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Romance – Instruments of Beauty & Joy

When my son was 2 years-old he was hospitalized. Forced to sell our home, my husband and I left my family behind, and moved to a one bedroom apartment in the heart of a Christi Caldwell ForLoveofDukeharsh Connecticut winter. It was one of the snowiest, coldest winters in years, I was told. Great. Just great. Everything was so cold and dreary and difficult, so why not the weather too?  I have this vivid memory that remains with me of bundling my son up in the frigid weather and driving to all the local bookstores and grocery stores in search of Alexandra Hawkins’ then latest book, “All Night With a Rogue”. You would have thought I was hunting the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow, and yet for me, it might as well have been.

I am the mother of a child with special needs. I want to preface this post by saying my life is a good one. I love everything about my life and I would never change it. And it’s only through years of earning pitying looks or being offered sympathetic words I even offer that. That said, being the parent of a child with special needs is not always, perhaps ever, easy. As the mother of a child with Down syndrome, a good portion of my life is spent traveling to therapies, specialists, and various doctors.

It involves more patience than I ever knew I’d been blessed with. Through the joy I Christi Caldwell ForeverBetrothedknow in being the mother to this wonderfully special, courageous boy there is also much heartache that goes with that. The spoken words you crave to hear from your child’s lips. The birthday parties and playdates that you and your child never get invited to or on. Oftentimes, the life of a special needs parent is a lonely one. Of course, I’m blessed with a wonderful partner on this journey I’m on, in my husband. And yet, this life is one of extreme realness and struggle.

So many times, I’ve been asked ‘why do you read ‘that’. That as in romance novels. Spoken in such a way that it is as though a person is embarrassed to so much as mention the words romance and novels in the same thought. The answer I have now as a woman, different than the girl of thirteen who first began reading them, is that they make me happy. They provide an escape through heroes and heroines who are not unlike each of us; ultimately craving and fighting for their love and happiness. And life is hard enough, so that a world where happily ever after is always guaranteed, is a world I want to be part of.

For me, that is what makes the romance novel such an instrument of beauty and joy. On those pages I read and now write, I craft these broken worlds of people who struggle and deserve a happily ever after. And in those writings, I find my joy. I find my great escape. I find a whole world that exists where life can be hard, and struggles great, but ultimately love and happiness triumph.

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you experienced sheer joy. 

After having been told I’d likely never conceive and then going on to years of fertility treatments, I Christibecame pregnant. A few hours after I gave birth to my son, my doctor came in and said those words that at the time shattered my world: “There have been concerns raised that your baby might have Down syndrome.” That suspicion was confirmed four days later through a karyotype screening.

Fighting through fear and sadness, I came out on the other side to find the meaning of true happiness. It wasn’t until I came to know my son that I discovered, joy isn’t about what we have, or where we go, or fame, or anything of the material. Joy is in those simple moments I’d taken for granted before him. Joy is hearing him call you “Mama” after two years of wondering if your child will ever speak. Joy is seeing the fruition of countless therapies result in those tiny, first faltering steps into my arms. And the best part is through each milestone and accomplishment I would have once taken for granted, I experience true, uninterrupted joy every day.

Tell us about a place that brings you joy, or is attached to a memory of joy.

Most people hate doctors’ office. I hate most of them. But there is one particular room in one particular office forever attached to the memory of joy. After my son was born, my husband and I warriored on through ten more, excruciating rounds of IVF. At the 9th round, my doctor sat us down and told us it was time to put our ‘dream’ to rest. He would do a tenth and final round. That was our goodbye. And of courseChristi's twins that was our miracle.

But the journey didn’t stop…because when you are an IVF patient, you have labs and ultrasounds. I will always recall sitting in the doctor’s office on that June day. My doctor was late. Very late. More than an hour late. That wait was agony. Another doctor in the practice took mercy on my husband and me. He brought us into a too small room for an ultrasound. He stopped midway through and looked at us with this slow, happy smile. I’ll forever remember the moment he held up two fingers in a V sign. Two babies. My twins. ☺

Tell us about a sound that brings you joy.

As I mentioned…with my son, things don’t come to him the way they do a ‘typical’ child. For the first year of his life, I didn’t think I would ever hear him speak. And I knew from friends in my support network, that some children with Down syndrome did not.

The year he turned 1, he was still not babbling. Not a single consonant. And I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I didn’t think about it every day. Worry about it. Hunger to hear the hint of a word from him. Then,  precisely one year and one day to the date of his birth, my husband and I were lying in bed…it was 5:30 am, a sound came through the crackle and occasional beep of our monitor. “MamaDadaBabaMamaBabaDada”. Who knew babbling consonants could be more beautiful than any other sound? It was the sweetest song I could have myself never have written. In that moment, I slid my eyes closed and just knew joy.

