Day 7 Suzanne Brockmann – Comfort and Discovery

Romance: Something for Everyone

The romance genre is so huge and varied, it seems there’s not just a book but an entire subgenre for each individual reader.

The more we read, the more we discover the types of books we love — and we use reader recommendations to find more of (nearly) the same. Slowly but surely, over time, we find our comfort zones in the subgenres we love to read.NIGHT SKY Brockmann

Or write.

I mostly write contemporary romance that falls into the “romantic suspense” subgenre. Specifically, I write military-action-adventure-romantic-dramadies.

Part of the reason I write in this subgenre has to do with expectations. I am relentlessly encouraged, by readers and publisher alike, to deliver more of the same.

But I also write military-action-adventure-romantic-dramadies because that’s what I know and love — it’s in my writing comfort zone.

But as a reader? Most of the time I avoid books with military heroes. I get my fill when I’m writing, thanks. For pleasure reading, I prefer heroes who are dukes or the sons of earls — or wealthy high school debutants living in the deep south, targeted by a serial killer. (More about that, below)

When I read, I want to escape into a world that is vastly different from mine — both my real life, and the fictional one in which my Troubleshooters series is set.

I want to slip into the skin of a stranger, and temporarily live a life that takes me outside of everything I know and allows me to walk a mile — or a thousand — in another’s shoes.

I want new-to-me experiences.

Sometimes I fear that the very thing I most often celebrate about romance — the multitude of different subgenres — also allows us, as readers, to stay secure and unchallenged inside of the comfort zones of the very safe worlds that we know.

And I’m not talking “world-building” world. In my opinion, a reader who only reads paranormals is potentially just as isolated as a reader who only reads Regency-era historicals.

Let me be clear: My intention here is not to disparage the value of the comfort read. We all need books that provide us with relief, consolation, relaxation, and ease. But just as there are times we reach for a comfort read, shouldn’t we also recognize that we can benefit from a “discomfort” or a “personal-challenge” read — a book that takes us outside of our comfort zone and tests or stretches us in some way?

I know that I’m too-often guilty of not reading outside of the subgenres I know and love. (And to those of you who frequently include personal-challenge reads in your TBR pile, bravo! Well done. This message is a reminder to those of us who have settled back into our personal place of safety to be more like you.)

Today, in honor of Read-A-Romance Month, I urge everyone to read a romance from well outside of your tried-Do or Dieand-true favorite subgenres.

Go wild, and read a romance from a sub-genre you’ve never thought to try.

Or be even more daring, and read that book everyone’s raving about, from a sub-genre that you’ve already tried and rejected as being “not for you.”

Pick an author you’ve never read. Pick a book with characters who live in a different time or place; read about people who don’t share your skin color or religion or orientation; read about characters who are from a different culture, country, or society.

I had an interesting experience with the TV show Friday Night Lights. I was certain that FNL wasn’t for me — a show about high school football set in deeply religious Texas…? Yeah, thanks, I have nothing in common with that sports-centric world, and I have other things to do with my time. But friends kept urging me to watch. Finally I did, and to my delight, I discovered that I had way more in common with the football-worshiping people of Dillion, Texas, than I ever could have imagined. And my life is better for having walked in their shoes.

So stretch and challenge yourselves as readers, and I promise, as a writer, that from time to time I’ll do the same.

Happy reading!

Recommendations: I’ve recently rediscovered my love for category romance with the vividly written, delightful books by Farrah Rochon. Many of her stories are set in Louisiana with fascinating characters who live and breathe and come alive on the page. A prolific writer, Farrah’s got a number of series for readers who love connected books, including her New York Sabers football series, and the Holmes Brothers. I’m currently glomming (and loving!) her Bayou Dreams series.

YA paranormal superstar Melissa Marr leaves her own comfort zone with her first young adult romantic suspense, Made for You, available on 9/16/14. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of this amazing thriller, which is set in the strange and exotic-to-me world of wealthy southern debutantes. With smart female characters, a serial killer, the town bad boy, and parents who aren’t idiots — Made for You is a beautifully written, fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining read.

Questions for the Author:

Describe the most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing you ever did.

