Day 19 – Art, Books, & Coffee Celebrates Romance!

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Hi friends ~ It’s Blogger Day at Read-A-Romance Month!

I’ve invited some friends of Read-A-Romance Month to do their own posts on why we should Celebrate Romance. Hope you love the posts on Day 19 of the calendar and here, where you can find more friendly bloggers I’ve met through the RARM Facebook page sharing their thoughts.

Happy Blogger Day – Celebrate Romance!

(Art, Books & Coffee is the book blog started by Victoria, the woman responsible for creating all the amazing images and logos attached to Read-A-Romance Month. A talented artist and a joy to work with. You can see some of her design work and other book services at her professional website, — and you should look, because she’s awesome. Though I might be slightly biased. RARM would not be what it is without her. ~ Bobbi)


… A little Romance in my life.

Until a few of years ago, I was one of those people who hid the fact that I was a Romance reader. Don’t get me wrong, I haveabc never been ashamed of anything I have read, but I found that justifying what I wanted to read annoyed me. Then one day, I started working with Romance writers on design for their books. What an awesome group of people! I love working on the layouts, designing the covers, and staring at countless sexy men with no shirts doesn’t hurt either. They made me realize that I didn’t need to justify anything. I just needed to read and enjoy.

Now, I proudly state that I read Romance novels. I celebrate them in every way I can. This is partially why I started my blog, Art, Books, & Coffee. I know it is not original to start a blog, but by entering this world, I have been able to read so many more books. Between the technology and social media, authors and publishers are able to get the readers much more than they use to. We get teasers, short stories, and excerpts that hook us instantly. I love it … and you know you do too. 

Now, let’s take a moment and talk about the authors. There are so many talented authors out there! I will admit, I have several author crushes that have developed since my reintegration into the Romance world. My iPad and Kindle are filled with books by Codi Gary, Julia Quinn, Jasinda Wilder, Kresley Cole, Virna DePaul, Stacey Kennedy, Rebecca Shea, A.L. Jackson, and many more. However, what I really love about these authors is their love for each other and their willingness to share books from authors other than themselves. This is a bit of a rarity in the publishing world, but they are fans just like us. These authors have developed a community that loves them just as much as they love us. You can see it here with Read-A-Romance Month. These authors are taking part in an event that celebrates what they love and what they have dedicated their careers to. facebook-coverphoto-blog

So lets give back and celebrate Romance in all the ways possible. Celebrate the fact that there are strong women who are the masters of their own destiny. Celebrate the true-to-life relationships between characters that the reader can relate to. Celebrate the possibility of the Happily Ever After. …And, yes, celebrate those sexy men with perfect abs and their Uber Hotness! 

I say, raise your glass (or cup of coffee) and let’s hear it for the authors, the books, the characters, and our fictional boyfriends! However, I don’t want us to celebrate Romance just for this month. I want the party to last all year.


My Top 5 Romance Author Crushes
1. Codi Gary – Her Rock Canyon series is awesome & I read all of her books in one sitting. Cody’s website and at Facebook 
2. Rebecca Shea – Her Unbreakable Series is another one that I would recommend to anyone. She also has the next book in the series UNFORGIVEN coming out Sept. 22nd! Rebecca at Facebook.
3. C.D. Reiss – If you haven’t read S.O.S. (Songs of Submission) and you like erotic romances, you NEED to read her books! Warning: These books will jump start your obsession with the author and may cause the purchase of all of her books at one time.  C.D. at Facebook.
4. Jasinda Wilder – Any book by Jasinda is always on my to read list, but I am most excited about her new release of Captured! (…and Beta is coming soon too!) Jasinda at Facebook.
5. A.L. Jackson – This author is just amazing. I absolutely love her books, but her latest, Come To Me Softly, left me breathless & wanting more! A.L. Jackson at Facebook
Want to find out what exactly an “Author Crush” is? Read more about it here.

The Book That Changed My Life

Truthfully, I don’t think that there is one book that truly changed my life. It has been more a progression of books that have ushered me into who I have become today. When I was very little my father use to read to me Uncle Wiggly stories. I loved them, but more importantly I loved the time that I was spending with my Dad. My nightly stories started my love affair with books. As I got older, I found that Nancy Drew Mysteries became my obsession. I looked for every book I could find and desperately wanted to fill my shelves with the yellow spines. And then, in seventh grade, I read Jane Eyre. If there was any book that changed my life, I think you could say that this is it. I read the book in about two or three days and loved every minute of it.  I can still smell the pages of the new book…and yes kids, we read paper books back in the day. It introduced me to the classics that now fill my bookshelves. It is because of this book that I know I was destined to work in publishing. Though I didn’t know it at the time, reading Jane Eyre may be one of the leading reasons by I started reading Romances. 

Since that time that I first sat down and flipped the pages of a book, I have wanted to read anything and everything I could get my hands on. Of course, there have been good books and bad. There have been fun reads and more serious ones. The characters have been with me at various times in my life, through the moments of boredom, happiness, and sadness. Escaping into these stories, if only for a little while, has changed my life by leaps and bounds.

Victoria is generously giving away an Art, Books & Coffee Book Bundle to one lucky U.S. reader (apologies to international friends.) Entry below. She would also like to invite you to join the ABC Summer Reading Extravaganza and enter to win the Grand Prize here:

Happy summer, and happy reading!

VictoriaColottaI am a book lover & a coffee addict who also loves to bake & cook. Most of all I am an artist, graphic designer, & owner of VMC Art & Design.

In recent years, I have been able to work with a great group of authors, consultants, and small publishers. It is because of this that I have started “Art, Books, and Coffee.” ( I wanted to be able to share books, art finds, great quotes and anything that has to do with the three things in my life that I could not live without…art, books, and coffee. It is my hope that Art, Books, & Coffee will become a place where everyone can come and talk about literature and art. And if we are all highly caffeinated while doing it…then so be it!

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