What recent book have you read that brought you joy. (Or a book you read in your life that brought you so much joy you’ve never forgotten it.) Why?

I was a rather lonely girl. Those voids of friendships were filled with the pages of books. When I was fifteen, I discovered Julie Garwood. More specifically, Julie Garwood’s “The Secret”. The moment her two fictional heroines, Judith and Frances Catherine met as children in the prologue, I was hooked. Fortunately, it was during my summer vacation. I devoured the pages of that book; a story about friendship that defied politics and history, where these brave women then ultimately each found happiness and love with wonderful heroes. In fact, I read it straight through in one night; finished it as morning was breaking. I remember closing the book and running my palms over it…and knowing that someday I would write.

And for fun, the joy of choice ~

Pick your Chris! Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Rock, Chris Evans or Christopher Plummer (circ. 1964 aka Capt. Von Trapp?) – trying for a little diversity! ;o)

Chris Pratt please!! ☺

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Christi Caldwell USA TODAY Bestselling author CHRISTI CALDWELL blames Judith McNaught’s “Whitney, My Love!” for luring her into the world of historical romance. While sitting in her graduate school apartment at the University of Connecticut, Christi decided to set aside her notes and pick up her laptop to try her hand at romance. She believes the most perfect heroes and heroines have imperfections, and she rather enjoys torturing them before crafting them a well deserved happily ever after! 

Christi makes her home in southern Connecticut where she spends her time writing her own enchanting historical romances, chasing around her feisty six-year-old son and caring for her twin princesses in training!

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    • Christi Caldwell

      I wish you so much luck on your journey. It is never one I imagined I’d have to make, but at some point, it makes sense, even when you think it never can. The middle names of my two girls are actually: Faith and Hope. : ) Please feel free to find me on Facebook, if you ever wish to connect! Wishing you all the best, Jennifer!

      • Jennifer C

        Thank you SO much, Christi! I love your daughter’s middle names. So perfect!

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    I am so glad our paths crossed, as well.Thank you for the beautiful words. And I wanted to say, I love always hearing your thoughts on my heroes and heroines! Hugs and Love to you!!

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    And Rory is a quite extronary little man . Love the pic of Riley at her birthday when you said she was a wallflower and she’s never one. And in her pirate hat

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      : ) He is a warrior and has been since birth! Thank you for seeing that!

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    such a touching and emotional story, you brought tears to my eyes , if we had more people out there like you , we would have a better world ,kisses for ROARY AND THE GIRLS , SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY,

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      I am touched by your tears. Thank you for the incredibly gracious words about me and the kind thoughts for my family. Much love to you!

      • Sharon Frizell

        love seeing pictures of Rory and the twins they are adorable , can’t wait untill my first granddaughter is born , another month and she will be here

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    I wish you peace, beauty, and happiness on your own journey. It is not an easy one, but it makes us stronger. All my best…and thank you for the kind words! Huge hugs!

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    • Christi Caldwell

      Thank you for the wonderful words about me and my children, Amy. And thank you so much for sharing about your son’s syndrome. You are also a strong, blessed mother! Huge hugs!!

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      I am so happy you found that first book of mine and found me! I love your love of romance novels….and can’t tell you how much I love hearing from you after you read one of my stories! Meeting you at RWA was one of my highlights! And I am so humbled that you’d liken reading my books to reading “The Secret”! Much love to you!

      • Rhonda Jones

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      Beth!! LOL What were the chances of that?? I looked at your badge and had that ‘I-know-her’ moment! I’m so happy to have met you at RWA that afternoon!! Huge hugs! (And I can’t wait for your post tomorrow!)

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    I “found” Christi while attending an on line book release party… and I have not regretted shouting out hello to her. I LOVE Forever Betrothed, Never a Bride.. fell in love with a supporting character and demanded he have his own story.. little did I know…the words were already running around in her head as the characters screamed to be let out. I have read each and every story Christi has shared with us. I have laughed, cried and watched as an Author has grown into an adept storyteller. Now I wait (im)patiently awaiting the next story. She has shared some personal tidbits with us, including trials and triumphs with her children. She is a genuine person, with a genuine love for family and the written word.

    • Christi Caldwell

      I am so incredibly touched by your post, your words, and support. As you probably know, a lot of my heart goes into each story. And it means so much that you want to share in all of those tales, and the tales of my family! I feel so, so blessed we met all those months ago! Much love to you, Debra!!

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    Julie Garwood was my “first,” too! She got me hooked with “Saving Grace” when I was in college. Love her and loved your post. Keep looking for that joy in romance!

    • Christi Caldwell

      Julie Garwood is a master storyteller, isn’t she Christyna? Thank you for the lovely comments on my post!

