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The Joy of Courtship, The Secret of Forever

In grade school my chum demonstrated the basics of life to me with Barbie and Ken Little girl with booksdolls, then followed up with a copy of The Joy of Sex (because I, of course, didn’t believe her, and she was determined to prove she wasn’t lying). Quite a memorable afternoon, that one. So when I discovered Read-A-Romance-Month’s theme was the Joy of Romance, well, my mind did an instantaneous word association and took a swift flight back to those incredulous moments when I huddled over The Joy of Sex with my chum, reeling with disgust, positive that my parents had never done that!

Now, I will be the first to concede that if romance and sex could be classified within a taxonomy rank, they might be of the same species, genus and family, but they are decidedly not of the same class. Not by a long shot. In the right circumstances, they both bring joy. They both produce a delicious physiological reaction. And they both induce intimacy. But sex is a perk, an instant gratification kind of thing. Romance lasts a lifetime.

What makes it last a lifetime? A lot of work, that’s what. Not at first, of course. That’s RARM-Gist_Courting Couplewhy I love to write about the courtship process in my books. Courting is so fresh and exciting and full of polka dots and moonbeams. That weightlessness in the tummy. The chills when your hands brush accidentally. The gravitational pull that latches on like an undertow and drags you in no matter how much you fight it.

Turning that joy into a true happily ever after, though, requires deliberate choices. A whole slew of them. Last year my parents celebrated sixty-two years of marriage. So when I was writing a scene in my latest release, Tiffany Girl, where an elderly character was, with some authority, to reveal the secret of a happy marriage, I called my dad and asked him what the secret was. He didn’t even hesitate with his answer.

“It’s when your spouse loves you more than he loves himself.”

I hung up the phone and sat in silence for a long time after that. So simple, and so TG_final-400complex. 

With that, I raise my glass and give a toast to the Joy of Romance, along with a pledge to love my spouse more than I love myself … and to show it in all the ways that count. Including a few I learned that long ago day hiding in my school chum’s closet with a flashlight, burrowed between the hanging clothes and wondering at all that life had in store.

Deeanne recommends:

In no particular order:

My I-buy-without-reading-the-blurb author is Pamela Morsi ( If she writes it, I love it.

An up and coming author to keep your eye on is Kellie Coates Gilbert  ( ). Her heroines are smart, savvy and not to messed with. Her IHATF Cover_FINALlatest two titles have incorporated much more romance, which I love.

I’ve been told I’m an adrenaline junkie. I like the Bourne movies. I’ve binge-watched every season of 24. And I love, love, love romantic suspense. I just discovered an A-MAZ-ING suspense series, The Associates, by Carolyn Crane ( Now, I feel like I have to give a disclaimer here because my reading tastes are very broad and vary greatly from what my readership would probably deem appropriate. So if you’re one of my readers, beware: some very steamy content in Ms. Crane’s books. But if you don’t mind that kind of thing, the suspense is fantastic, the plot lines fresh, the heroes wonderfully unique.

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you experienced sheer joy. 

I experienced sheer joy when that last kid got on the school bus. Of course, all the other RARM-Gist_Question1mothers were crying. But me? I did cartwheels all the way down the street (once the bus was out of sight and the kids couldn’t see me, of course). Why? Because I’d birthed four babies in four years. Think about that. Multiple cribs. Multiple car seats. Multiple kids in diapers. Double-decker strollers. And never a moment of peace. Until that very moment. Ah, what a slice of heaven it was.

Now, they’re grown and are spread out all over the country and I experience sheer joy when they are all underneath this roof. One of the great ironies of life, right?

Tell us about a place that brings you joy, or is attached to a memory of joy.

We don’t have four seasons in Houston. Only two. Everything is either green or brown. Either ridiculously hot or rainy and cold. So my fondest memories are the ones of me sitting on a porch, sharing a cup of coffee with my man, in a temperate climate, while overlooking fall colors and a beautiful lake. Pure, unadulterated joy. And guess what? We bought a slice of property in South Carolina and plan to build us a porch (and a house to go with it) overlooking beautiful trees and a lake. Can. Not. Wait.

Tell us about a sound that brings you joy.

Songs do this for me. Most especially patriotic songs and certain hymns. I cannot get through God Bless America or The Star Spangled Banner without being so overcome with emotion that I have to lip sync the ending because no sound can come out. And Amazing Grace? Well, ’nuff said.

What recent book have you read that brought you joy. (Or a book you read in your life that brought you so much joy you’ve never forgotten it.) Why?

A couple of years ago, my sister and dad hiked 600 miles across Spain on the Camino de RARM-Gist_Question4Santiago. My dad was 82 years old at the time. When they got back, my sister, Linda Alvarez, wrote a book about it. That book allowed me to sit on her shoulder and experience the entire hike. We lost Dad about this time last summer. When I really miss him, Camino Notes: Walking the Way With Dad brings me comfort, laughter and great joy.

And for fun, the joy of choice ~

Pick your Chris! Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Rock, Chris Evans or Christopher Plummer (circ. 1964 aka Capt. Von Trapp?) – trying for a little diversity! ;o)

Christopher Plummer. The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favs.

