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A Secret

Here’s the funny thing about me being a romance writer. Left to my natural tendencies I am about the least romantic woman you will ever meet. Seriously, ask my husband! The poor man sent me a dozen roses one Valentine’s Day while we were dating and I chastised him about spending that kind of money and that he would have been better off getting them the LC Giroux Book Coverday after when they were on clearance.

Actually, Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Too many expectations, seriously, Diamonds? Just because it is February fourteenth, again? One Christmas he tried to buy me jewelry from Tiffany’s, figuring that he couldn’t really go wrong there because what girl doesn’t love those little blue boxes. Um, evidently me. I ended up returning it. It was pretty but it wasn’t practical. Unfortunately that happens a lot. I’ve got a milestone birthday coming up and the poor man is giving himself an ulcer over it. Don’t get me wrong. I am not ungrateful but the way to my heart isn’t paved in bling or rose petals.

So what is romance to me? It is the arm around my shoulder after I’ve been battling the demons that claim our daughter. (Teenagers, seriously not romantic!) You know, the touch that steadies you —lets you know he’s right beside you and you aren’t alone. Even when you are feeling like some kind of mutant were-porcupine.

Dinner on a Tuesday night that he also cleans up after because he knows I am on a deadline will make me swoon. Just writing that gave me chills. Sticking by me when the going gets really tough. Being my safe place to curl up and cry when I need to, even if I so hate doing it, (the crying, that is) that I fight it till I am a wreck. Knowing that he has my back even when I may be wrong about something —hey, it could happen! All of those are real everyday love and so to me are the most romantic thing in the world.

Which, oddly, may be why I am a romance writer. I write Contemporary Romance but tend to lean towards the everyday instead of the billionaire playboy types. My heroes have jobs and baggage that they have to work their way around to get to the heroine. My heroines can be prickly or needy or strong enough to stop the hero in his tracks because that is how people work. In my books, rarely is the problem solved by throwing money at it or even sex. I write people that are smart but may still have a blind spot about something that, hopefully, meeting their match, helps them work through. I think true love and romance should help you become a better person.

Given a choice between diamonds and flowers one day out of the year, or quiet strength and small acts of courage the other 364? I’ll choose quiet strength and personal growth as my celebration. I’m a long haul, big picture kind of girl, and luckily, my husband finds that…Romantic!


Christine Merrill — good friend, great historical romance writer! (RARM 8/4)

Favorite YA author, Jesi Lea Ryan and of course some of my fab Sugar and Sin collaborators, C.C. Mackenzie, Nana Malone, Kristine Cayne, Dana Delamar, and Elizabeth Matis. All of these women have self published books so they aren’t just writers; they are businesswomen.

You can read Dana Delamar’s RARM content here, and you can read Elizabeth Matis’ here.

Questions for the Author:

Describe the most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing  you ever did.

When I was in the Air Force part of my job was to take pictures of planes being refueled in flight. That involved me lying on the open deck of the refueling plane 20,000 feet in the air while the crew chief held on to my ankles. Didn’t think a thing about it. Going back and getting my degree from an ivy league university at thirty-five made me shake a little though. I’ve been lucky in that I had great role models in the women in my family. I may do a lot of things in my life but the best is to keep up that tradition for my daughter.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. (How did you decide to get started? Did you always know or was there a specific moment when you knew?)

I still don’t know that I think of myself as a writer. I think I’m a storyteller but I can’t have everyone over to dinner to hear about the latest adventures of the people in my head so I have to write them down. I come from a family where almost anything was excusable except telling a boring story. I wrote a serial romance novel in high school and got in trouble for it. I had a niche blog that got popular and turned into a web magazine. I got into writing romance novels to make money to hire a photographer for a fashion/sewing book I wanted to do. Now I don’t even sew anymore since I am having so much fun telling stories.

Tell us about the (or a) book that changed your life. (Why?)

This one is easy! The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. It is the tale of the fantastic adventures of a bored boy in the Lands Beyond. It is a wonderful reminder that time is not to be wasted and wonder shouldn’t stop at the end of childhood. Juster also wrote a love story called The Dot and the Line: a romance in lower mathematics. It is the very fun, geeky story of a line who falls for a dot and how he wins her heart. I may be the girl that hung out of planes but I fell in love with a scientist so… I go back and read each of them at least once a year still.

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LC GirouxAbout L.C. Giroux:

I write contemporary romance because I don’t need a guy who changes shapes, sometimes just getting them to change their minds is hard enough.

I am in love with the ‘happy ending’, both the family friendly version and the naughty kind.

I think imperfection can be sexy as hell, I want a guy that thinks the same way.

Sometimes the most dramatic situation is one where you can’t get out of your own way.

I like interesting, complex people and that is what I try to write.

Sex scenes can be beautiful and I don’t shy away from them, and silly me, I want to make them do-able so you know, if they give you ideas…

Readers are the only judges that matter. I self-publish, as in I write a story, have it beta-read, then revise it, pay to have it edited, develop the cover art, description and all the promo material, then I put it up for sale and start working on advertising it— you know all the things a real publishing house does. All so readers can read it. If you like it -review it! If you don’t- review it too! And contact me through my website. I love to hear what readers didn’t like about my books as much as I like the compliments.

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