Day 23 Jade Lee – Life Changes, Love Remains

Celebrating My Romance

Since the word “essay” makes me clench, I’m going to change the format a bit. This is multiple choice with the answers given right afterwards. Don’t worry. It’s not a quiz unless you LIKE quizzes. And if you do, then sit right down, we’re going to get along just fine.

So I’m supposed to talk about Celebrating Romance which, at the moment, means to me that

a. I celebrate with cheers and kisses when my husband of 30 years volunteers to run the dishwasher for me. WOO HOO!doing dishes2

b. The cheers and kisses happen only AFTER he actually does it. BTW, that picture over there is not my husband, but it’s what I see when he does them.

c. I mourn the passing of a long adored conference called Celebrate Romance. I met some awesome friends there.

d. I listen to my daughter tell me about the way her fiance proposed to her complete with original music and lyrics (including multiple verses).

e. I don’t hurt my husband when he grumbles, “Alex, really, dial it back. You’re making everyone else look bad.”

Answer: all of the above! Because there is no one kind of celebration, just as there’s more than one kind of love. (See this was an easy one just to get your feet wet)

But let’s get to specifics. As previously mentioned, I’ve been married for 30 years. (Amazing since I’m only 32 years old, right?) Anyway, how have the celebrations of our love changed over the years?

a. We started out having wine and sex. When we had kids, we had wine (lots of wine) then fell asleep during the sex. And now, we just skip to the sleep part.

b. On our anniversary, we enjoyed either dinner or a movie because we couldn’t afford both. Same choice later but because the babysitter wouldn’t stay long enough. And now? Movie at home with pizza and my husband graciously pauses the show every dancetime I have to go pee.

c. Memorable anniversary gifts from me to him: a bellydancer who danced for him during dinner. He tolerated it though has never forgiven me. (He’s a bit shy. The guy in the picture is having lots more fun than my husband did). A video game set for the wrong gaming system. Oops. (He bought the gaming system, so all in all he was thrilled). Memorable gifts from him to me: um… uh… I can’t think of one…

d. That last one is a total lie. He usually gives me jewelry on our anniversary. He started out trying to buy it and was less than successful from my perspective. Later on I gave him choices, and he picked from that selection. Now he just gives me his credit card number and I tell him what he bought me. Perfect!

Answer: D.  Although there is truth in every single one!Woman Eating Chocolate

How do we express that love every day?

a. we hold hands during our tv shows.

b. He makes me coffee every morning and I don’t bite off his hand as he brings it to me.

c. Bring it to me? Please. He makes it then hides until after I’ve had my first cup.

d. Remember how I’m an author? Well, it’s possible that I’m a bit moody depending on how the writing goes. He expresses his love by asking how my day’s gone while throwing chocolate in my general direction.

e. He tells me he doesn’t care if I make a dime on my books, just so long as I don’t hurt him at the end of a bad writing day.m&matwork

Answer: C. We do hold hands often during tv, but that’s because my hands get cold and he’s a furnace. He does make the coffee every morning, and sometimes I go get him a raspberry mocha, but neither of us serves the other. He has been known to bring me chocolate. He considers it a necessary survival skill. A pound of peanut M&Ms makes up for a terrible writing day!


Sometimes, I just get burned out on reading romance. My go-to fun reads are in urban fantasy. I love Jim Butcher (read the Dresden Files series) and Keaven Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles). They’re just good fun.

But if you’re looking for a romance recommendation, I’ve just discovered Tessa Bailey of Entangled Publishing. Her brazens are awesome!

 Questions For The Author:

1 – Describe the most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing you ever did.

Fell in love with the right guy. Honestly, it wasn’t me. I was stupid as sh**. How he managed to pick me I have no idea. But seduced cvr1awe’ve been happily in love ever since.

2 – Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. (How did you decide to get started? Did you always know or was there a specific moment when you knew?)

I’ve been making up stories in my head all my life, which of course meant I was destined to become the next great American Screenwriter…not. I got an English degree in college which qualified me for nothing. I wrote as a tech writer and HATED it. Got a MPW (masters in professional writing) from USC and went off to be a screenwriter…not. I tried and tried, but we ended up moving to Illinois and I just didn’t have the (talent, skill, contacts) money to fly back and forth trying to hawk my stories. I switched into romance which I’d always loved and ended up breaking in there. Honestly, like the story about falling in love with the right guy, I stumbled around (a lot) before landing where I needed to be: writing romance novels. It’s what I am meant to do.

3 – Tell us about The (or A) Book That Changed Your Life. (Why?)

My mother was always forcing me to read and I hated it. Seriously. I wanted to be outside, watch tv, or do anything that wasn’t “educational.” I cannot express how much she made me despise something that should have been fun. And even when I tried to buy books that interested me, she said no and bought books she thought they were more appropriate then forced me to read them as punishment whenever I’d done something wrong. My mother was brilliant about a lot of things, but in this she was narniavery, very wrong.

Then one day, I was given CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It escaped the Mom censor because it had a Christian base. Thank God they didn’t tell me that. I read and loved it, then enjoyed the rest of the series. Fantasy was allowed in moderate doses, assuming I pretended to read all those damned Nancy Drew books in the interim. (I didn’t. I just faked it, and to this day I hate mystery books.) As for romance novels? They didn’t enter my reading until I’d gone away to school and my roommate introduced me to a historical novel. One with SEX in it! Woo hoo! But if it hadn’t been for Narnia, I might have given up on reading completely.

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