I made a movie! I co-wrote and co-produced a sweet little romantic comedy indie movie called The Perfect Wedding with my husband and son — and a crew and cast of over fifty other people, including actors Kristine Sutherland (Buffy’s mom) and the late James Rebhorn (Homeland). Miraculously, we found distribution, and the movie is currently available on Netflix on demand, and also on DVD. (Find it on Amazon and!)

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. (How did you decide to get started? Did you always know or was there a specific moment when you

I’d been writing screenplays and TV scripts for several years, and after a particularly awesome rejection from a Hollywood agent (in which he said he’d rep me if I moved to LA, but I was living outside of New York City at the time with two kids in diapers, so…), I decided to try my hand at writing genre fiction. I did a ton of research, and focused on contemporary category romance. I prepped for the story by outlining in the same way as I would for a script. When I finally sat down to write, I was maybe ten or fifteen pages in when I realized that I’d found the perfect format for my writing voice. It was over twenty years ago, but I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. In fact, I ran around the house actually shouting “Eureka!”

Tell us about The (or A) Book That Changed Your Life. (Why?)

Back in the summer of 2001, early in my career, I read Virginia Ellis’s historical romance, The Wedding Dress, while I was out on the road alone, promoting my books. This haunting yet hopeful story, set in the south in the years immediately following the Civil War, is of a young war widow who finds love again. I read this book at a time when I needed to be reminded why I write romance. I remember sitting in my hotel room thinking, “If my books can touch even just one reader the way this just touched me…. That’s exactly why I write.”

Suzanne is generously offering a signed advanced copy of Night Sky, as well as a signed hardcover copy of DO OR DIE. Domestic only, apologies to international readers. (She promises to make it up to international fans soon!)

Brockmann-5bOver the past twenty years, New York Times bestselling romance author Suzanne Brockmann has written fifty-five novels, including her award-winning Troubleshooters series about Navy SEAL heroes and the women—and sometimes men—who win their hearts. In addition to writing books, Suz has co-produced a feature-length romantic comedy movie, The Perfect Wedding, which she co-wrote with her husband, Ed Gaffney, and their son, Jason. She has also co-written Night Sky, her first YA novel set in the world of her paranormal Fighting Destiny series, with her daughter Melanie. Find Suz on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and visit her website to find out more about upcoming releases and appearances.

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  • Elizabeth Gray

    I try to read a mixture of genres. I have a box that I fill up with books with paranormal, romantic suspense, contemporary romance. I do this so I do not get burned out on one genre or sub-genre.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      I agree — some authors stand up to a “glom” — reading book after book after book. But some don’t — with the understanding that it’s a completely subjective thing!

  • Danny

    My choice of subgenre is always a mood thing. But I try to change the genre often

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Remember the TV show BREAKING BAD? I had to be in the right mood to watch it — it was so freakin’ dark. So sometimes the eps would pile up in our DVR for months before I’d announced, “Okay, let’s glom this thing!” 🙂 I’ve learned to trust my mood. BB, while I’m in the mood = great. BB when I need bunnies and puppies and sunshine? Nope!

  • Cheryl McNeil

    I went to a book signing by you in the spring, and met Virginia Kantra there. I have been reading her books every since. I do try to mix up my genres, plus I am in a bookclub with people with very diverse interests.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      I ***love*** Virginia’s books, in particular her Dare Island series! I’m so happy you had the chance to meet her!

  • Mary Cain

    I’ve read a lot of your books and loved them all. Now I’m going to check out Farrah Rochon. Thanks for the reco!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      You’re welcome! Enjoy!

  • TrishJ

    I do have my comfort reads, but I read a LOT so I try a little bit of everything. So many great books out there, such a shame to limit your choice.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      I agree! It’s also really good to recognize when you absolutely positively NEED a comfort read! No shame in that! 🙂

