of the great writers of the twentieth century. He wrote BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS and IN COLD BLOOD. Over twenty films and TV movies were filmed from his books and stories, and an Academy Award winning movie was made of his life.

If Truman Capote couldn’t always get respect, then obviously, in the modern world, fiction primarily written for women by women that features politically incorrect female sexual fantasies, is not going to win respect.

So it’s time for us romance readers and writers to pull up our big girl panties and stop arguing with the willfully ignorant, and stop worrying about whether we are respected. Happy Romance Reader

Instead, let’s all kick back and enjoy our reading. Because remember the studies I quoted at the beginning?

— According to a study cited by Dr. Joyce Brothers, women who read romance novels make love seventy-four percent more often than women who don’t read romance novels.

— According to special research from the British Medical Journal, the more orgasms you have, the longer you’re likely to live.

Assuming those studies are true, we don’t need to “read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” We romance readers are going to outlive all the critics anyway.


Christina chose to answer just one question, but the answer is so cool, I can’t quibble or complain! ;o) – Bobbi

What is the craziest or ugliest object in your house, and why do you keep it?

Technically, it’s not in the house. It’s beside the house. One day I was looking out of our bedroom window at the open land (we’re on five and a half acres, cut out of the forest) and I said to my husband, “I know it’s weird, but I loved Stonehenge and I’d love to have my own stone circle.” Much to my surprise, he jumped on the idea. I pictured something with stones about knee-high. But he’s a guy, he loves big machinery, and he designed and built a STONE CIRCLE, with the largest stone about nine feet tall and weighing 5300 pounds. You can read all about it and see more photos here on my website. My husband did, by the way, tell me we aren’t weird; we’re eccentric and free-spirited. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.


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  • PJ Ausdenmore

    “According to special research from the British Medical Journal, the more orgasms you have, the longer you’re likely to live.

    Assuming those studies are true, we don’t need to “read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” We romance readers are going to outlive all the critics anyway.”

    Amen. I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to worry whether or not anybody disagreed with my reading choices. They are, after all, MY choices! Besides, if it’s good enough for Ritter (who obviously has exceptional taste) then it’s good enough for me! 😉

  • Cat C

    Love it! Romance makes up probably 90% of my leisure reading–at least–because it’s how I choose to spend my spare time. I tend not to discuss my reading choices with people unless I know them well or know they also read romance because I don’t want to deal with snide comments. I hope someday I can be a more outspoken ambassador for romance, but for now I just go on doing what I want to do, spending lots of money and time the way I want to. And if anyone gets into my Kindle after my death, they might be scandalized by all those covers and titles, but it’s hard to be embarrassed when you’re dead.

    On a different note, I love That Scandalous Evening and My Favorite Bride, and I look forward to checking out more of your books!

  • Jen C

    What a great treatment on this topic! You know, there’s good and bad, profound and fluff in every genre of every type of art. Keep up the writing and we’ll keep reading! (We gotta do something when we outlive all the naysayers!) 🙂

  • Allison Siegel

    You’re absolutely right! We shouldn’t be afraid to show people what we like to read; if they don’t like that we read romance or understand why, then it’s their loss. As long as, we’re happy with how we spend our free time, it shouldn’t matter. Romance is just as important a genre as any classic literary text; if it makes us feel good, why should we be ashamed?
    On a side note, I LOVE your Darkness Chosen and Chosen Ones series. They are at the top of my list whenever I want to read a romance that will put me in a happy mood for days.

  • Rhiannon Rowland

    I know people roll their eyes when I mention what kind of books I like to read, but I don’t care. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten my husband to read one of my books and how much he enjoyed them! He always called them a bad word before, but not anymore. I like to participate in trivia contests and then smile when the shock shows on their face when I tell them most of the things I know I learned from romance novels…they teach history as well as anything else does.

  • Sue G.

