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Lucky in Love – Romance Matters

I get this question often from readers: Do you know actual people who are like the characters in your books? The question comes in particular from readers of the McCarthys of Gansett Island books, which are full of siblings and cousins and friends who love to bicker and give each other a hard time, but are right there for each other in tough times, too. My answer is always the same. Yes, I know people like them. My family is like the McCarthys and so is my husband’s family. Laughter and mischief is a big part of our lives. Someone is always playing a joke on someone else. Maid For Love

I once jokingly told my cousin Steven (six months older than me) that I wanted to lose so much weight that people are concerned about me. He said in front of an appreciative audience of other cousins, “You might want to get a more attainable goal.” Oh the laughter! And this from my son’s godfather, the usher in my wedding, my former dorm-mate in college and one of my best friends all my life. If I needed him for anything, he’d come in a heartbeat, and vice versa. Yet we never miss a chance to take a swipe at each other. It’s how we roll, and it’s a fun way to live.

Through my communications with readers, I’ve come to realize that not everyone is as lucky as I am. Not everyone has one family like mine, let alone two of them. My husband’s brother and I do nothing but laugh—at each other—every time we talk to each other. The characters in my books and in books by other authors fill a void in the lives of people who often find themselves alone in life, wishing for the kind of camaraderie they find in fictional families. That is something I can give them through my good fortune of being born into one amazing family and marrying into another.

In addition to the bond of family and friends, not everyone has been lucky to find that special someone with whom they wish to spend their lives. Romance novels fill that void, too. They give people hope that the one they are looking for might be right under their nose or riding by them on a bike or working for their parents or about to be stranded at their marina or handcuffed to an ex-husband who doesn’t appreciate what he’s got. Yes, all those scenarios unfold in the McCarthy Series, along with many others. Romance is in full bloom on Gansett Island, and readers are already clamoring for Book 10—and book 9 was only released in July!


That leads me to Bobbi’s request that I recommend another author whose work I have enjoyed recently. My No. 1 recommendation these days is Tangled, by Emma Chase. I have never laughed so hard reading a book in my life, and I hope there will soon be much more from this talented debut author. I absolutely LOVED Tangled, and you will, too.

Questions for Marie:

 What is the craziest or ugliest object in your house, and why do you keep it?

We bought our current house last summer, and it came with a face sculpture hard-wired into the kitchen tile that we absolutely hate. I hear “he” is the god of wine. All I know is I can’t bear to look at “him.” My kids say “he” is the “Soul of the House.” I say get a hammer and chisel and get him out of here!

If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? (And just for fun, who would play you?)

It’s a Wonderful Life and Julia Roberts would have to play me, since I’ve made her a millionaire by buying Pretty Woman in every available format since 1990.

What is the best non-monetary gift you ever received?

My children.


If you had to pick one romantic scene or couple to recommend to a first-time reader of YOUR books, which would it be? (Any picks for romance novels in general?)

Anything and everything to do with Sam and Nick in the Fatal Series. Or Mac and Maddie in Maid for Love. Of course there is Jack and Andi in Treading Water… I love all my couples for different reasons.


Marie would like you to know that you can check out the McCarthy Series on her website and get Maid for Love, Book 1, for free everywhere e-books are sold. She will also give away 3 copies each of McCarthy books two and three as well!

Marie Force is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling, award-winning author of more than 25 contemporary romances, including The McCarthys of Gansett Island Series, the Fatal Series, the Treading Water Series and numerous stand-alone books. All You Need is Love, book 1 in her new series, The Green Mountain Country Store, is out on Valentine’s Day 2014. While her husband was in the Navy, Marie lived in Spain, Maryland and Florida, and she is now settled in her home state of Rhode Island. She is the mother of two teenagers and two feisty dogs, Brandy and Louie.  *  facebook  *  Twitter: @marieforce

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