  • Courtney Cogswell

    First of all, I love all of your books and absolutely devour every Troubleshooters one as soon as it comes out. I admit that Romance is my favorite genre but I do go through a ton of different subgenres depending on my mood. I have been on a contemporary kick lately but just reading some of the posts on RARM have made me want to branch back out into others such as historicals and suspense with maybe a foray into some of the genres I’ve never tried. I have found that if I am reading a book in my comfort zone on my kindle, then I may enjoy one outside my comfort zone via audiobook while driving for work (or vice versa). This has been a great way for me to find new authors and test my limits as a reader. In the past year or so I have made it my goal to really start stepping outside my comfort zone in all areas of life–food, TV shows, movies, books, and even hobbies. It’s been a great experience and I think it definitely makes life a little more fun 🙂 Thanks again for all that you do and I really enjoyed your post today!!!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Thanks, Courtney! Cool thing: my daughter Melanie is recording the audio version of NIGHT SKY, the YA book we co-wrote. (She’s in the studio this week, in fact!)

      Also, as Ed and I did our marathon drive north yesterday and today, we listened to the audio of the Veronica Mars book THE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAN LINE, narrated by Kristin Bell. (It’s pretty great!)

  • Tammy H

    I love your Navy Seals!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Why, thank you so much!

  • Hope Stern

    I agree, Suz’s, when you do step outside your comfort zone, most times you are pleasantly surprised. I went crazy a few years ago and decided to try the dang Vampire meme that was going away and lo and behold I found that amazing series by JR Ward, the black dagger brotherhood. It blew me away. As for you, my wonderful contemp suspense now turned YA author? I read any and all you write! Thanks for the great reads and I recently watched your saw your movie on NetFlix….

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Ooh, my JR Ward story is that I was a HUGE Buffy fan by the time the first BDB book came out, and she sent me an arc, and it sat on the floor of my office for weeks, because I simply could not imagine anyone doing the vampire thing better than Buffy. But then, one day, I picked up the book and opened it to Chapter One… HOOKED! Boom! I loved it because it was SO different from other vampire series!

  • Michelle Peterson

    Hi! I believe that reading new genres can open up a new mind-set. Well, for me anyways. It is important to always push yourself out of the normal and see different worlds.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Hey, Michelle! I just really like walking a mile in a pair of shoes that are vastly different from mine. You’re younger than me, but when I was in my 30s there was a popular show called “Thirty-Something,” and I watched an episode, and it was too similar to my own life — dealing with the drama of a new baby, yada yada. And I was, like, “Sorry, I’m gonna watch Star Trek The Next Generation and travel to different planets, thanks.” 🙂

  • Cyndee Martin

    Well thank you for taking a risk and leaving movie screen writing! I love your books!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Thanks, Cyndee!

  • Narda Seaberry

    I totally agree with Suzanne, reading something outside your comfort zone really expands yourself as a reader, it also refreshes your reading as a whole. Suzanne you are one of my favorite authors and I thank you for hours of wonderful reading.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Well, you’re very welcome! Thank you for your kind words!

  • Sue G.

    At first I didn’t think I would like these New Adult books because they tend to be about people in the 20’s (which I have a kid 21) but I have read a few and have really liked them. I still haven’t been able to get into the paranormal genre but maybe someday.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Yeah, my kids are in their LATE twenties now. EEEK! 🙂

  • Brenda E

    Suz, I totally agree with you about stretching ourselves when it comes to reading. I definitely have my comfort zone, but curiosity often takes me to other genres and I’m never disappointed.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      I love hearing that! 🙂

  • Rosemarie N.

    Love reading your books. I read all genres. I have read a few YA books didn’t think I would like them but I find them refreshing . Takes me back to that age again. Suzanne, when are coming out with more TS books? Love reading Do or Die. Any more?

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Eventually, yes. 🙂

  • MK

    What a good idea, to occasionally challenge oneself to read outside one’s comfort zone. I belong to a book club for just that purpose!
    Make kay

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      It’s so easy to fall into the habit of only reading (or watching) one type of fiction. I’m guilty of that, mostly because there’s so little time to spend reading, I want to make sure I’m gonna love everything I read! But I’ve found if I stay with the tried and true, I may not be disappointed, but I probably won’t be wowed. (Melissa Marr’s MADE FOR YOU wowed me. I loved it so intensely!)

  • Fern Martin

    The Troubleshooters sounds like a really fun series to read. Let my 1-clicking begin!!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Ooh, start with THE UNSUNG HERO. (I’m one who has to start a series at the beginning.) Although, another good starting point is FLASHPOINT… (And thanks! Hope you enjoy it!)