    What a great write up! LOVE IT! And I love my romance books I read and I’m sure my husband enjoys them now 74% of the time 😉

  • Courtney Cogswell

    With the amount of romance I’ve read over the years, I expect to live until 100 at least 🙂 What a great post–I will never understand why romance gets so much grief over all of the other genres. I read as a hobby, hobbies should make you feel good, so why would I want to read books at I don’t enjoy in my very small amounts of free time? One of my friend’s husbands was talking to my husband one night, remarking on how much us ladies read romance novels and how it always works in his favor when she is into a particular steamy scene. We laughed and completely agreed…if only everyone could take this same outlook! I love all of your books and lately I have really enjoyed the Darkness Chosen and Chosen Ones as well as the Bella Terra series 🙂 Keep them coming so I can keep devouring them!

  • Jacki Delecki

    Great article and superb studied. Yes, it’s just not possible to make the entire world love a single genre. Happily ever after is probably is a scary and fearful notion for a lot of people — and we mock what we do not understand.

    As for me, I’ll happily outlive them all.

    BTW, very very cool stone circle!!

  • Lorelei’s Lit Lair

    Lol! I loved your post and the research. It’s better to spend energy on the positive side of things. I enjoy your books and hope to be a lucky winner. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win! 🙂

  • BookLady

    Great post! I love reading romance and don’t care what others may think. LIfe is so short, we should enjoy it as much as we can. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Melanie Backus

    Thanks for sharing. Keeping my fingers crossed for the win!

  • brhill2010

    Really great post. Love the statistics on the romance reading. But I love even more the stone garden that is on the side of your house. It was well built!!

  • Nancy Huddleston

    I love reading romance in any form. I so enjoy all your books.

  • Andrea Cobb

    For some reason I have never been embarrassed about reading romance. I am an avid reader and read nearly a book a day and the vast majority of them are romance 🙂 I loved this post and will continue to follow along. good luck to all who are entered in the contest and HAPPY READING!!!

  • Kim Cornwell

    Anyone who doesn’t love romance has to be a hermit and has no life! Some may choose not to read it, but they shouldn’t bash it. Just don’t read it! I hate guacamole. I just choose not to eat it instead o throwing it at the waiter!
    Yours and others books have gotten me through some trying times in my life. Thanks for being a part of this great giveaway! By the way I love your Stone Circle. I have an art project to. All my husbands tractor parts! He has them scattered through out my pastures and I gathered the up into one big pile!

  • Airieanne Andrews

    Agree wholeheartedly with your opinion about romance genre bashing. I’m a “recovering RB” (romance basher), You didn’t have to provide the survey info, but that’s ok. It’s understandable. People expect some kind of real or psuedo measureable way of supporting “reading romance is fun, fun is good for you. Like chocolate.” I think what I enjoy as much as what you have to say is your writing. Its brainy, articulate, feel-goodness is a pleasure whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction. The aside about the personal “stonehenge” your husband built for you is a hoot. I don’t know what you’re really like, but it sounds like you lead a charmed life. Good for you !!

  • Paula Pugh

    Do guys who read thrillers become detectives, lawyers or murderers? Do men who read Westerns become cowboys? Of course not!

  • Lyn Oxyer Sellati

    So true about the reality factor. Does this mean I must stop reading murder mysteries, because I’ll never find someone to murder?? :0)

    • Thank you for the comment, Lyn! Hi, Leisl! Hope you’ve had a chance to see more of the posts here at – one of the many reasons I started this site! xoxo

  • Meredith Richardson

    Great essay, when I was younger I would always be embarrassed about buying romance books or checking them out at the library, but not anymore. Everyone loves romance books including men, they’re just afraid to tell anyone about it. My dad is a huuuge fan of romance stories.

  • Amy McKechney Lang

    Don’t care what anybody thinks about my reading choices! At least I am an avid reader……which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

  • Linnea Bassin

    I love your stone circle!!!! That is awesome. I have not been to stonehenge yet but I want to one day. I always tell those that make fun of romance at least my husband and I are very happy when I read these!!!! Sometimes I can be a bit more crude but you get the picture.

