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The Kiss That Isn’t.

As a writer of inspirational romances, which are by definition “sweet” and “clean” in terms of physicality, Perfect Blendthe kiss that isn’t is one of the most important parts of my story.  Sure, any hunk can back a girl up against the wall and kiss her socks off, but it’s the romantic gestures that get to me more than the steamy clinch.  When he does just the right thing to win her heart.

One of my favorites is the Chinese tea ceremony from my current digital re-release, The Perfect Blend. It’s a man making a cup of exotic tea for a woman, but it’s so much more.  In The Doctor’s Undoing,  the romantic gesture was a gift of paints—from a man who didn’t even realize he was in love yet!

Ah, my heart swoons.  For me, those first or final gestures of love rank up there with the best dramatic smooches.   Right up there with the “you complete me” speech from Jerry McGuire.  (Watch the giphy link.) It’s the exact opposite of Han Solo’s “I know” to Princess Lea’s “I love you.” (giphy here.)

Grand—and not so grand—romantic gestures are heartfelt, true, and rare.  It’s why we all swoon when we UNDOING COVERexperience them.  Any person can kiss another person—but when a heart truly speaks to another heart in an act so perfectly tuned to only one person?

That’s romance.

Allie recommends: 

I love, love, love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series   (at Amazon)


Virginia Smith is both a personal friend and a favorite author of mine  (at Amazon)


Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus sits on my keeper shelf  (at Amazon)

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.

The most romantic moment in my life had very little to do with hugs and kisses.  There was a Valentine’s Day when I was oh-so-pregnant with my daughter (now an adult). I mean big-as-a-house-feel-swollen-cranky pregnant. I felt about as romantic as a beached walrus (and likely resembled one, too). I came home from work that day to find my house decked out with dozens of cheesy Valentine’s Day decorations.  It still stands as the sweetest thing my husband’s ever done. 

Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.32.16 PM

I have a ridiculous love affair with my dog.  I call her sweet little names, spend lots of time looking into her big brown eyes, cuddle her, and adore that she follows me everywhere (even if it’s the bathroom where a gal ought to have some privacy).  She’s my writing partner, my daily company, my confessor, and my stress reduction program all wrapped up in one devoted little fur ball. 

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance?

Actually, I have a song:  DaVinci’s Eyes by John Pizzarelli.  The music is swoon-worthy and the lyrics are exquisite.  Pure bliss. (watch on youtube)

Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?Indyandmarion

I’m always a sucker for the kiss-and-fight couple, where the strong woman doesn’t let the strong guy do all the heavy lifting.  My favorite has always been Indiana Jones and Marion from The Raiders of the Lost Arc.  They’re true equals.

Tell us about your dream date. 

My dream date would start at a yarn shop with carte blanche to buy whatever I wanted.  I’m a serious knitter with my own knitting blog DestiKNITions, so there is no such thing as “too much yarn.”  From there it would progress to a sumptuous seafood dinner with lemon merengue pie for dessert, a long walk on some sandy beach, and then capped off by some drinks or coffee with a bit of chocolate alongside. 

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Allie Color 11An avid knitter, BBC Television geek and French macaron enthusiast, Allie Pleiter writes both fiction and non-fiction.  The enthusiastic but slightly untidy mother of two adult children, Allie spends her days writing as many as four books at a time, buying yarn, and finding new ways to avoid housework.  Both a RITA and Carol Award finalist as well as a RT Reviewer’s Choice and RomCon Reader’s Crown Award winner, Allie recently celebrated the sale of her millionth book worldwide.

She hails from Connecticut, moved to the midwest to attend Northwestern University, and currently lives outside Chicago, Illinois.  Begun on a “dare from a friend,” Allie’s writing career spans three non-fiction works including THE CHUNKY METHOD HANDBOOK:  Your Step-By-Step plan to Finish That Book Even When Life Gets in the Way and twenty-five novels. Her various national speaking engagements cover topics of faith, women’s issues, writing, and her very favorite: time management.

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