Day 2 LC Giroux – Simple, Everyday Romance

A Secret

Here’s the funny thing about me being a romance writer. Left to my natural tendencies I am about the least romantic woman you will ever meet. Seriously, ask my husband! The poor man sent me a dozen roses one Valentine’s Day while we were dating and I chastised him about spending that kind of money and that he would have been better off getting them the LC Giroux Book Coverday after when they were on clearance.

Actually, Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Too many expectations, seriously, Diamonds? Just because it is February fourteenth, again? One Christmas he tried to buy me jewelry from Tiffany’s, figuring that he couldn’t really go wrong there because what girl doesn’t love those little blue boxes. Um, evidently me. I ended up returning it. It was pretty but it wasn’t practical. Unfortunately that happens a lot. I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up and the poor man is giving himself an ulcer over it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not ungrateful but the way to my heart isn’t paved in bling or rose petals.

So what is romance to me? It is the arm around my shoulder after I’ve been battling the demons that claim our daughter. (Teenagers, seriously not romantic!) You know, the touch that steadies you —lets you know he’s right beside you and you aren’t alone. Even when you are feeling like some kind of mutant were-porcupine.

Dinner on a Tuesday night that he also cleans up after because he knows I am on a deadline will make me swoon. Just writing that gave me chills. Sticking by me when the going gets really tough. Being my safe place to curl up and cry when I need to, even if I so hate doing it, (the crying, that is) that I fight it till I am a wreck. Knowing that he has my back even when I may be wrong about something —hey, it could happen! All of those are real everyday love and so to me are the most romantic thing in the world.

Which, oddly, may be why I am a romance writer. I write Contemporary Romance but tend to lean towards the everyday instead of the billionaire playboy types. My heroes have jobs and baggage that they have to work their way around to get to the heroine. My heroines can be prickly or needy or strong enough to stop the hero in his tracks because that is how people work. In my books, rarely is the problem solved by throwing money at it or even sex. I write people that are smart but may still have a blind spot about something that, hopefully, meeting their match, helps them work through. I think true love and romance should help you become a better person.

Given a choice between diamonds and flowers one day out of the year, or quiet strength and small acts of courage the other 364? I’ll choose quiet strength and personal growth as my celebration. I’m a long haul, big picture kind of girl, and luckily, my husband finds that…Romantic!


Christine Merrill — good friend, great historical romance writer! (RARM 8/4)

Favorite YA author, Jesi Lea Ryan and of course some of my fab Sugar and Sin collaborators, C.C. Mackenzie, Nana Malone, Kristine Cayne, Dana Delamar, and Elizabeth Matis. All of these women have self published books so they aren’t just writers; they are businesswomen.

You can read Dana Delamar’s RARM content here, and you can read Elizabeth Matis’ here.

Questions for the Author:

Describe the most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing  you ever did.

When I was in the Air Force part of my job was to take pictures of planes being refueled in flight. That involved me lying on the open deck of the refueling plane 20,000 feet in the air while the crew chief held on to my ankles. Didn’t think a thing about it. Going back and getting my degree from an ivy league university at thirty-five made me shake a little though. I’ve been lucky in that I had great role models in the women in my family. I may do a lot of things in my life but the best is to keep up that tradition for my daughter.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. (How did you decide to get started? Did you always know or was there a specific moment when you knew?)

I still don’t know that I think of myself as a writer. I think I’m a storyteller but I can’t have everyone over to dinner to hear about the latest adventures of the people in my head so I have to write them down. I come from a family where almost anything was excusable except telling a boring story. I wrote a serial romance novel in high school and got in trouble for it. I had a niche blog that got popular and turned into a web magazine. I got into writing romance novels to make money to hire a photographer for a fashion/sewing book I wanted to do. Now I don’t even sew anymore since I am having so much fun telling stories.

Tell us about the (or a) book that changed your life. (Why?)

This one is easy! The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. It is the tale of the fantastic adventures of a bored boy in the Lands Beyond. It is a wonderful reminder that time is not to be wasted and wonder shouldn’t stop at the end of childhood. Juster also wrote a love story called The Dot and the Line: a romance in lower mathematics. It is the very fun, geeky story of a line who falls for a dot and how he wins her heart. I may be the girl that hung out of planes but I fell in love with a scientist so… I go back and read each of them at least once a year still.

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LC GirouxAbout L.C. Giroux:

I write contemporary romance because I don’t need a guy who changes shapes, sometimes just getting them to change their minds is hard enough.