  • MK

    I love the Truman Capote story!!

  • Ruth

    You’re not weird! I’d say that wins the prize for a romantic gesture!! Your Stonehenge is your Taj Mahal! How cool is that!!

  • Karin Anderson

    Wow. That is some amazing yard art. 😀 I totally agree with your opinion about those people. I enjoy my reading and if they don’t–their loss. 😀

  • Danny Bankhead

    Great blog today! I read all kinds of books and I have never cared what others think of me for reading them! Love your books and thanks for the giveaways! :-))

  • rebecca moe

    “Assuming those studies are true, we don’t need to ‘read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.’ We romance readers are going to outlive all the critics anyway.”
    OMG, that is awesome. Can we have it made into t-shirts, maybe?
    Love your books!

  • Tawnya Bentley

    Love your books, and your daily posts. I do as a dog lover really enjoy the post about “almost service dog”. You keep me laughing and there are days I really need that.

  • Paula Sweeney

    Anyone who can write: ” do you care what other people think of your reading choices?” can’t go wrong! I believe that absolutely! Good for you!

  • Sharlene Wegner

    I read my romance books wherever I happen to be & have time, so I really don’t care who sees me reading it. I haven’t had anyone make comments, luckily! It does make sense, though not to get upset or waste time arguing in defense of romance & spend the time reading instead.

  • Judy Goodnight

    Great essay, Christina! I read romances because they make me happy and that’s that.

  • Hannah Weitzman

    Such a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie Goode

    I love the stone circle, and I think you should read what you enjoy. You should also wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

  • Ann Mettert

    Love your Stonehenge. 🙂 Also love your books. The essay was great too.

  • Patty Vasquez

    “Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” I can think of no better way to go than with a smile on my face while reading a hot love-making scene in one of my favorite romance stories. Imagine the EMTs passing the book around after they come to get me!

  • Mary Tapia

    Yeah!! I loved this post finally! Romance Readers unite!! Why not read Romance, have more orgasms.and live longer and happier lives! I just finished Some Enchanted Evening again. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it, but if your selling happiness, I’m buying.

  • Donna Logan Brown

    Fantastic essay, Christina, and I don’t think you’re strange at all. Love the witty sayings you post in your emails and the Truman Capote story in this one. Love the books you write in all genres, espeically The Chosen One series. So glad you could join RARM.

  • Annette Mardis

    Even if orgasms don’t lead to a longer life, they sure make for a more pleasureable one!

  • Patricia C.

    I think my family will be a little surprised by my bookshelves when I’m gone. Loved this write up as with all your writing.

  • Kristy Birch

    I think that fact that some readers allow themselves to be shamed by the haters gives them, the haters, more fuel. As other authors and posters have said, romances are full hope, adventure, emotions, and good sex. What’s there to be ashamed of?

  • Catherine Lemanski

    As far as I am concern, I don’t care what other people think of my reading material. If asked, I will tell them what the story I am presently reading is about and let them judge for themselves if they want to read it. I do recommend certain writers, which you are one, especially after reading a great story written by them.

  • Karen Meriam Vamvakias

    Reading romance lower the blood pressure, reminds you that whatever is happening in your life will pass and makes you smile! To hell with everyone else!

  • tonda hargett

    Hi Christine, you’re a new to me author, but I loved your essay and can’t wait to read more of your work!

  • flchen1

    That’s fantastic, Christine! Thanks for the post and for sharing your amazing backyard circle! It’s beautiful!

  • lisa

    Hallelujah Sista!

  • Carrie Marie

    love this perspective. i’m very proud of my romance reading, and – altho some covers give me pause in the blatantly waving them about – i share about them often. : ) my only regret if i die while reading a book would be that i didn’t get to finish it!

  • Cheryl Barile Kelley

    I love Christina Dodd! Her Bella Terra series was terrific! I love her quote about how if someone reads Tom Clancy, are they going to think they are a submarine captain? Wonderful. Love her stone circle too!

