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Romance to the Rescue

My Last Love Story

Falguni’s recent women’s fiction title has been picked up by a major publisher. It’s currently available in indie paperback, but will soon go down to be re-packaged by the publisher. It’s a great story. Either pick it up now, or keep an eye out for it when it’s re-released as a single title! Congratulations Falguni!

When the world is full of hate and negativity, I read a romance novel. Craziness at home with the family? I read a romance. Worried about my aging parents all alone in India? I read a romance. In bed with the worst cramps ever experienced in the history of women issues? I read a romance. Laundry piled high?

Getting the picture? 🙂

Romance novels are labeled as “escapist reading” or “pure frou-frou entertainment” or “books mostly removed from reality.” Romance novels are all of that, yes. I certainly read romances for their escapist and entertaining qualities, and I definitely need to be removed from mundane reality on a regular basis. I love the fantastic and maybe part fantasy journey they take me on. I love them because they always bring a smile to my heart, no matter the kind of day I’ve had. I read them because in their pages my emotions are safe and thus explorable, even justified. I can fall in love within the 300-odd pages without hedging my bets because my HEA is guaranteed. Like a ray of hope on a dark and tempestuous shore, I wish more people would chase their daily dose of current affairs and news with a romance novel.

And then there are the lessons I’ve learned about life while reading a romance—of the truth about relationships and the work that goes into maintaining them; of character types and diverse personalities, none of whom are only good or only bad; of life’s lessons that I’ve learned through the characters’ trials and tribulations. All of which proves that romances aren’t just escapist entertainment or silly reading, but “smart” reading in the right hands. Most of all, I’ve learned that through all the changes that I’ve experienced in life, there is that one constant I can depend on—a romance novel on my nightstand, waiting to be picked up and read so that it can bring a smile to my heart.

Falguni recommends: 

In the course of my writing career, I’ve come across many excellent authors, some new and some old, who’ve become my dear friends and whose work continues to impress me. I recommend them with pleasure:

Fiona Davis       facebook.com/FionaDavisAuthor    (at Amazon)

Fiona’s novel, The Dollhouse, hits stores in August.

Katana Collins     katanacollins.com     (at Amazon)  writes erotic suspense and contemporary romance.

Then there are my favorite desi writers:

Sonali Dev       sonalidev.com       (at Amazon)

Nisha Sharma      nisha-sharma.com      *My So-Called Bollywood Life coming in 2017

Soniah Kamal     soniahkamal.com   (at Amazon)

Suleikha Snyder    suleikhasnyder.com    (at Amazon)

Kishan Paul   kishanpaul.net  (at Amazon)  (I highly recommend her book, The Second Wife.)

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.IMG_6244

Last summer, my husband and I took a trip to Scotland. We were alone, no kids, no dog, no pressing responsibilities except to have a great time. I’d read about Scotland and been in love with it and its highlanders through the dozens of romance novels that feature it, and yet I wasn’t prepared for the effect it had on me. It was love at first sight of the glens and lochs and ancient rolling hills that seemed to speak to me personally, telling me to stay and explore and relax and dream. And it wasn’t me being “Outlandish” as my husband felt it too.

 Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.

My BFF from high school doesn’t read much but she reads my books (at sword-point) and we both share a common obsession with romantic Bollywood movies. Especially, the ones starring our current favorite Bollywood crush. We also share a slightly stalker-ish obsession with real-life Bollywood romances, as in which actors are dating IRL? Whose getting married? Who should be getting married to whom? We are unapologetically star struck and spend hours discussing Bollywood trivia over the phone.

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance?

Scotland. My husband and I are very seriously considering investing in a bed-and-breakfast in the Isle of Skye when he retires…open to all writers and honeymooners.more Scotland

Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?

Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Although, I’d prefer that Claire disappear through the stones somewhere untraceable and leave Jamie to me. Hubby doesn’t mind. Jamie’s my “freebie.”

Tell us about your dream date.  

My dream date, rather dream fortnight, was my Scotland trip with hubby last year. Rich in history and sights to see, castles galore and magical places with names like Fairy Pools. The trip was an homage to my Jamie Fraser obsession that my husband very graciously indulged, and thus it will go down in history as The Best Dream Date Ever.

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