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I’m Sorry…Why Don’t You Love Romance?

From the time I was a tween, I have had a love of romance. Actually, if I’m being honest, I’ve loved romance Hero of Minesince I was three and listened to Cinderella on cassette tape for the first time.

Which is why when people tell me they don’t read romance, it baffles me.

In January, I went to a signing, which was a pretty awkward experience. First of all, I was the only romance author out of three speakers, and one of them was an inspirational author. The minute a Catholic priest walked in and sat down in the audience, I wanted to run for the door.

Instead, I decided to take my turn and educate the crowd about what romance really is. After all, I was invited and I had driven two hours to do this talk, I was darn sure gonna do it!

Romance is female empowerment. It is character growth. It is about how love can heal old wounds. It’s about laughter and happiness. It’s about knowing that after all the tears and the gut wrenching drama, a happily ever after is inevitable.

And then I asked how many people read romance. Only three people raised their hands; my friend, and the two librarians.

Then I asked the crowd why. Why didn’t they read romance?

One woman said she prefers non-fiction. I nodded and told her I liked reading non-fiction, too, mostly true crime. Another said it just wasn’t her thing, and when I asked her to elaborate, I could tell what she wanted to say…

Because of all the sex.

Then I mentioned several amazing authors who wrote clean romances; no sex, no language…just really goodOne Lucky Hero stories without the naughty bits.

By the time I had finished, I felt good. I’d made them laugh, and I’d come back with rebuttals on all of their reasons for why they didn’t give romance a try.

Afterwards, I didn’t sell a single book, but I did have several people come by and tell me how much they appreciated my talk. One woman had even written down some of the authors I had mentioned. And I had another come up and tell me good luck with my career, that she was really impressed, if only she liked romance.

My excitement dimmed a little.

Because my reaction to people not liking romance is like Jessica Day’s astonishment that Julia is not a dessert person. (Sorry, New Girl reference.) It just boggles the mind…

But you know what? For every one person who doesn’t read romance, there are a thousand more like us that are rabid for it. That night, I wasn’t among my people, but all I need to do is hop on Facebook, or go to any romance conference and there you are. My tribe. The people who find a book they love and share it with everyone they know. Who have book boyfriends! Who stalk your favorite authors in the best way possible!

I don’t need to educate you on why romance is awesome. You’re already there.

And I love you for it!

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Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.Codi & son

The first time I held my son in my arms, it was as if the world around me faded and stood still. I had gone through so much, and was forced to wait a full day before I saw him. The minute the nurse handed him to me, I stared into his little face and feel hopelessly in love with my baby boy.

Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.

My Sister from another Mister, T.J. Kline and I, spend hours on the phone every week talking romance. Romance plots in our own novels, books we’ve read lately, and shows and movies that we just adored. I love T.J. and Codiher so much.

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance?

I always think of Scotland when I think of romance, because I love highland historicals romances and they were some of the first romances I became obsessed with.

Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?

I love Scarlett and Gunner from Nashville. I could watch their story unfold forever!!!

Tell us about your dream date.  eileandonancastle

Although it wouldn’t be just one date, someday I’d love to take a trip to Scotland with my husband and explore castles, pop into pubs and local restaurants, and experience the history I love so much.

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