  • Nicole Fortuna

    I love romance books and who cares what you are reading when you die! Romance novels deserve more respect. I think that the haters would be surprised if they ever bothered to read a romance!

  • Flora Segura-Buchler

    Hi Christina! We missed you at RWA/Atlanta last month; I’m holding you to the promise of a get together next year in San Antonio!

    My motto: I READ ROMANCE; DEAL WITH IT! I came out of the closet many years ago because life is just too darn short to always read depressing tales of woe. Give me my HEA’s!

    And for the record: Dr. Joyce Brothers, and the British Medical Journal are 100% correct!!

  • claritygolden

    Awesome post!

  • Sandi in OH

    I love your stone circle. I don’t think it is ugly at all. I’ve been reading romances for ever and have heard all the negatives about them. My closest friend always looked down on my books. She read Reader Digest Condensed books which supposedly were much better. After her husband died, guess what type of books she started reading. Naturally, romance books were it.

  • Pamby50

    I love reading romance. My husband picked up my kindle looking for a book to read. He said is there anything else on here but romance books. Not really.

  • girlygirlhoosier52

    I’m old enough to not worry about what ‘everyone’ thinks… ps.. wouldn’t you just love to have a peek into their personal library and see what they really are reading after their judgemental manner about romance…

  • ki pha

    OMG Christina! I love this post! I laughed at “read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” I will definitely keep on reading Romances because it will make me look good! But I’ll definitely be angry to die in the middle of it without finishing the book. LOL

    You are definitely not weird, but out of this world fantastic! To have your very own Stonehenge next to your house!

  • christieMI

    I can see how you might have been speechless at that autographing session (I think I would have been too) but as I continued reading your post, I thought about how I’d answer that dimwit, useless though it would have been: “Actually, your wife might think that’s what ROMANCE is supposed to be like and dump your sorry ass!” [That’s why they don’t let me out in public much.] BTW, love the photos too.

  • Cyndee Martin

    I love your comment about romance and then the Hunt for Red October. To True! If men are that worried about real life I don’t know why they have to watch James Bond movies! 🙂
    Thanks for making me laugh once again!

  • MaryC

    Love the stone circle!

  • Katy M

    No one is going to make me stop reading romance and no one can make me feel ashamed about reading it. Not without my permission – which won’t be coming anytime soon.
    I’ve given up caring so much what other people think of me, and if people are going to belittle me for something as simple as reading romance novels, then those are not people I want to be around anyway. Thanks for a great post!

  • Lee Ann Daugherty

    Well said as always, Christina. As a bookseller for 26 years this September and a romance reader for 39 years, I’ve had more variations of that sort of conversation than I could count with my limited math skills. But then I’ve also had to stand in the presence of shoppers who proudly proclaim they haven’t read a book since high school without allowing my jaw to drop. Why would I let anyone judge what I’m reading: at least I AM reading!

  • SuzyQ

    I don’t care if people see what I’m reading – I had a guy make a comment about it one time and I told him he should read one, maybe he’d learn something. As for your personal Stonehenge, I have one word for you. Jealous. Seriously, that is so cool, I remember reading all about it 🙂

  • Brenda Holmes

    Some may question my reading romance but some of the best literature in the world can be found in romance and besides, some of my best friends write it and since they are really good at it , I buy their books! Seems to me the world would be a better place if more people read romance!!

  • Ann

    Great post – but I think I love the idea of your own Stonehenge!

  • Eileen Wetterstrom

    I love your newsletters and often share them with my husband. When I first started reading romance novels after a 26-year drought, you were one of my first. Thank God for the internet because that is how I was able to read — from the local library in California even though I was living in Lebanon. I have since returned to the states. It has been great fun keeping up with my old-time favorite authors as well as meeting new ones through the connection of the internet. Thank you for writing and helping me to be among those 74% with my very experienced partner of 86! Such scandalous talk!

  • alisha woods

    I have all of your historicals and some of your contemporaries

  • singletitle

    Thanks for the reminder that I shouldn’t let someone else interfere with the happiness I get from sitting down in front of an empty page each morning.

