Day 6 Cathy Maxwell – Love, The Everyday Miracle

Pity the Non-Reader

I will never understand the non-reader. I do understand not having enough time to read. Anymore, I need a hunk of attentiveness to settle my mind and truly sink into a book. When I was younger, I could pick a book up and—bam—I was in the story. Now, it is more difficult. Life is filled with distractions.

Still, to not WANT to read? To dismiss stories? To only drink them in through other people’s vision via television or screen?


Cathy Maxwell book coverReading is the most intimate act we humans perform. No two people could ever read or experience a book the same way. It is impossible because when we read, we don’t just process words, our minds bring them to life. The characters take on depth based upon our individual life experiences. I’ve returned to books I read thirty years ago, and they were completely different reading experiences because I know more now. I understand and have compassion and, hopefully, the wisdom that comes from living well.

And using my mind this way makes me feel more alive. More aware.

I’m an evening reader. I need the mini-vacation a book offers to settle the day.

My book of choice is a Romance and always will be.

First, no other genre has the wide breadth of stories. There are so many delicious reads. Characters come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. There is humor, tenderness, heart-breaking despair, and victorious elation. Even if the heroine is a shape-shifter or a vampire or a street weary cop, there can be love, and acceptance.

Furthermore, after a day of tasks that never end, with the promise of another day and another of the same treadmill, I need the adventure a Romance novel offers. The story of discovery and commitment never fails to remind me that life is more precious when it is filled with people, places, and actions I love. Whether the heroine is struggling to save the family winery or fighting pirates in the Caribbean or plotting the local dance in small town America or a British ballroom, she knows, and my imagination agrees, that it is an every day miracle to love and love well . . . and that the words “happily ever after” should never be taken for granted.



I adored Jenn LeBlanc’s ABSOLUTE SURRENDER (Read Jenn LeBlanc’s RARM post here.)

and Katharine Ashe’s MY LADY, MY LORD (RARM 8/1).

Right now I’m devouring ONCE UPON A PRINCE by Rachel Hauck.

Questions for the Author:

1 – Describe the most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing you ever did.

I traveled to Australia alone. I started off with a group of friends who wanted to join me, but as the date of the trip came closer, they begged off. I went anyway. What fearless words! And I was afraid. But the Aussies are the most generous folks in the world and I quickly lost the fear. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am glad I didn’t miss out.

2 – Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. (How did you decide to get started? Did you always know or was there a specific moment when you knew?)

I’ve always been a storyteller. I believe that characteristic is a gift just like some of us are born with athletic talent or math skills or musical ability. But even though many of us dream of stories, just a few of us have the discipline it takes to write, rewrite, and rewrite again a novel.

3 – Tell us about The (or A) Book That Changed Your Life. (Why?)

The book that changed my life was FIERCE EDEN by Jennifer Blake. It completely captured my imagination and opened me to just how involved and brilliant a romance novel could be. I’d always yearned to write book, but I didn’t have any clear-cut desire. That changed after I read FIERCE EDEN.

Cathy Maxwell is generously offering five complete sets of The Chattan Curse series to five U.S. winners (entry for the domestic drawing is at the bottom of the page), and one complete set to an international winner (international readers enter here), or a comparable prize at her discretion. 

Cathy MaxwellOver the course of the past two decades, Cathy has written thirty historical romances, hit the New York Times and USA Today lists, been nominated for or won some nice awards, made dynamite writing friends, and has had the time of her life.




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