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The Joyfully Endless Possibilities of Romance

I have been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember.  In fact, one of my earliest memories of elementary school is of eagerly waiting for the Book Bus to arrive every DarknessDawnsother Friday, because I knew a package full of beautiful brand new books would be placed on my desk when it did.

That love of books turned into a particular love of romance when I picked up my first young adult romance novel as a preteen.  Before long, I was dragging my mom to the bookstore as often as possible to find more.  I was so enthralled by the genre that I even wrote my first romance novel—a young adult regency romance that has never been published—when I was about thirteen years old. 

What can I say?  I love romance.  I never grow tired of that first look the hero and heroine exchange.  You know the one—the Who is this man and why does he make my heart pound? look.  The first smile.  The first laugh they coax from each other (even from the most dour heroes).  The friendship and attraction that grows—sometimes slowly, sometimes in leaps and bounds—and blossoms into a deep, abiding love.  That first soul-shattering ShadowsStrike_DianneDuvallkiss.  And, of course, the happily ever afters. 

I admit it has always puzzled me when those outside the romance genre look down their noses at it.  Even the great William Shakespeare wrote romance.  And why not?  Love and romance play an integral role in our society.  It’s only natural that we would enjoy reading and writing about it in all of its many facets.  And what other genre can boast that it contains ALL of the other fiction genres as sub-genres?  You can find everything in romance novels: medievals, regencies, westerns, contemporaries, futuristic, Sci-fi, paranormal, steampunk, fantasy, time travel, mystery, suspense, comedy, drama, action-adventure, thrillers, and more.  The possibilities are endless.  Anything can happen.  And, no matter what I’m in the mood to read, I know I can find it in the romance genre . . . including the happily-ever-afters I enjoy so much. 

Which is why I not only love to read romance, but also to write it.  While penning my ASorceressofHisOwn__DianneDuvallImmortal Guardians books, I get to see that first look, that first kiss, that moment when the hero and heroine realize they would risk anything to be together.  And I’m as thrilled by it all as I am when reading books by favorite authors.  I laugh with the characters.  I cry with the characters.  I fight alongside the characters in action scenes that make my fingers fly across the keyboard with excitement.  And I have the pleasure of doing the same with my new series The Gifted Ones, only with that one I get to do it in Medieval England.  🙂  Writing is as fun for me as reading . . . particularly since the characters linger in my imagination and continue to conjure scenes that, in some cases, never make it into the books.  (I compare those to the bonus features I find on movie DVDs.)

I will always love romance.  This is such an exciting time for the genre, both for readers and writers.  It has expanded so much in recent years, venturing into new directions that previously were forbidden.  I can’t wait to see where it will take us next.

Dianne recommends:

(since my favorite romance genres are Paranormal, Historical, and Time Travel . . .):
Paranormal — I can’t get enough of Alexandra Ivy, Laurann Dohner, and Gena Showalter.

Historical & Time TravelHannah Howell and Karen Marie Moning are big favorites of mine.

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you experienced sheer joy. 

I think the moments in my personal life that have brought me sheer joy are the same pivotal moments that so many of us share:  falling in love and embracing the wonderful times that follow.  So I thought I would share a moment as a writer in which I experienced sheer joy. 

Like most authors, it took me many years and several manuscripts to land that first publishing contract.  While working toward that goal, I imagined how awesome it would be to get “the call”,  or to get a fantastic review from RT Book Reviews, or to have a novella appear in an anthology alongside a story by Alexandra Ivy, one of my favorite authors.  All of those dreams eventually came true.  And all were as awesome as I had imagined.  But what I didn’t imagine was the joy letters from readers would bring me. 

Books have provided a much needed escape for me in tough times.  There have always been favorite authors to whose books I would turn to take my mind off things when I was stressed or grieving a loss and needed a distraction, something to take my mind off things for just a bit.  I could never, in all of my imaginings, have guessed how it would feel to know that I had provided just such a distraction to readers myself.  Then a reader wrote me and thanked me.  She said she worked in a pediatric hospital and had lost two patients in three days, and that my latest release had provided her with the distraction she needed to process it all.  I was so touched I cried.  I have always hoped my books would entertain readers and make them laugh and enjoy the ride, but to know that something I wrote had provided the same escape I had sought so often myself . . . that was better than everything that had come before it.

Tell us about a place that brings you joy, or is attached to a memory of joy.

This may sound odd, but the ghost towns and old abandoned mines of Colorado bring me joy.  Every summer when I was a little girl—to escape both the heat and the city—my parents would pack up the jeep and head for the mountains.  We had such fun exploring creepy old ghost towns and spooky caves and mines that had been abandoned for over a century.  The hair-raising rides there on barely discernible jeep trails, watching the “whistle pigs” or groundhogs pop in and out their burrows and complain while we picnicked in sunny vales, and playing in the snow high up on the mountain peaks . . . all was such fun.  Memories of those times and those places never fail to wring a smile from me.

Tell us about a sound that brings you joy.

