Emma Holly – Day 12 – A New Feast for Romance Fans

Are You Ready to Pull Up A Chair?

A rich, wonderful, crazy feast has been laid out for today’s romance readers. Never has so much been available to so many for so little dinero! If you own an e-reader and speak the English language, there isn’t much you can’t find in the literary BookCoverPreviewdjinncyber-verse.

Want to keep reading the authors who made you fall in love with romance? The Nora Roberts, the Christina Dodds, the Julia Quinns? Never mind trekking to the bookstore. You can buy their latest stuff at 2 a.m. at home in your p.j.’s. Oh, and you can get their backlist too. You know, the paperbacks you read until the pages fell out. You don’t have to wait for their publishers to reprint them either. Authors are putting their old classics out in digital format. They’re becoming publishers themselves.

But maybe you want to try something and someone new. That’s easier than it’s ever been too. The perennially popular romance genre is well represented by the independent publishing movement. You want sweet? It’s there. You want spicy? You want billionaires? You want monsters, rockers, SEALS, big heroines, little heroines, heroines of every possible age or ethnic background getting it on with men who do or don’t have tattoos? Threesomes float your boat? Sport stars? Fanfic inspired by your favorite TV show? Search and ye shall find. In fact, quite possibly you’ll find it at the rock bottom price of “free.”

People from all walks of life are mustering up the courage to tell the romantic stories that matter to them. No publisher is BookCoverPreviewdjinn-backtelling them to be anyone except who they are. They can choose the settings, the characters, and the conflicts that move them. The results are exciting and cool and weird and—ultimately—inspiring. Romance has never been as vital and varied as it is right now . . . unless you compare it to how vital and varied it’s bound to be tomorrow.

The sheer volume of offerings can be overwhelming, but I know I prefer too much choice to too little. You can sample to your heart’s content in this new publishing reality. Finding new favorites is worth a little investment of your time. I hope you’ll sample my books if they seem like they’d appeal, but I wish you the joy of pulling your chair up to the table regardless.

The romance writers of today are laying out this feast for you!


I’m going to recommend Dune by Frank Herbert, since I’m re-reading it right now. It’s science fiction (awesome science fiction!) but there’s something of a romance in it.

Also Bound by Deception by Ava March, a Regency-set male/male erotic romance. Currently, I’m enjoying Torch Ginger, the second in the Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal. That’s a mystery with romantic elements. (You can read Toby’s RARM content here.) What can I say? I like mixing it up!

Questions for the Author:

Describe the most daring, adventurous or inspiring thing you ever did.

Going indie was probably one of the more daring things I’ve done. It seemed like I had to do it. My traditional publishing career had become too frustrating to me. One morning I thought to myself, “I can’t write one more word for these folks; I’d rather give up writing altogether.” I told my agent that very day. Though I was nervous, I’ve never regretted my decision. I love being the captain of my own ship!

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. (How did you decide to get started? Did you always know or was there a specific moment when you

I’m pretty sure I’ve always been a writer. I certainly lived in my head a lot as a kid. Deciding to tell stories for a living was probably inevitable.

Tell us about The (or A) Book That Changed Your Life. (Why?)

I’ve got a list of books that especially fired my imagination, books that made me want to affect other people the way they affected me. The Andrew Lang colored fairy tale series. Anne McCaffrey’s dragon books. Pretty much the whole early Anne Rice books, including her “Sleeping Beauty” erotica. Dune by Frank Herbert. Susan Johnson’s historical romances (footnotes!) There are probably more, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

Emma is generously offering 2 signed copies of TALES OF THE DJINN: The Guardian. U.S. readers only, entry form below (apologies to international readers).

EmmaEmma Holly is the award winning, USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty romantic books, featuring shapeshifters, demons, faeries and just plain extraordinary ordinary folks. She loves the hot stuff, both to read and to write.

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  • storywitch

    Emma, I remember all of us devouring Dune and the Anne McCaffrey dragons in my junior high/high school days. Loved those books. And I admit I still kind of like the not so wonderfully done movie with Kyle (wink).
    The relationship between Anne’s dragons and their riders captured my character-driven nature immediately and am sure inspired my own work as well. Great choices! And loved the post. You’re right – there’s so much more out there for romance readers, and I’m glad you expanded your own horizons by going the indie route. The more we have of you, the better!

    • EmmaHolly

      Dune (the movie) was full of cheesy goodness – no reflection on Kyle, of course *g*

      • storywitch

        You’re right! I actually have it on DVD (whispers). ;>

  • LisaVH

    My ipad has opened up a whole new world of reading for me. I have never read as much as any point in my life than I do now that I have immediate access to both reviews, recommendations and digital books.

    • EmmaHolly

      Virtual browsing has gotten pretty fun!

  • Felicia M. Ciaudelli

    Thanks to a high school friend of mine, I inherited her extra Kindle – thanks Pam – it’s one of the more basic ones, but I most certainly am NOT complaining – I LOVE it – even more access to recommendations and therefore easier to find new-for-me authors!

  • rebecca moe

    I love having instant access to the books I want to read–it’s so convenient (and dangerous to my wallet!), though I kind of miss the excitement of going into a bookstore on the first day of release (sometimes at midnight) to be one of the first people to pick up the new book…

    I love having so many choices, though, and being able to get older books without having to do extensive internet searches…though sometimes I miss that too. 🙂

    • EmmaHolly

      LOL. Everybody loves a challenge 🙂

  • Patty Vasquez

    Sometimes buying those books digitally is a little bit too easy; my TBR pile is more like a small island even though it’s contained within my ereader!