      • Fern Martin

        Thank you for the recommendation. I like to start at the beginning of a series also.

        • Suzanne Brockmann

          Let me know what you think! 🙂

  • Karin Anderson

    So for your challenge, I’ll have to go Zombie. I don’t like the idea of Zombies, but I’ve heard good things about Diana Rowland’s White Trash Zombie series. Plus, I adore Gena Showalter, so I could try her White Rabbit Chronicles.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Zombies! Yes! You know, I did a similar thing years ago, after I “discovered” Joss Whedon via FIREFLY. After that show was cancelled, I squared my shoulders and gave BUFFY a try, despite my dislike of vampires. (My dislike was mild, but my husband’s was intense. One ep, and we were hooked!) 🙂

  • Amy Dudley

    I firmly believe in broadening to not only a different type of romance, but expanding outside the realms of romantic literature as well. There are a lot of pieces out there that will draw you in and have you envisioning every bit of the story just as much, and even may have a little bit of relationship issues within the stories as well. I was an avid mystery and horror reader until a little over a year ago and believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      I’m a long time fan of Robert B. Parker, but funny, speaking of writing outside one’s comfort zone, my absolute favorite of his books is/was DOUBLE PLAY, a book set after WWII, featuring Jackie Robinson and baseball! Go figure! 🙂

  • Patty Vasquez

    I used to love reading romantic suspense, but then as our world seemed to become more violent- or the ability to report about the violence became better- I found I needed to escape to different worlds. As a result I’ve become a reader of many different sub-genres: historical fiction, paranormal, urban, science fiction/fantasy, m/m, and steampunk. The one genre I haven’t read, and I decided I needed to investigate after reading the past several days’ essays, is contemporary romance. Totally outside my normal reading choice, but I clearly need to push myself there. The only problem is, whose book to try? There are so many great choices!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      My recommendation is Virginia Kantra! Try her Dare Island series, starting with CAROLINA HOME. Truly awesome!

      • Patty Vasquez

        Thank you for your recommendation. Right now I’m very stuck in my historicals, so I’ll really be taking a leap! 🙂

        • Suzanne Brockmann

          Virginia’s voice is lovely — very lyric. I think you’ll enjoy her books! (let me know what you think!)

  • Genny Moore

    Love both the TroubleShooters series and the new futuristic series!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Thanks! The YA paranormal, NIGHT SKY, that I cowrote with my daughter, Melanie, is set in the same world as BORN TO DARKNESS. 🙂

  • Martha B

    Thanks for the gentle “push” to get outside my comfort zone (romance genre) and try new authors and romance sub-genre. I have started doing that the past year. It has been an interesting experience. First, a new author voice, style and conflict resolution is like discovering a new dessert. Sometimes decadent, delicious and quite yummy (can I say that about books?)

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Absolutely! 🙂

  • Suzanne Brockmann

    Hi, everyone! I’ll be dropping by later to respond more thoroughly! I’ve been in the car for 28 hours straight from FL to MA — long story, I’ll explain when I’m not typing w one finger on my phone! But thanks for commenting and sharing my RARM blog post! , Suz Brockmann

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Sorry it took me so long to get on line! I’ve been airing out and dusting the house, and on three hours of sleep everything takes SO much longer!

  • Carrie

    I enjoy reading different sub-genres of romance and will read outside of romance, although admittedly not often. After I finished the last book I was reading I realized I hadn’t read a historical romance in awhile so that’s what I’m currently reading. I also started a straight suspense novel. It’s hard to read outside of romance where the happily ever after is not guaranteed.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      I feel you! But romance itself has so many different subgenres. (I’m a fan of regency era romances, myself. I love Carla Kelly!)

  • Patricia McMahon

    Hey, Suz. Glad you guys made it safely to MA. Just doing my bit here by saying that “Night Sky” (thanks for the ARC for my local YA librarian) kicks butt and takes names.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Whew. Yeah, we’re here. And thanks! Mel’s in the studio this week, recording the audiobook for NIGHT SKY and for the prequel short story, DANGEROUS DESTINY (aka How Skylar Met Calvin.) :-0) (The ebook will be available for a short time for a free download, starting at the end of August!) Yay!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      PS — I hope we’ll get to see you — we’re here in MA for a while…

  • Donna Steele

    Love having more Brockmann to read! Keep it up/

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Thanks, Donna! (Nice seeing you here!)