  • Brenda Hunt

    I knew most of your story and it still amazes me your strenght in all of it. I understand your need to escape to that world where yes there are hardships to overcome but your in control and can bring that happily ever after for them. I love your books, your imperfect hero and heroine, for who among us are perfect. Thank you your friendship and your books, a place where all who read you can escape.

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      You are always so beautiful! Thank you so, so much! Huge hugs to you!

  • Patty Vasquez

    In my classroom every day presents new and different challenges and often very difficult ones. Going home to the evening news can be even more distressing. I tell my co-workers I read romance because I’m guaranteed a happy ending, something to keep me going when the real world becomes just too much. A few hours of love and hope can go a long way toward making things right again.

    • Christi Caldwell

      So beautifully said, Patty!! Before I wrote, I taught. So many of my students struggled in ways that no one should ever struggle. Love and hope certainly do go a long way!!

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      Thank you for commenting, Barbara! I’ve long been a lover of historical romance! Do you read other genres, as well?

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      Thank you so, so much Sharlene!! I am like you, and have been since I was thirteen…I want my stories with an HEA! As I said, life is hard enough…I like to find joy within the pages of my books!

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    • Christi Caldwell

      I applaud your pride and convictions! That is so admirable. (And thank you for the kind words about my little ones and for following our daily going-ons!) : ) Huge hugs to you, Angela!

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    • Christi Caldwell

      Thank you so very much. It was a journey to find my inner joy. And I did have to emerge from a lot of sadness, fear, and anger to get to where I am. I often say that writing helped me heal and strengthened me. Thank you for your warm wishes! Huge hugs

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    • Christi Caldwell

      Awww, I’m so glad my wee one posts make you smile!! I certainly smile every day because of them! And your librarians sound amazing!! What is/was your favorite Julie Garwood book, Crystal?

      • Crystal

        Ohhh I just love all of her historical’s so much but I would have to pick The Prize , I just loved the part where she picks Royce and he is so surprised! And For the Roses , was totally hooked when the boys found the little baby! Ohh and the books with the “brothers” …….. ok lol I’m just back to I love all of her historicals 🙂

        • Christi Caldwell

          Great picks!! I loved The Gift! That is another one that’s stayed with me!!

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      Thank you so much for saying that, Michele!! I always love chatting with you on FB! : )

  • Karen

    Hello Christi! I’m a fan who finds joy in Christi’s books. I’m always happy to hear about her three beautiful children as well. Thank goodness Christi found her joy in life. In doing so, she has blessed her readers with a bit of that joy too.

    • Christi Caldwell

      That is so beautiful, Karen. Thank you. It means so much knowing that you find joy in my books and my family! Much love to you!

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    • Christi Caldwell

      Thank you so much, K! : ) And I love that we share a love of “Whitney, my Love!” (Say that ten times fast!)

  • Eileen Aberman-Wells

    Thank you for sharing your story. When my sister complained about having only 1 child when I had 4, I told her that G-d only gives us what we can handle. So on those hard days, remember you were chosen to parent a special needs child. I use romance books to escape the demands of my life and thank you for writing books to support that habit of mine.

    • Christi Caldwell

      I think you are right. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle…and I always say he knew exactly what I needed when he gave me my son. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Heather Doyle

    Love see your pictures and family moments. You are a fantastic author and I am so glad I found your stories. That are absolutely amazing and so heartfelt. 🙂

    • Christi Caldwell

      Heather, I am so happy we’ve connected! Thank you for the beautiful words about my stories and my family! Much love!

  • Sandy Xiong

    I have a lot of nieces and nephews and being around them makes me so happy. I’m on my way to being a teacher because I enjoy being around children but for the past year and so, I’ve been thinking about changing to a special ed teacher. From how I view it, there is more joy and happiness when it comes to teaching special ed students as they are always happy.

    • Christi Caldwell

      I wish you all the best in your journey as a future teacher..and I deeply admire those teachers/special educators who work with my child and his friends. I worked as a collaborative teacher for many years before my son was born and had a great appreciation like you for all students! Thank you for sharing!

  • Janice Beckett

    Christi: You’re one of my favorite authors and a incredible person. I love your books because they feature men and women who find love and joy despite major life traumas. The triumph of love over tragedy is a powerful message we all need once in awhile. Your life story reflects that many times over.

    • Christi Caldwell

      You are so wonderfully kind to say that. With all the amazing authors out there, it is such an honor to know I am one of your favorites. I love what you’ve said…about the triumph of love over tragedy…because I think those tragedies shape us and define us! Thank you for seeing it in my stories! Huge hugs!

  • Debbie_K

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    • Christi Caldwell

      Lovely connecting at RARM! : )

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