Deeanne is generously giving away 5 hardback copies of the first book in her 1893 Chicago World’s Fair series, It Happened at the Fair. (US only, apologies to international friends.)

deeDeeanne Gist has rocketed up bestseller lists and captured readers everywhere with her original, light-hearted historical love stories. Published by Simon & Schuster, Deeanne’s books have earned national awards, rave reviews and a growing, loyal fan base.

Gist’s awards include National Readers’ Choice, Book Buyers’ Best, Golden Quill, Books*A*Million Pick of the Month, Romantic Times Pick of the Month, Award of Excellence and Laurel Wreath.

She has a very active online community on and on Facebook.

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  • jcp smith

    Love your writing!

  • Kareni

    I hear you on Houston and rain. I remember as a teen walking to the library after school in water up to my knees! Those sudden rainstorms could bring a LOT of water. Thank you for sharing your father’s advice and for a lovely post.

  • Karen Mikusak

    Love your books!

  • Linda Henderson

    My youngest grandchild, 5 year old boy, just started school today. It was a glad and sad day. My daughter and I were sitting in the living room thinking how quiet the house is now. Of course we will worry about him all day until we find out if his day went okay.

    • Oooooh. First day of kindegarten. Such a special day! Hope you got some pictures!

  • Kerrelyn Sparks

    Lovely post, Deeanne! LOL, I picked Christopher Plummer, too. I hope your husband made it back home safely! Take care!

    • He’s home and healthy and we’re having a wonderful time! Thanks, Kerryelyn!

  • catslady

    I get joy from every book I read – reading is my joy!

  • Melissa Cowling Terry

    I really enjoy your books!

  • Beth K. Vogt

    I so loved what you shared about your favorite book being Camino Notes and how it brings you comfort when you miss your dad. (And a side note: Um, did you know that The Joy of Sex comes up in another RARM blog posted today? What is that about?! ) 🙂

  • rachelhauck

    I so loved this Deeanne. You are such an amazing women. I know this more and more every time I see you or read something from you! 🙂


  • LSUReader

    Four babies in four years? You are way beyond brave! I enjoyed your post. Thanks for visiting.

    • We were young. We had no idea. So embarrassing to admit that they were all planned!! 🙂

  • You dad was amazing, wise and adventurous! Like Gandalf, but with less hair.
    😀 I love Pamela Morsi too. A big hug!

    • So funny you should say that. People referred to him as Gandalf all the time. At his funeral, a young lady gave me and hug and said that Gandalf the Grey was now Gandalf the White. Made me sob like a baby. 🙂

      • Really, it’s for his eyes in that photo and his words. Gandalf all the way. Truly blessed you to have had such a father, and for him to have had such a sunshine treasure in you.

  • Christyna

    All that you wrote was true and lovely! Thanks, Deeanne!

  • LaurieL

    Your story of the basics of life reminded me of a similar story. When I was 12 or 13 years old, my girlfriends and I were hiding under a peach tree in my neighbor’s yard looking at an older sister’s book about the facts of life. I remember thinking “nobody does that!”

  • Debbie Fuller

    Thank you for sharing. You are a new author to me so I’m looking forward to reading your books.

  • Andrea Stephens

    My mom reads mostly Christian fiction/ historical romance or History. The other day we were discussing books she might like for me to put on her kindle for her. As I was discussing some of the Inspirational fiction she said “I don’t mind a little sex every once in a while” I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. She loved the ‘Bourne’ movies too, I will have to look for some Carolyn Crane for her. Thanks for the suggestion Dee!

    • Just know that Carolyn’s books are VERY sexy. But also VERY well written suspenses. 🙂

  • Kristan Higgins

    I love the courtship, too, Dee! And you do it so well!

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    Loved the disclaimer. I think I would have to have the same one. My tastes are diverse, but I always swoon with a good courtship story that ends in love – no steam required. I could have have been the one answering your questions, because I was nodding my head while I read each one. No wonder I enjoy your books so much. 🙂

    • Terrill Harris Rosado

      I was doing cartwheels when my kids went to school, cry during patriotic songs, love the seasons of the Pacific Northwest, and my favorite Chris is Pine. 🙂 I’m such a die-hard Washingtonian (patriotic to my home state) that I cried the first time I walked into Safeco field – home of the Seattle Mariners.

      • I love the Pacific Northwest. So incredibly gorgeous!

    • Sounds like we should be friends!! Oh, wait–we are, on FB anyway, right?! 🙂

  • Robin Garrison

    When I’m in the mood for a little fun, a bunch of romance ,and some history about a subject I may not know a lot about thrown in , I reach for your books!

    • Wow, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much, Robin!

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    I read several of Deeanne’s books this summer, including the latest, Tiffany Girl. I enjoyed them all but my favorites were the ones about Essie, Courting Troubles and Deep in the Heart of Trouble. Essie is such a memorable character!

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    I love your books, Dee. Your characters are so colorful, and the details are priceless!

  • So fun! I so enjoyed Maid to Match and would love to read this as well 🙂

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    I think your dad was beyond cool. My parents were married 66 years, and your dad’s statement would have applied to them as well. He was clearly a smart man!

