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The Power of Romance

In lieu of a pure blog post, I want to share with you the most meaningful fan e-mail I ever received in response to my book EDGE OF TWILIGHT in which an impossibly doomed pregnancy ended with a miracle. This email was dated Friday August 21st, 2009, 10:55 PM

Dear Maggie,

I want to thank you for your book “Edge of Twilight.” It was what got me through my pregnancy. On having my 3rd child, my daughter & self almost died. They told me after 3 months to have my tubes tied, because if I got pregnant again, either the baby would die early or I would. On the day I was to have my tubes tied, & to the surprise of everyone, I was pregnant again. (I had that shot that’s 99.9% effective, breast feeding, no period, & we used condoms!) Yes, the doctors were actually speechless!! Sleep With the Lights On

I went home that day very depressed & not knowing what to do. They thought the best thing I should do was abort the baby, because it was going to die or take my life. For weeks all I could do was cry & feel sorry for myself. It was 3 days before I was to see the doctor with my decision, when my other children came into the room with the intent of cheering me up (God love them!) Knowing how I love to read & reading makes me happy, my oldest daughter handed me a book & said, “Mom, please read & be happy again.” So how could I not?

That book was yours and it changed my life. After reading it, I had a family meeting with my decision & everyone agreed. We were having the baby no matter what. To make a long story short, it was long, hard, painful & almost didn’t make it, but as you see I’m alive & so is she. She is a gift I will always be thankful for & thankful for your story. It may have been fiction, butmade something real.

Never Stop Writing,


We never know as we’re writing a story, how it’s going to impact someone who reads it. But we do know this. We write stories in which love prevails against all odds, stories that bring hope and light to chase away hopelessness and darkness, stories that are empowering to women.

That’s important. It’s more than important, it’s vital. We’re High Priestesses of the Power of Love. There’s no higher calling than that.


Now, if you’re looking for a new author to try out, may I just recommend Christine Wenger. She’s done several books for Harlequin Special Edition, and is now branching out into romantic cozy mysteries that are getting rave reviews already. Her first, DO OR DINER comes out August 6th.

If you’re into heartwarming family stories told with emotion and humor, look no further than brand new indy author Jena O’Connor, whose first book about the 5 Haggerty sisters, MIXING UP A MEMORY is on sale now (find it here), and will be followed this fall by STIRRING UP TROUBLE. Based loosely on her own family, Jena comes by storytelling naturally. She’s my firstborn daughter! You can find Jena on Facebook at

Questions for Maggie:

What is the craziest or ugliest object in your house, and why do you keep it?

I have a hard time with this one, as most of my possessions might seem pretty crazy and/or ugly to others, but they’re all beautiful and perfectly sane to me. The model of the human skull with a few teeth missing. The actual fox skull I found on a walk through the forest. The several snakeskins I keep in a special place in my home. I guess the main one would be the make believe vulture that sits in my temple room. It was a gift from some very special witches and I’ll never part with it, even though its plastic “feathers” are beginning to, um, molt.

If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? (And just for fun, who would play you?)

Younger Sally Field would play me. It would be called “Life Begins at Forty.”

What is the best non-monetary gift you ever received?

I get so many wonderful, thoughtful, meaningful gifts from my five daughters that picking one would just not be fair. So I’ll say, my engagement ring, sterling silver with turquoise inlay and a giant white sapphire. It’s perfectly unique and perfectly me.

If you had to pick one romantic scene or couple to recommend to a first-time reader of YOUR books, which would it be? (Any picks for romance novels in general?)

The first love scene from ETERNITY is the most sweepingly romantic I’ve ever written. As for other authors, just read ONE SUMMER by Karen Robards. That was phenomenal.

Maggie is generously donating one copy of Sleep With The Lights On to give away internationally (enter here) and three copies  to U.S. readers. Winners’ choice of either print or e-copy. To enter the domestic contest, either leave a comment here or enter the weekly drawing on the contest page. Or both.  (Only one entry per commenter per post, though – multiple comments on one essay does not give you more chances.)  Comment entries must be posted by midnight EST Aug 8 to be eligible, though winners will be announced the following week.

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