Music brings me joy.  It has always been a large part of my life.  My grandfather was a musician and played in a big band, rubbing elbows with some of the greatest jazz musicians of his generation.  My father was a musician as well and played multiple instruments.  And I took eleven years of piano lessons myself.  Though writing has left me little or no time to sit at the piano and play until all the stress falls away, I can still reach for my iPod and earbuds and lose myself in a wide variety of beloved music.  I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to music of all genres and all eras throughout my youth, so I love everything from classical to jazz to pop rock, classic rock, country and metal.  Each brings me joy in its own way.

What recent book have you read that brought you joy. (Or a book you read in your life that brought you so much joy you’ve never forgotten it.) Why?

Oddly, it wasn’t a romance novel.  It was Stephen King’s On Writing.  I enjoyed it so much, both as a reader and as a writer.  His superb storytelling once more comes into play as he recounts his childhood and reveals how he came to love books and writing.  I (and many other writers, I suspect) can relate to his struggles as he pursued writing as a career, the rejection letters that only added to stressful times.  So it appeals to me on a personal level.  And, as a professional, I find the information he provides in the instructional portion of the book to be invaluable.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing, and like to go back and listen to this book whenever time allows because it inspires me and makes me want to write, write, write.

And for fun, the joy of choice ~

Pick your Chris! Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Rock, Chris Evans or Christopher Plummer (circ. 1964 aka Capt. Von Trapp?) – trying for a little diversity! ;o)

This is an easy one for me.  When I’m not writing, I work in the local independent film industry, which has inspired me to create a Dream Cast for every book I write.  Chris Hemsworth has appeared in several now, because I would love to see him play Zach if my Immortal Guardians books are ever made into films. 

Dianne is generously giving away an author’s swag pack to one US reader and to one international reader. It includes: 

The 1st book (signed) from both of my series: 

Darkness Dawns, Immortal Guardians Book 1

A Sorceress of His Own, The Gifted Ones Book 1

—An Immortal Guardians swag pack (a Shadows Strike cover flat, 4 postcards, 8 bookmarks, 8 trading cards)

Dianne_Duvall_AuthorPicDianne Duvall is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series and The Gifted Ones series. Her books have twice been nominated for the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance and are routinely deemed Top Picks by RT Book Reviews, The Romance Reviews, and/or Night Owl Reviews. Reviewers have called Dianne’s books “utterly addictive” (RT Book Reviews), “fast-paced and humorous” (Publishers Weekly), “extraordinary” (Long and Short Reviews), and “wonderfully imaginative” (The Romance Reviews).  Dianne loves all things creative and, when she isn’t writing, is active in the independent film industry.  She has even appeared on-screen, crawling out of a moonlit grave and wielding a machete like some of the vampires she so loves to create in her books.

For the latest news on upcoming releases, contests, and more, visit  dianneduvall.com.

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  • Carol Luciano

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    Carol L
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    • I have many of their books on my keeper shelves and would love to see Karen Marie Moning revisit her Highlander series. 🙂

  • Make Kay

    Lovely post, thank you for sharing so many great things!

    • Thanks for joining us, Make Kay! This is such a great event. I’m very happy to be participating this year.

  • NarnianGriff23

    Lovely interview and also big fan of those authors as well ^ ^

  • Ashley Martinez

    I love Gena Showalter too! Sherrilyn Kenyon is my favorites though. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • I love Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series. I was hooked from book 1. 🙂 Thanks for joining us!

  • LisaVH

    Chris Hemsworth as Zach would be awesome!!

    • Hi, Lisa! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see it one day. 😀

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    • Thanks for joining us, Marinella! Good luck with the giveaway! 🙂

  • Molly

    You are a new author to me nice to meet you.

    • Nice to meet you, too, Molly! I always enjoy meeting fellow romance lovers. 🙂

  • Sheryl N

    Huge fan! Love the Immortal Guardians and can’t wait to read the next one

    • Hi, Sheryl! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! I hope you’ll enjoy Ethan and Heather’s story. Yuri’s, too, in the On the Hunt anthology. I was really glad I could give him a HEA. 🙂

  • Jennifer C

    You are a new to me author and this giveaway is amazing! I really enjoyed reading your essay.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! If you win or decided to give my books a try, I hope you’ll enjoy them! 🙂

  • catslady

    I always say romance is the icing in a story!

    • Absolutely! Even with movies, I tend to enjoy them more if there’s a little romance involved. 🙂

  • kim hunsberger

    I love Dianne! And she’s right, Chris H would make an awesome Zack! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Hi, Kim! Here’s hoping we’ll actually see Chris play Zach in movies one day. 😀 Thanks for joining us!

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    Really enjoy Dianne’s books. Didn’t realize I’d already read a couple of the Immortal Guardian books, so now I have to figure out where I left off and then catch up. Absolutely loved A Sorceress of His Own!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed A Sorceress of His Own! I always think of that book as the one that started it all for me, because it inspired my Immortal Guardians series, which I’m having such fun writing. I’m working on the sequel to Sorceress now—Rendezvous With Yesterday—and intend to release it in Spring 2016. I hope you’ll like it and the other IG books! 🙂

      • QL fan

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    • Thanks for joining us, Debbie! I don’t know what sub-genres of romance you enjoy, so I thought I’d mention that my Immortal Guardians books are all contemporary paranormal romances and my new series The Gifted Ones includes a medieval romance as the first book and a time travel as the upcoming second book. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy them if you give them a try!