    • He was super special. We’ve been so blessed, right?

  • Sparks of Ember

    Thanks for sharing! And looks like the first of Carolyn Crane’s books is currently fee on Amazon. I’ll have to check it out!

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    • Just keep in mind Carolyn’s books are very graphic. But she’s an amazing author. 🙂

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    Hi Deeanne,
    I enjoyed the post, especially learning about your reading tastes. I never would have guessed! Your Dad was in fantastic shape and good health at 82 to hike 600 miles! If only I could in my dreams….
    All you reader fans, good look in the giveaway! Read “It Happened at the Fair” you won’t be disappointed. Then dive into “Fair Play” – even better!
    Have Fun

    • Lovely to “see” you, Cathy! And thanks for those kind words. 🙂

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    I have many favorites among your books. Haven’t always read them in order. Case in Point just finished Fair Play…loved the interaction between Billie and Hunter and the descriptions of a Texas Ranger…you have a gift for romance! Hope I win a copy of It Happened at the Fair. My favorite thing in that book was the descriptions of Panic Attacks which I have suffered from…you were spot on.

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  • Carolyn Crane

    Aw, thanks for the shout, Deeanne!! What an honor to be on your RARM post!!! And how much do I love that your father supplied such a gorgeous moment for Tiffany Girl. Here’s me, raising a glass to romance along with you this evening!

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    I love Deeanne Gist! A Bride Most Begrudging quickly became one of my favorite books and I love to pull it out to reread it. Thanks for the great characters and worlds into which I can escape!

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    • My grandma was a great storyteller, too. So special, right?

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    • The kids’ nap time was sacred. 🙂 I love finding new authors as well!

  • regina elliott

    i like to read about the roaring 20’s love that style and love the music

    • Me, too. That music is the best! You might try Deanna Raybourn. She writes in that time period sometimes.

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    Best quote I’ve ever read about love was from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina when Dolly tells Anna, “But I always loved you, and if one loves anyone, one loves the whole person, just as they are and not as one would like them to be.” Applicable to all forms of love but most easily forgotten in romantic/companion love.

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    I love your dad’s response to having a happily ever after. That is so insightful, simple, yet true. Thank you for your post and answers. I look forward to checking out your books and maybe also Carolyn Crane’s.

  • gailhollingsworth

    The 28th of this month my husband and I will be married 34 years. He’s never been the romantic type. When we were dating he came to my apartment for a promised home cooked meal. I had candles on the table and when he walked in and saw them he asked me, “what happened? Did you forget to pay your power bill?” Yes, I could see that romance was not his strong suit. But this month he really demonstrated what true love and romance really is. My 80 year old mother fell at her house and broke three ribs. He brought her to our house, gave up his favorite chair and his bed for her. All the while I was rehabing from a total knee replacement. What could explain love better than that?

    • That is so adorable. Love that! What a guy!

      • gailhollingsworth

        Yes, he is!

  • Kimberly Perry Gayheart

    I never knew love or romance until I met my now husband 16 yrs together. He holds the door open, he helps me when I need it and he listens to me. I have never had that but most of all I can be me when I am with him. He knows my secrets both good and bad.

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    • 5 babies is a lot. No wonder you don’t have much time to read! 🙂

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  • Carol Luciano

    Lol, When my 7th got on that school bus I didn’t breathe until it was out of sight. Finally all were in school & the “yehaaaa” I let out could be heard for miles. Love your post. So sorry about your Dad. How wonderful to have that book. Thanks for the giveaway chance
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    I loved 24! Never missed a show. Everyone knew not to call us during that hour because we would not answer the phone! 😉

    Totally understand that empty house sound. I had 3 kids 4 and under. This year the youngest goes to college (on Saturday) so we will have all three of them at college now….Looking forward to a quiet, empty house!

    • Ah. Three in college. Yep. On top of an empty house, a very handsome bill from the universities, right? 🙂

      • Sue G.

        Yep…I said we are going to be broke for the next 2 years! Of course the oldest had to pick Pharmacy which is a 6 year program!

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    Edit: Zekkaina Solo on rafflecopter. 🙂

  • Pamby50

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    • Me, too!! Our son was born 6 days before his sister’s first bday. 8-o

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    • So wonderful to hear from you, dear friend! Congrats again on your book’s RITA nomination!!

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  • Sheree Baluyot

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    puzzled by the name inscribed on the medal – I knew of no ancestor with
    the name on the medal. Because I had just finished listening to the
    book, I became interest once more to discover more about the medal. By
    searching on the internet I was able to determine the name on the medal
    was the husband of one of my ancestors who had remarried after her first
    husband passed away. This becomes more exciting as I discovered my
    ancestor’s last name at the time of her death, which lead me to her
    death certificate, which in turn lead me to learn of her previously
    unknown location of birth, a small town in Germany. With the new piece
    of information, I am hoping to be able to track down more of our family
    history (maybe even in Germany). Thank you for bring to life the World’s
    Fair and reminding me of my own connection to it!

    • That’s so awesome! What a great story, Julie. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your search and I’m so envious that you had an ancestor at the Fair!!!