I am in love with the ‘happy ending’, both the family friendly version and the naughty kind.

I think imperfection can be sexy as hell, I want a guy that thinks the same way.

Sometimes the most dramatic situation is one where you can’t get out of your own way.

I like interesting, complex people and that is what I try to write.

Sex scenes can be beautiful and I don’t shy away from them, and silly me, I want to make them do-able so you know, if they give you ideas…

Readers are the only judges that matter. I self-publish, as in I write a story, have it beta-read, then revise it, pay to have it edited, develop the cover art, description and all the promo material, then I put it up for sale and start working on advertising it— you know all the things a real publishing house does. All so readers can read it. If you like it -review it! If you don’t- review it too! And contact me through my website. I love to hear what readers didn’t like about my books as much as I like the compliments.

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  • Courtney Cogswell

    I totally relate as far as being not super romantic in real life 🙂 I adore reading romance and always love the grand gestures in their stories but if my husband or I actually ever did any of those, we would probably fall down laughing. However, there are so many little day to day things we do to reaffirm our love. I can’t wait to check out your books and fall for your everyday heroes and heroines, baggage and all. And I completely agree, The Phantom Tollbooth is a fantastic book–I loved it so much and now you made me want to go back and read it again 🙂

    • lcgiroux

      Courtney, I hope you enjoy my books. If you haven’t read The Phantom Tollbooth since you were a kid you will love it. The jokes actually get funnier when you are an adult because you finally get them.

  • Judy Goodnight

    I agree on enjoying the day-to-day signs of love, but sometimes the grand gesture makes for a nice surprise. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but now I’m adding them to my to-be-read list!

    • lcgiroux

      Judy, that is sweet of you, I hope you like them. Don’t get me wrong, I like surprises, as long as I don’t know they are coming. If I do, I am awful, truly awful. I once took the door to the closet my parents kept the presents in off its hinges, unwrapped all the presents, wrapped them back up, and got caught putting the door back on. I was an evil child and left alone way more than I should have been!

  • Lenée M. Anderson

    Great piece L! And your’re soooo right! I am also not at all romantic (glad to know I’m not the only one!) and the lack of need of gifts frustrates my boyfriend. No cards, no flowers, no jewelry. Real romance is not the purchasing of required or expensive gifts at certain times of the year–the “because he has to” gift. How insincere! Real romance is the random Tuesday night foot rub, making coffee for me in the morning, covering me up in the middle of the night. It’s me, giving him a pedicure and not gagging.
    Dukes and billionaires are okay, but I prefer the common hero. He’s at a disadvantage so he has to struggle twice as hard to overcome the obstacles. That’s sexy!

    • lcgiroux

      Hell yeah! Though you are braver than me, a pedicure? I might pay for one, but um, no, not doing it myself! Mine likes his back scratched, like a dog, seriously he whines when I stop.

  • Sue G.

    I cannot believe you WILLINGLY laid down on a flight deck to take pictures….that is just NUTS!

    • lcgiroux

      Sue, seriously, it was the most fun. Like the roller coaster ride from hell if you like that kind of thing. I was 20, and thought I was immortal. Actually, that was less scary than some of the, ahem, risky behavior, I participated in on my off hours. Seriously, surrounding a woman with all those men in uniform, not a good idea.

      • shocking! ;o)

        • lcgiroux

          LOL, but so much fun!

  • Nicole Fortuna

    I agree that it is the everyday gestures that matter most. It is nice to read a romance where there are more common heros and no grand gestures.

    • lcgiroux

      Nicole, I don’t know a lot of billionaires, I mean I’d like to but I haven’t run across any yet. Professors, FBI, Firefighters, even Vice-Principals, those guys show up in my world. But if you find any billionaires feel free to send them my way, you know, just for research purposes!

  • Stephanie H

    How lovely. Thanks for your essay.

    • lcgiroux

      You’re welcome Stephanie. It was fun to finally ‘come clean’ as a romance writer the expectation is that you are all about the hearts and flowers. I like something a little deeper.

  • mariannewestrich

    So great to add new to me authors tomy TBR list. Thanks so much!

    • lcgiroux

      Marianne, I hope you enjoy the stories.