    • EmmaHolly


  • Courtney Cogswell

    I completely agree with some of the other comments below…buying ebooks is crazy easy and my to be read list has never been longer. I love that I can fulfill my reading addiction from the privacy of my own home while still in my comfy otter print PJs 🙂 Fun essay and I look forward to reading your books. Kudos on making the jump to indie…I’ve found a lot of great authors outside of the traditional publishing houses in the last few years!

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks, Courtney!

  • BookLady

    E-readers certainly are convenient. The only problem is finding enough time to read all the wonderful new books I have added to my TBR pile. Books by Anne McCaffrey, Anne Rice, and Frank Herbert are some of my old favorites.

  • Gina Burgos

    Great to have you here Emma!

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks for coming, Gina!

  • Linnea Bassin

    I have way too many TBR books also. It is kind of crazy, I discover a new author and try to read everything from them. It is not easy to do.

    • EmmaHolly

      Well, it’s better to have too much to read than nothing at all! 🙂

  • Debbie Fuller

    I love your books

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks, Debbie!

  • Larisa Keeffe

    I love that I share a birthday with you! Happy early birthday and I am very excited to read your next book. 🙂

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks, much! HBD to you too 🙂

  • Sue G.

    It seems most of the authors who go indie are really enjoying it. As I reader I enjoy how much quicker they release their books! Thanks…nice writeup.

  • Martha Lawton

    By the authors taking chances we have been able to reap the benefits. Thank you

  • Glittergirl

    I’m not entering your drawing because I joyfully have the book already…one of your LOYAL followers. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents and let everyone know how AWESOME Emma’s books. I savor each and every one of them! THANK YOU Emma for all the hours of reading joy!

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks, Glittergirl!

  • Emmel

    Yes, Dune does have a romance! I always found the decision that Paul had to make at the end about marriage really fascinating. And right with you on loving the Lang fairy books and the Pern series!

  • Cindy A

    I’ve always found strong heroines in SF. I loved that genre before I came to romance. Anne McCaffrey’s Planet Pirates series.

  • Eileen Aberman-Wells

    I enjoyed your post. You are a new to me author & I love how RARM encourages for that to happen. I do love strong heroines especially since I was sucha shy child.

  • Thank you so much for being here, Emma! I am truly honored to have you at RARM. xo

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks for having me, Bobbi!

  • Stephanie M.

    I love your post today. I’ve been one to buy books in my pjs at 2am. 🙂

  • Marcy Cordova

    I love ebooks because I can read my romance novels in public without having to be embarrassed by the bodice-ripping covers! Plus I’m a big fan of series, so I love being able to start the next book immediately instead of waiting until I can drive an hour to the nearest book store. 🙂

    • EmmaHolly


  • Sheila M

    Ebooks have changed how I read. I am more likely to experiment with new authors because I don’t have to wait until I get to the bookstore to find a book. In addition, there is so much available now. Free books, dramatically reduced prices, and samples have introduced me to authors that I never would have considered reading before.

  • Marisella

    Science fiction and fantasy are such great genres, seems to me that some of the most creative minds play there. ;). I pretty much love everything you’ve written, and am reallllly looking forward to the guardian

    • EmmaHolly

      Thanks, Marisella. I hope you enjoy it!

  • donnas

    Mixing it up is totally the way to go!

  • Joan Varner

    My reading eclectic and that is the way that I love. I read scifi fantasy, scifi (Andre Norton is one of the best), romance, cozy mysteries and romantic suspense. Thanks to my Kindle and the internet I can try all types of genres and new authors in all of the genres. I look forward to reading one your books now.

  • mariannewestrich

    Love the fact that I can download a book anytime, anywhere. It’s definitely made reading much more accessible! 😎

  • Glenda

    I think Anne Rice’s vampires are still my favorite fictional vamps. Granted, I did suffer overload for awhile there. I need to get back and read some of the more recent author’s vampires.

  • Jen C

    I love the variety and ease of availability!

  • Elise-Maria Barton

    The advent of ebooks has brought to light the truth of what I’ve always been~ a book hoarder! And the choice available… so many tropes and sub genres… I’m in 1-click heaven these days! Thanks for a great interview Emma 🙂

  • Pamby50

    I am so glad about new technology. I am up most nights in pain, so yes I am one click away from reading any kind of book I want. Have met many new authors & what I like about read-a-romance month, is that I am being introduced to many authors I used to read. The last book I read by you was All U can Eat. So I need to catch up.

  • Erin F

    Ann McCaffrey’s Harper Hall Trilogy was one of the books that I read a preteen that I caught the “romance bug” 🙂 Menolly and Sebell!!!! their romance melted my 13 year old heart.

  • Cindy from TX

    I will never forget the first time I read Annne McCaffrey’s books in middle school. My 8th grade teacher told me about them and I am so glad I listened. The best thing is that I have now introduced her books to my children and they love her as much as I do. 🙂

  • Cindy Bailey

    I love the sex book that Emma Holly puts out, especially the Demon world!