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Stand Up and Cheer…for Romance

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Not long ago, a reviewer described one of my books as having a “stand up and cheer” kind of ending that made her want to burst into spontaneous applause.  Wow, what a compliment! I hold that comment near and dear to my heart because, without a doubt, my favorite movies and books are those that make me want to clap my hands together and wallow in an overdose of feelgood.  That doesn’t mean the ending has to be cheesy or patriotic or covered in confetti.   It just means that the happy resolution for beloved characters is so hard-won and deserved, that I can’t help but fist pump for the victors who’ve found love.

I do consciously build to an end that isn’t just going to make the reader sigh and (maybe) cry, but also one that lifts the spirit and the heart , giving readers a big gulp of hope and optimism.  To me, that’s the true celebration moment of a great romance novel and that’s the promise I make and fulfill for every reader.

I’m certain I get this from some of my favorite romantic movies.  I love a film with such a satisfying ending that I spend at least five minutes staring at the credits with a loopy grin until the theater is empty.  Movies like A Cinderella Story (the kiss in the rain!), Overboard (with the boys making their Christmas lists!), Jerry McGuire (the three of them hand-in-hand), and one of my all time favorites, New In Town (if you missed this gem, rent it, you’ll thank me) — all of them celebrate the ultimate victory of romance.  Whether it’s Richard Gere scooping Debra Winger and carrying her out of the factory or Richard Gere climbing the fire escape to rescue Julia Roberts or Richard Gere…wait a second.  I see a pattern here.  But you get the idea — it’s a fight to the finish and when the good guy/girl wins, we can’t help but clap our hands as if the victory is our own.

I believe there’s a reason why we want to “root” for characters as though they are competing — because in a truly memorable romance, our main characters are locked in battle against loneliness, heartbreak, and the fear of missing out on a lifetime of love.  When they beat the odds and conquer their inner demons (along with external powers against them), we can’t help but celebrate that triumph.

A celebration is a time to feel great, a time to let your heart soar with a sense of success, a time to stand up and cheer.  A round of applause for every book, movie, and moment that makes you feel that way!


If you haven’t read Lily Everett yet, you really should. Also, I love everything Gena Showalter writes.


Questions for the Author:

Describe most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing you ever did:

Raising teenagers.  Not daring enough?  Okay, I climbed out of a helicopter and was dropped onto the Na Pali Coast where I hiked to a deserted beach for a picnic. Dream date!

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer:

Always a romance reader, I closed a particularly amazing book in August of 1999 and decided that I had to try to make someone else feel the way I felt at that moment.  (It was NOBODY’S BABY BUT MINE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.) I had always written “love stories” for fun, but never dreamed I could actually write a novel.  But that book “put me over the edge” — in a good way.  I simply had to see if I possessed the skills, imagination, and discipline to write a romance novel.  I finished my first draft a few months later, writing pre-dawn while the little ones slept.  I entered RWA contests, found an agent, wrote another book that sold, and completed my fortieth published novel this week.  My goal is to hit 100 before I retire!

 A book that changed your life:

See above! But going way back to childhood, I remember reading MY BROTHER MICHAEL by Mary Stewart when I was about eleven or twelve, and experiencing that first jolt of Book Boyfriend Love and realizing that I could actually fall in love over and over and over again just by reading novels about love and romance.  I never looked back and have been in love thousands of times because of romance novels!

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