  • Mj

    Haven’t read your books before but will definitely be looking into them now and can’t wait. I am a former Navy wife and still have lots of links to that life/friends. My sil is in the AF and while she doesn’t do what you did, she was on the ground making sure the planes had everything they needed 🙂

    • lcgiroux

      Mj, I was part of combat support so technically I didn’t spend a lot of time in the air but I was the only member of the photo shop (this was the 80’s when photo shop was a place not software) that didn’t get air sick. So I pulled all of those kinds of assignments. Got to know a lot of crew chiefs, and support people. I loved a lot of that time in my life and I am still a huge supporter of veteran’s relief and military dependents. I’m finally going to be writing about some of it too. I’m a little done with the whole macho alpha SEAL thing. I get the appeal but that isn’t most of the guys and girls in the military. I finally figured out how to do it my way and can’t wait to get started, hopefully before the end of the year.

  • M Kuxhaus

    I’m just as romantic as you are! I think too many people have the “wrong” view on romance; it’s not about flowers and jewelry. It’s about the companionship and support.

    • lcgiroux

      M, I agree. But it does make me a pain to buy presents for. Our 20th anniversary is coming up. I asked if we could pay off all the credit cards. The poor man just shook his head and walked away. ;D

  • Erica H

    Nothing wrong with being practical

    • lcgiroux

      Erica, you would think my husband would consider himself lucky but he is the sentimental one.

  • Tonda Galloway Hargett

    Your husband sounds so much like mine. I’m a fairly strong woman, but it means so much to always know that he has my back and always a strong should when I need it.

    • lcgiroux

      Tonda, Strong women may be tougher to love but they stick around through thick and thin. The guy that can handle us knows exactly who he is and what he wants.

  • Jen Barnard

    I agree, it’s the little things that are the most romantic, my dad brings mum flowers sometimes “just because”. I love your books, one of the main reasons is that the characters are so realistic.

    • lcgiroux

      I love just because flowers! which totally confuses my poor husband. My grandfather never left the house with out giving my grandmother 5 kisses, one for her, one for him, one for each of the kids. Then inevitably she would slap his arm and tell him she didn’t have time for that. As kids we were never really sure what “that” was.

  • Patty Vasquez

    Early evening yesterday, my husband and I wandered through our local city’s art fair. It’s in a beautiful setting and the weather was perfect for a stroll. My husband made the perfect romantic suggestion. Because I love ice cream, he really thought I should indulge in a scoop or two of Ben & Jerry’s. A simple, everyday thought. My husband and I met while on active duty in the Navy. Our favorite romantic story is the one in which I asked him for our first kiss.

    • lcgiroux

      Shared ice cream is a favorite date in our house too although sometimes there is a kid and a dog or two in the back of the car. I love that you had to ask him for your first kiss! The sign of a gentleman!

  • Sheila M

    Thanks for writing books about more “ordinary” people…the rest of us deserve love as well 🙂

    • lcgiroux

      Shelia, I’m happy to do it. I find real people endlessly fascinating. I write heroes and heroines of all shapes and sizes for the same reason. I am the kind of person that can find something attractive about anyone.

  • Emmel

    Thank you for the everyday romance. I am exhausted by the billionaire heroes and almost unbelievable premises of so many romances today!

    • lcgiroux

      Emmel, I know some really popular writers are all in on the billionaire heroes and I’ve got a few CEOs that are millionaires but I actually show them working for it! I even joke in those books that those guys are just millionaires so not very sexy. Of course, I then show how they are but it never has anything to do with how much money they have. One guy poses as a courier and the girl dumps him when she finds out he’s the CEO. Yeah, they make up and there is a Happily Ever After. It wouldn’t be a romance if there wasn’t!

  • Thank so much for your great essay, L.C.! Nice to have you here at RARM. xo

    • lcgiroux

      Love being here! This has been so much fun.

  • Andrea Geurin

    You are so brave! I am fascinated by your flight deck photography and everyday romance is fabulous.

    • lcgiroux

      You know what they say, Brave or Crazy? It is a fine line.

  • Jen C

    I’m glad today’s posts are about the little things. 🙂

    • lcgiroux

      Jen, I like the little things too. As a writer I feel like those are the moments that resonate with readers because they can see them in their own lives.

  • Lynne Oberdieck Ernst

    How cool. My cousin flew B52’s and did lots of midair refueling.

    • lcgiroux

      Lynne, I was stationed at Barksdale, LA so yeah we had B-52’s also. My favorites though were the A-10’s. They were tank hunters. So nimble and fun to ride in.

      • Lynne Oberdieck Ernst

        My cousin flew out of Barksdale. Oberdieck. LOL Of course I think the only other B52 base is in Nebraska.

        • lcgiroux

          I was there in the mid 80’s, aka the Dark Ages.