  • Kathleen O

    Romantic Suspense books are always on my tbr shelves.. Some of my favs are Cindy Gerard and Maya Banks.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Excellent recommendations! 🙂

  • Glittergirl

    Wonderful…I’ve not read much in this romance genre and I’ve been told by others that you are THE BEST ;-). Well if I win your book will be the first of yours (new author to me challenge) to read.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Terrific! (And thank you!)

  • Suzanne Brockmann

    Hello! Thank you for your patience! I am finally here to reply to posts and say hi!

    I should explain why I inconveniently ended up traveling on RARM blog day: Two weeks ago last Friday, one of my 7 yo schnauzers, Little Joe, had a sudden injury to her spinal cord when a disc that had been degenerating (unbeknownst to us!) herniated. She didn’t do anything unusual — it just went. She was running around, pretty much having a usual romp-filled morning. (She has a brother named Dexter, and they do love to play!) Fortunately we were home, and it must’ve hurt like crazy, because she came out toward my office to get me, but didn’t make it very far. I noticed that she was not her usual graceful self, and right before my eyes, she became completely paralyzed in her back legs.

    I thought stroke, and we grabbed her (and Dex) and zoomed to the vet, who correctly diagnosed it. With an hour of the event happening, Little Joe was having an MRI and going immediately into surgery. It was a very severe injury, and her recovery has been slow — but steady. I had to cancel my trip to RWA in San Antonio — and it was good that I did. Taking care of her, post-op, was a two-person, four-handed job.

    She’s got some movement (very slight) in her back right leg, and our vet believes she’s got “deep pain” in her left leg (we are not as convinced — the majority of the damage was to her left side). But she’s starting to relearn control of her bladder (a good thing, since she is mortified to have accidents inside of the house!) and we’re moving into a heavy-duty PT period. She REALLY wants to be mobile again.

    Anyway, the injury (and surgery) happened while we were in Florida — our plan was to come back from RWA and zoom north to our place in Massachusetts (where the heat isn’t a million degrees and the humidity isn’t a billion percent), but we delayed and delayed and delayed. I wanted to stay in FL, near the vet who performed the surgery until she was out of the woods, and then until she got her urinary catheter out…

    But Ed’s been desperate to get out of the heat (one of the things he’s been doing is making hourly trips outside, for her to pee, and in FL, it’s a sweat-fest) so when we finally felt she was able to travel (in a crate in the car, with frequent bathroom stops and a baby diaper to protect her from wetting her crate), we had to get in the car and go.

    So apologies for that — thanks to Bobbi, too, for being so understanding!

  • Toni Linenberger

    You give a good reminder – we often need to step outside our comfort zone. I don’t do that as often as I should. Do you know about the BookRiot quarterly box? That might push me out of my comfort zone if I ever stopped to read the books they send.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Hi, Toni! Nice to see you here! I don’t know about BookRiot — thanks for the rec!

  • Eileen Aberman-Wells

    You gave a good reminder to step out of our comfort zone. I pushed my daughter to do thisall the time, but not with books. I used to read only historical or regency books. Then I stopped reading my books for a few years due to the demands of raising 4 kids & teaching high school full time – yes at the same time. When I got back into reading for myself I started with comtemporaries. My daughter got me back into historicals & Cathie Linz got me to try her Cat Devon series of funny vampires. I know there are more out there for me, so I need to keep looking. Thank you for reminding us.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      In your comfort zone, you might want to check out Carla Kelly, if you haven’t yet found her books. I ***love*** her regencies. She’s a military historian, and she can write a military hero like no one else! 🙂

  • Meredith Richardson

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us and having the courage to follow your dream!!