  • Dawn

    Great post! It’s boggling to me when people choose what they read, wear, drive, etc. because of what it “says” about them. Read what you love to read is a better guide. Plus, those people who are sniffy or eye-rolly about romance (I’ve met a few), most likely have never read a romance. Hilarious anecdote about Truman Capote (what a wit!). Love your Stone Circle!

  • Crystal H

    Things I have learned from reading romance
    1- If the world ran like a romance book, we would have an over abundance of Doctors, Sheiks, Rich Lords, and Cowboys
    2- Every woman would be on the verge of some life altering or harrowing experience ALL the time!
    3- Women can walk in and all over said Hero (see above 1) and guy only resists for a couple of hours, then gives his sexy body to said walker.
    4- The bad guy is ALWAYS caught.
    5- I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love having a Happily Ever After every time I pick up a book.
    Let the haters hate…they don’t know what they are missing!

  • Mary McCoy

    Love the Truman Capote quote! I agree, life is too short to worry if what you are reading is fashionable. Like shoes, I prefer books I feel comfortable in.

  • Erlinda Mejia

    Here’s to living longer, more orgasms and here’s to ROMANCE! I love your work Ms. Dodd and have enjoyed it all. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us. I know it sounds cliche but I really am your greatest fan! Lol

  • Patricia Ann Sanders

    I’m so happy you wrote this. It is good to know those statistics. I have reached the age where I just don’t care what others think of me unless they’re God or my boss.

  • Jeni Bellcour

    I really don’t care what people think about what I read. I read for my pleasure. And my pleasure is primarily romances, and many of the different sub categories that includes. Life is just too short

  • Anita Medeiros

    Love to read great idea…

  • glittergirl54

    I LOVED YOUR POST, big girl panties indeed. I read romance because it gives me hope and has a HEA. I want to go on an adventure that will end happily. Romance does that for me. I am not ashamed of it and I am done with “important fiction”. Give me fantasy and romance every time 🙂

  • Mary Meyer

    I became hooked on romance books when I was 13 and read Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow. I must say they have changed a great deal over the years from very pure to bodice rippers to our current incarnation of romance books; but they have all filled a need. People over the years have tried to make me feel bad about reading romance, but they failed. Read what you enjoy! At the end of a romance at least you feel happy and upbeat!!
    I’ve read all of your books Christina and really enjoy the way you insert humor in the most serious situations. Thanks for all the hours of pleasure!

  • Becca Luman

    I really dislike it when people put down romance as a whole because they think it can’t possibly be as good as other genres or “real” writing. I think romance is the most diversified genre there is… I can read anything from historical to futuristic, from typical life to out of this world fantasy, and everything in between. The only difference I see is that the storyline also includes the added development of a relationship between two main characters – and even that can be anywhere from sweet kisses to hot and steamy sex scenes!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve just finished reading your Bella Terra series and really enjoyed them. I look forward to reading more of your great writing.

  • Anne

    Thank you for the great essay! Now I want to go live longer.

  • Elizabeth Gray

    I loved the Darkness Chosen and the Chosen Ones. I have a few others, but just haven’t had a chance to read them yet. Great interview.

  • Great post! So funny and perceptive. I’m not sure I’m ready to “pull up [my] big girl panties and stop arguing with the willfully ignorant,” but this essay has definitely given me a new angle to consider the whole issue from. Really glad I read this. Loved the stuff about Tom Clancy.