          • Lynne Oberdieck Ernst

            I don’t remember. He spent most of his 25 years at Barksdale. A few in DC and some in Iraq.

  • Mary Anne Landers

    Thank you, L. C. It’s great to discover a romance author whose heroes aren’t rich and powerful. Good luck!

    • lcgiroux

      Mary Anne, I’ve got nothing against rich or powerful but I think you can be rich in ways that don’t have anything to do with money and be powerful in spirit too.

  • Pamby50

    You and my husband should get together. He said Valentine’s day was created by Hallmark, candy makers & florist’s. So I don’t get those on Valentine’s Day. But I do get all the little things. So that makes everything all right.

    • lcgiroux

      Pamby, As long as he shows up with chocolate the other 364 days of the year no one gets hurt! ;D

  • Quinn Fforde

    I totally agree!

    • lcgiroux

      Quinn, I’m surprised there are so many of us. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  • Stephanie M.

    Thank you for your article today. I finally convinced my hubby to not spend the money on roses on 2/14. This year, he went to Trader Joe’s 2 days earlier and got some which lasted a lot longer than the pricey ones. I was a surprise and I loved it. I will add you and the other authors you mentioned to my TBR list.

    • lcgiroux

      Thanks Stephanie! surprise flowers are a totally different ball game! Love them.

  • LisaVH

    Amen, Sister! I just can’t pick up any book with ‘billionaire’ in the title. I want my romance to be fanciful (lets face it, I read for the escape from my own day-to-day routine), but I need a little more reality in my characters so I can relate to them.

    • lcgiroux

      Lisa, I’m done with Billionaires and SEALs, I get the whole macho and in charge thing. I have a husband that still asks where the milk is when he is staring into the fridge. (it has been in the same place for at least 15 years.) Those macho guys don’t leave their socks on the floor, hell, they probably aren’t around long enough to leave their socks on the floor!

  • Sarah Blumkin

    My husband’s friends always think he’s going to be in trouble when he tells them he didn’t get me anything for Valentine’s Day. We’ve always been big on the just because gifts and flowers and not because a day on the calendar tells us to gifts. There are 364 other days in the year and I want to feel special and loved on those days too.

    • lcgiroux

      Sarah, I’ll bet he just smiles at his friends scurrying around trying to come up with something big that one day of the year.

  • Gretchen Miller

    Most awesome

    • lcgiroux

      Gretchen, glad you liked it!

  • rebecca moe

    Your poor husband! He sounds like a real catch, though 🙂 Great post; thanks for writing it.

    • lcgiroux

      Rebecca, He is a catch, most of the time. He also works too much and then falls asleep on the couch with the TV on. It has been so bad lately that I actually wrote it into my latest book. He got the hint.

      • rebecca moe

        LOL! That’s one way to get your point across–and clearly, it worked!

  • Marcy Shuler

    Oh yeah, I’m not big on huge showy gifts. I really appreciate a man when he’s doing the dishes. 😉

    • lcgiroux

      Marcy, Don’t they call a guy doing the dishes housewife porn?

  • Debbie Oxier

    Thank you.

    • lcgiroux

      Debbie, you are welcome. This is fun!

  • Anne

    Thank you for joining RARM and the wonderful essay!

    • lcgiroux

      Anne, you are welcome. It is so much fun to talk to readers!

  • Mary McCoy

    I love the Phantom Tollbooth, especially re having to swim back when you jump to conclusions! And I agree with you, a successful relationship has much more to do with having someone’s back than flinging the bling!


    Great post. I do like reading books with Billionaire in the title.

  • Linnea Bassin

    I can tell you we never celebrate Valentine’s day or Sweetest day. If my husband can respect me everyday then we don’t need to be married it isn’t about one day its about everyday working together and making each other’s life better and a little easier.

  • Glenda

    Wonderful post LC! I am a firm believer that the daily actions are more important than occasional big ones. Things like bringing me coffee first thing in the morning and helping with (or flat out cooking) dinner are much much more important to me than flowers!

  • Lorelei’s Lit Lair

    I think I found a soul sister! We feel the same about what real romantic details are, in those loving details. Ok LC, You are going on my list! Happy for the chance to win. See you around ♥

  • Peni Anne

    I’m with you, the practical to the jewelry and flowers. Although I must say that I am allergic to both metal and flowers BUT… The little touches and when that special someone pays attention is the best. I love to read and hear stories so … thank you for being such a terrific storyteller and allowing us the gift of sharing them.

  • Ruth

    Really enjoyed your post. I also think the little things are more romantic than the more costlier items.