Aug 31 Read-A-Romance Month Comes To A Close!

The End of the Beginning

Wow! This month went so quickly!

And so, here we are, on Aug 31, 2013 – the last day of the first-ever Read-A-Romance Month! I think it went pretty well, and I hope you do too.  I couldn’t have asked for better content; for more wonderful authors; for a better start to this amazing even that I hope will only grow bigger and more widely known.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful writers who wrote essays for R-A-R M, provided prizes and acted as the best spokespersons for the romance genre that anyone could ask for.  And to you fans, whether you commented on one post  or all 93, or none but read one or a few – thank you for being here.

Thanks to the terrific publishers who have offered such great prizes!

A few of you have sent me emails and fb messages or asked questions via the comments, so let me answer these here:

Contests! – The way I set up the drawings – and the generosity of the authors – made getting names out there more complicated than I expected. This is the one aspect of R-A-R M I did not keep up with well, but it also does not have a deadline (like posts, and coordinating with authors). The names have not been posted anywhere, and only the first week of winners have been contacted. I will send out emails to winners between now and Sept 14. I apologize for the delay, but I suppose if that’s the worst thing to happen in this amazing month, I won’t complain, and I hope you’ll be patient and sympathetic.

Please remember that you have until 11:59 EST tonight (Sat, Aug 31st) to register the win Suzanne Brockmann’s ARC of Do or Die (send an email to, the proposal critique from Patience Bloom (send an email to a Kindle Paperwhite, or the Grand Central Grand Prize of an iPad mini. (More details at the Awesome Contests page.) Also, the international drawing will be open until the same time.

“Bobbi, what will you do?” – Well, the running joke is that I will be sleeping for a week, or a month, and then figuring it out. I just bought a domain name and will be considering what I want to do with it. If you’re a fan of R-A-R M and would like to keep in touch and be able to follow me when I launch the next adventure, I hope you’ll follow R-A-R M at

“Will there be a R-A-R M next year?” Absolutely! (The other running joke – or mantra, depending on the day – is, “An intern for 2014.”)

“Will the essays stay up?” Yes. At this point there are no plans to take any of the content down. (Please spread the word. Never hurts to have more people find this site as we prepare for next year.)

“I simply loved R-A-R M. How can I support you?” Thank you so much. Please, if you think of it, continue using the links on the site for Amazon and B&N. You can use any link to get into those sites, and once you’re there, even if you wander around, if you buy something I will get a small percentage. I would be so grateful. xoxo

And check out the Cafe Press site. I’ll be putting a page on this site – maybe later today – so you can see Victoria Colotta’s wonderful designs a little bit better. (I’m including some below.)

Thank you again, everyone! What a wonderful month. No drawings from this page, but let me know if you have any other questions. Happy reading, friends – and may your lives be filled with romance! Keep in touch, and if nothing else, I hope to see you again for Read-A-Romance Month 2014! xoxo


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