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Hannah B

    Hi Suzanne, I hope that your schnauzer is recovering. I enjoyed your post and look forward to reading Night Sky. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      She is doing really well, thank you! Very frustrated about her inability to get around — but that’s going to motivate her to regain use of her back legs! 🙂

  • Brittany Hill

    Hi Suzanne, I love reading contemporary romance. I recently decided to travel outside my “comfort zone” to read a military romance and to my surprise I actually enjoyed the book. I guess it really helps every once in a while to travel outside our favorite place to see what else is out there that we might like.

    • Suzanne Brockmann

      Absolutely, Brittany!

  • Pamby50

    Hi Suzanne, I first read Into The Night when I was in a book club. Since then I have become an avid fan. Stepping outside my comfort zone was easy. When I was sick my years ago, I told them to bring me romance novels. Which ones they asked. I said surprise me. They went to the library and asked the librarian what they would recommend. They asked the same question, which kind. They told her to surprise them.

  • Christina Callahan

    Came across your books at the library. Was in love with them by the end of the first chapter!

  • Emmel

    I love the idea of reading a romance that’s a bit out of your comfort zone. What a great challenge for readers of any ilk!

  • donnas

    I fall into the trap so much of only reading one or two genres. I did just reach out of it and read a historical. But going outside my preferred genres is few and far between


    I am a fan. Love the cover of your book

  • Glenda

    I try really hard not to be stuck in reading the same types of books all the time but I do find myself heading for my historicals most often. 😀 Thanks for a great post.

  • Kathryn Trask

    Love the different ideas for reading. The part of the post I like every day, are the recommendations for other authors. Love your books.

  • Lorelei’s Lit Lair

    Yes, I have jumped into the other genres, it depends the mood I’m in for that day. I started with paranormal, then found I’m more of a contemporary romance fan. I’m trying the historical ones now. Watching Downton Abbey helped me appreciate them a little better. 😉 I’m a big fan of yours, Suzanne! Thanks for Joe Cat, and the whole gang. 😉

  • Mj

    Big fan of yours, love the books you have written and now to find out you have done a movie, wow. It will be added to my watch list definitely.

  • Jen C

    Great addition to RARM! LOVE your books fyi! And I do read a variety, and often outside my comfort zone. All within romance, but I do feel like I “get around” — your books (never thought I’d like military-themed stories), Black Dagger Brotherhood (was skeptical about vampires, but had read the Fallen Angels and liked Ward’s storytelling), Virgin River series, Fifty Shades series (usually avoid “billionaire and the virgin” stories), Shalvis/Higgans/Mallery contemporary comedies, Hoyt’s stories, and most recently the Outlander series.

  • rebecca moe

    I’ve been trying to read at least a few books outside my comfort zone each year–and found some gems in the process. The internet definitely helps–seriously, how did we survive without it? 😉

    I’m really looking forward to Melissa Marr’s book–so jealous you got to read it already!

  • LisaVH

    I whole heartedly agree with you. Reading is about escaping my own reality and trying on someone else’s. I picked up the Tall, Dark and Deadly and then the troubleshooter’s series. I loved them both and I couldn’t get to the next one fast enough. I had never read military based fiction before and had no idea how much I liked it.

  • Ann Mettert

    I’m not very adventurous. Sometimes I think I want to be, then, practicality raises it’s ugly head and talks me out of it. 😀

  • Stephanie M.

    I always love reading everything you write. Thank you for reassuring me that I can read something in a different genre and still go back to my comfort zone in romance. You are amazing and I hope to meet you some day. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Have you ever thought about writing a historical novel? (Wait, you haven’t, have you . . . other than the WWII subplots in some of your books? ) If you had all the time in the world, what other genre/type of book would you like to try your hand at?

  • Laura T

    Hi Suz! I am so excited to read your new book with your daughter and explore another genre. I haven’t read YA since Laurell K. Hamilton’s very first Anita Blake book that was shelved in YA at my library.

  • Thank you, Suzanne, for your words! And I have to admit that you are outside of my comfort zone (for the military/supense part!), so I think that…I’ll try your books! I have translated your essay here, because I found your words inspiring!

  • Carole Fiore

    I liked reading your blog, I like to read your new book, I just started reading a book about bikers and never thought I would enjoy it all the much, couldn’t put it down and now I’m waiting to red the 2nd book in the series!