  • QuenKne M

    I totally agree Christine & I don’t really care what anybody else thinks about much of anything to do with me – including what books I read!!! I learned years ago that it is of no use to argue with ignorant people; why waste my time convincing them of things they know nothing about. Life is too short NOT to enjoy life & the things you love.
    Beautiful, unbelievable stone circle – what a gorgeous view to be able to enjoy everyday. I’m jealous (kudos to your husband too)

  • MooMoo Cake

    I read to learn and I read for entertainment. When I read a good romance novel, I get the best of both. As another commenter mentioned, there are historical facts scattered through many books of the genre. But I’ve also picked up some geography and physics. Even more importantly, I’ve learned about cultures and societies, real and imaginary (but plausible), and learned about myself and others around me. I’m pretty confident I can separate fiction from reality or at least know when to question something I’ve read (I don’t even fully believe the news or history textbooks), so I’m going to keep enjoying romance novels and whatever knowledge I pick up from them. Thank you Ms. Dodd for contributing to my entertainment and my education! I love your books and look forward to reading more as you write them 🙂

  • Grace Augustine

    Absolutely love YOUR Stonehenge! I hope it brings much peace to you! The article strikes so many chords…being a first time author, I have heard from even my closest circle of friends…do you really believe that is how romance should be? And I always answer with a resounding YES!

  • Robin Ray

    After reading the first two comments I ended up reading your entire Blog out loud to my Husband who has never objected to my choice of Genre and definitely doesn’t now. We also both think your “Stonehenge” is so cool.

  • Susie

    I love Christina Dodd’s books! I am trying to collect all of them. I already have a full shelf of just her books. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or historical I love all that she writes!

    Loved the article, and I NEVER listen to critics. Usually if I here really negative reviews, most of the time it just makes me want to read or watch it even more. And I love your stone hinge, your husband must be awesome to take on such a huge project for you.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And thanks for writing such great books!

  • Julie Kaplan Freeman

    Love this article! Thank you. I feel like I am always defending my romance books. This reminds me to keep reading what I love!

  • Karen Gallagher

    Agreed. And I feel the same way about politics!

  • Cindy Hamilton

    Romance books are good for me because they relax me hence no stress and strain on my heart, my nerves are nice and calm. My mind works overtime especially in a HOT scene. Romance books at times puts me in the mood and gives me ideas. Who wouldn’t like a happy ending? I just get a good overall feeling when I read a romance book!

  • Wonderful article! I agree…and, truth be told, I’d be happy to die reading, no matter the book!! I don’t care who judges me. 🙂 Romance is wonderful.

  • Dana Shoulders

    You’re right…there are way more important things to spend our life on, than worrying about what someone else does, or worrying about someone wondering what you do. Frankly my dear….I don’t give a damn :). And save me from people that want to try to critique something that they have no experience with. Most of the people I have met that roll their eyes about romance novels, have never actually read one. It’s like listening to someone review a restaurant that has never eaten there or (I guess more accurately) have not only not eaten there but have never even tried that type of food. As we would say in Texas “they are talking out the side of their head”. 🙂

  • Laura Z

    I love the stone circle on your property, its cool and makes we want to visit England.

  • Christine! Have had an unexpectedly busy day and barely been here! Thanks EVERYONE for the wonderful comments, and Christine, this post is fantastic.

    I do hope you’ll spread the word about R-A-R M, friends. There is great stuff here, and more is coming. #loveromance

  • Leslie Bartlett

    I have long since quit caring what other people think about my reading. If they don’t like what I read it just makes the wait shorter for me to get a copy of the book!

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    Love romance stories, pulls out all emotions, makes us laugh and give ideas!! gives us hope for happy endings, enough bad news, lets read good!

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    I love the stone circle!! I used to be embarrassed and hide my romances, but I’ve stopped doing that. I don’t need to apologize to anyone for what I like to read. Romance novels should inspire women to go after what they want and deserve in life and relationships.

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    Christina always makes me laugh-in her books and especially in interviews. This was a great spotlight! I would just LOVE to win an autographed copy of (any of her books), but the Chosen series is one of my most favorites, so, Prize 4 would be my pick. Thank you!

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  • Marcia Berbeza

    Also, I’ve been married 35 years and I still don’t understand men. They march to their own drummers. We just have to love them. (I repeat that often when he’s done something completely asinine that I’d like to just strangle him over!)

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    • Hi, Leisl! Hope you’re enjoying all the posts here at – one of the many reasons I started this site! xoxo

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