  • Kareni

    Thanks for an enjoyable post. I’ve done my fair share of dragging parents, friends, and more recently husband to book stores and libraries. Happy writing and reading, Ms. Duvall!

    • I still love to browse brick and mortar stores, Kareni. Just walk up and down the aisles looking for new gems to devour. I hate to see those stores disappearing. Here’s hoping they’ll make a comeback! 🙂 Happy reading!

  • Janie McGaugh

    I’d love to see Chris Hemsworth as Zach, too! Love your books, Dianne, and look forward to many more.

    • Hi, Janie! Chris looks great with black hair, too, so I thought he’d be perfect. 😉 I hope you’ll keep having fun with my immortals and gifted ones!

  • Thanks for joining us, MJ! Romance has long been my favorite genre. I’ll stray from it every once in a while, but always eagerly return. 🙂

  • Dawn Anderson

    I also loved Stephen King’s On Writing. It was beautifully written.

    • I just listened to it again. I even enjoy his narration. 🙂

  • marypreston

    That first meeting/interaction of the hero & heroine is a favorite of mine. It speaks volumes.

    • Hi, Mary! Isn’t it great? That first meeting is always a favorite to write. 🙂

  • Christyna

    Romance is the best and I see that you agree! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Christyna! Romance will always be my favorite. 🙂

  • Erin F

    I totally agree! and now that I’m older, I’m always thrilled to find series in which we go through the relationship stages, meet, fall in love, and grow in love. Thanks for sharing!

    • Me, too, Erin. I love seeing the friendship develop first, then evolve into love and romance. Friends to lovers stories are always my favorites. 🙂

  • K Davis

    I’ve noticed that more people are reading romance, and it’s not just little old cat ladies. There are so many types of romance now. There’s something for everyone.

    • The romance genre has really expanded in the past decade. I think the movies and TV series based on romance novels have helped dispel some of the negative myths and lured in readers who may have otherwise turned their noses up at the genre. I even hear from male readers who enjoy my Immortal Guardians books, so the notion that romance novels are just for women is finally losing its hold. 🙂

  • Pamby50

    I understand about romance. It has changed so much since I started reading it 40 yrs ago. It keeps getting better and now with self publishing, we are exposed to many more new authors.

    • I love how much the genre has changed and expanded, Pamby. It’s so freeing for writers and endlessly entertaining for readers. 🙂

  • Rhi

    When I was a child and really until the last few years, I was the type of person who would go to the library and check out the maximum number of books allowed, which was something like 25. And by the end of the week – if not sooner, I’d be returning all 25 for 25 new ones. Reading books was my job growing up, and reading romances was a part of that.

    • The library helped me find soooooo many favorite authors. I have always been a voracious reader, but I haven’t had nearly as much reading time since getting published. Fortunately, audiobooks have come to my rescue. So I’m now an audiobook fan as well. 🙂

  • mariannewestrich

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    • Thanks, Marianne! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series! I hope you’ll like The Gifted Ones, too!

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  • I have never read one of your books, but Historical, Paranormal & Time Travel are my favorite! So now I am going to have to go searching for your books.

    It would’ve been exciting to get to visit old ghost towns! I am not sure about the mines. Closed in places (tight spaces freak me out). 🙂

    • I think knowing how many mines had collapsed in the past freaked me out more than the tight spaces did. But I still had fun. 🙂

  • Texas Book Lover

    So if Chris Helmsworth is Zack who do you picture as Seth?

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    • Hi, Sarah! I think giveaways are a fun way to thank readers for their support as well as to reach out to new readers. I found a couple of my favorite authors through books I won in giveaways. 🙂

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    Enjoyed the interview and love your books! Alexandra Ivy and Gena Showalter are two of my favorites, too.

    • They’re great, aren’t they? Thanks so much for joining us! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books!

  • Glenda

    Thanks for the recommendations – Laurann Dohner and Karen Marie Moning are new to me! I love your place of joy. I spent a month with my grandmother in the Rockies when I was in high school – I’d wander just far enough ‘up the hill’ to get away from the town to enjoy nature. 😀

    • I love Laurann Dohner’s New Species series. And Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series will always be a favorite. I wish she would release some more books in it. 🙂

      It was always so nice to get out of the city. Often the only snow I would see all year would be the snow we found way up high in the mountains on those summer trips. 😀

  • Joan Varner

    You are new to me and I will be looking for your books because Paranormal Romance is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • I love paranormal romance. Even when I wrote my historical romance, I couldn’t help but include some paranormal elements. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy my series if you give either of them a try!

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    • Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy the books if you give them a try! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Deanna! So glad you like the covers. Exploring ghost towns really was so much fun. 🙂

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    • I agree. I even like romance in horror and sci-fi. 🙂 Thanks for joining us!

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    • Hi, Carmen! Thanks so much! I hope you’ll enjoy them! 🙂

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