  • Sheila M

    The best part of reading is learning about worlds and people who aren’t like me. I agree with you about reading different genres especially ones that challenge — found some of my favorites that way.

  • Briana Hammonds

    I’m going to take your advice and branch out into something I already mentally crossed off. Here’s to hoping it leads to new worlds and new loved books!

  • Judith Solomon Kennedy

    I just finished Do or Die, and liked the book, Ian, Phoebe and the rest, however kept me turning pages..Been a long time fan and read all your books

  • mariannewestrich

    I think the comfort reads act like sorbet for me. I cleanse my pallet and am ready to tackle a more difficult course … or a book that might be a challenge.

  • Britt

    I’m a long time fan of and so is my mom and sister! We all try to get the hands on the newest book and read it before the others. I read all over the place already but I will definitely jump into this challenge, I love to push myself out of my comfort zone! thanks for the Made for you recommendation I’ve added it to my book list! Can’t wait for night sky!

  • Erlinda Mejia

    I absolutely love your work! I’ve read it all and look forward to each new one. The Troubleshooters are like old friends. My first Suzanne Brockmann was Tom Paoletti’ s story. As a history buff I enjoy the historical portions of your books very much. But I must say getting to know Jules and Robin is one of the best things ever. THANK YOU for sharing your talent and wonderful stories with us!

  • Kortney

    Love Suzanne’s books. Can’t wait to read her newest book!

  • Erin F

    Suzanne’s books are what got me back into reading romance!!! Thanks for sharing such a fun post!

  • librarypat

    Fan girl moment. I so enjoyed your SEAL series. I was working at a library at the time. After finding that first one, made sure we had every back list title and every new book was preordered. I waited impatiently to see what would happen to the team members next.
    I like your suggestion for readers to read outside their normal romance sub-genre. I have tried them all. I have found a few I will not be revisiting, but for the most part, I have enjoyed them all. Strong characters and well written stories are everywhere to be enjoyed. Thank you for adding to the selections.
    Patricia on rafflecopter.

  • Ruth

    Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series is one my favorites. Thanks for the sharing your insights.

  • Kristen Kocher

    With so many books out there, it is definitely tough to decide what to read next!

  • Mel

    I love books about the military especially Para rescue Jumpers(PJ) Navy Seals and Marine recon. Suzanne’s books about the troubleshooters was a great follow up to what happens when they leave the military. I always want to see what happens. My friends and I have had great talks about these books.I have a cousin who reads thrillers so I am reading one from her favorite categories and authors but still like my romance and suspense.

  • Anne

    Thank you for your wonderful essay. I will try your suggestion to stretch my reading genres.

  • flchen1

    Great reminder to stretch ourselves, Suzanne! As you said, it’s how we grow as people and readers, and sometimes, we are delighted to discover new things about ourselves as well!

  • Jaymy M

    With a teenager at home, a guy that’s in emergency services and a high stress fast-paced job, in what little downtime I have I’m constantly searching for an escape… something that completely takes me out of my comfort zone.

    Oh, I have my fave author’s I’d follow to the ends of the universe and back in print. But, I’ve noticed that several write in more than one genre. Which shows they too like to try on someone else’s skin for a while too.

    Which is great since I read in multiple genres. If personal bookshelves reflect the readers’ personality, I’d definitely be schizophrenic! (And yes, your SEALs have a shelf all their own) Sometimes I’m looking for fluff, quick reads I don’t have to really think about. Others, I just want something hot. Most often, I just want to escape … with strong characters forged through trials that break others, plat and character development.

    If you can make me feel … really feel… happy, heartbroken, despondent, desperate, tempted, good and pissed off, refreshed, informed, crazy, optimistic, afraid, fearful, titillated, tempted, persuaded, naughty, energized, aware, excited …. alive I’m all in. If the book does so while keeping me guessing or not quite sure of the ending until the last page or two , even better. Books that are well constructed, well edited, fresh (even if a similar situation to other books) go right to the top of the list.

  • Debbie Kitzke

    Love these giveaways

  • WinnieP

    I’m looking forward to the books written with your daughter

  • Judy Goodnight

    I read from a wide variety of genres/sub-genres, but I’m definitely going to challenge myself with some new-to-me authors & their books.