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Celebrating the Beauty of Us

I often found it interesting back in the day that romance novels were often read while hidden behind some haunted destinyother façade—as if reading a romance couldn’t quite be considered a worthy pursuit.

To me, it’s strange because it helps celebrate one of the finest aspects we have as human beings—our capacity to love, and our need to be loved, as well.

Life isn’t always like a romance novel. Okay, so we’re lucky when parts of it resemble a romance novel! It’s hard stuff—but, somewhere in there, most of us fall in love. And sometimes—many times!—falling in love comes with all kinds of conflicts. There are those moments when an attraction sparks—but is it felt by both parties? Can you trust the object of your affection? Hey, who is more in love, and what if you’re crazy about someone . . . and have no idea of what their feelings might be in return?

Romance is not easy stuff. It never was—and it’s not likely that it ever will be!

But, the best of our romance novels—be they mystery, thriller, historical, humorous, sci-fi, horror, etc., or any combination thereof—remind us of those feeling that do make us nervous, that can exhilarate us, thrill us, worry us—and, in the end, make us go, “Ah!”

Now, of course, remember, romance can be found in many, many places, and many, many ways! There darkest journeywas an absolutely beautiful romance in Arnie Schwarzenegger’s “Conan the Barbarian.” From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, we’ll find a love interest.

Of course, we’ll find more in many romances. Love for children, for friends, parents, siblings, and so on.

And, it’s beautiful.

I say again, our capacity to love and be loved is one of our finest assets as human beings. Romance celebrates the beauty of . . . us!

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.

More than any other time, I think, my nephew’s wedding. The poor kid had lost both parents the year he turned twenty. His girlfriend helped him through that. (Hope I did, too!) Within a year, he and Franci were married in the Keys on a beach. I think that was one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever been able to witness.

Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.

 Well, I have been married since I graduated from High School; I guess I’d say I have gone through amazing–and not so amazing!–romances with my children and nephew. Young love! Beautiful–and so painful, too!

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance?

A gondola in Venice!

 Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?

Rachel and Andrew Jackson. The poor woman was so maligned! And still, they fought a thousand slings and arrows to stay together. Tragically, she died before he became president. Of course, I saw a wonderful movie with Charleton Heston as Jackson and Susan Heyward as Rachel. That certainly influenced me! 

Tell us about your dream date. 

A beautiful beach. Soft music in the background. A gentle breeze. 

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Heather GrahamNew York Times and USA Today best selling author, Heather Graham, majored in theater arts at the University of South Florida. After a stint of several years in dinner theater, back-up vocals, and bartending, she stayed home after the birth of her third child and began to write. Her first book was with Dell, and since then, she has written over two hundred novels and novellas including category, suspense, historical romance, vampire fiction, time travel, occult and Christmas family fare.

She is pleased to have been published in approximately twenty-five languages. She has written over 200 novels and has 60 million books in print. She has been honored with awards from booksellers and writers’ organizations for excellence in her work, and she is also proud to be a recipient of the Silver Bullet from Thriller Writers. (And award for charitable endeavors.) Heather has had books selected for the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, and has been quoted, interviewed, or featured in such publications as The Nation, Redbook, Mystery Book Club, People and USA Today and appeared on many newscasts including Today, Entertainment Tonight and local television.

Heather loves travel and anything that has to do with the water, and is a certified scuba diver. She also loves ballroom dancing. Each year she hosts the Vampire Ball and Dinner theater at the RT convention raising money for the Pediatric Aids Society and in 2006 she hosted the first Writers for New Orleans Workshop to benefit the stricken Gulf Region.  She is also the founder of “The Slush Pile Players,” presenting something that’s “almost like entertainment” for various conferences and benefits. Married since high school graduation and the mother of five, her greatest love in life remains her family, but she also believes her career has been an incredible gift, and she is grateful every day to be doing something that she loves so very much for a living.

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  • Kathy Nye

    Thank you for sharing. I am adding riding a gondola in Venice to my bucket list after reading your answer above. 😀

  • Patty Vasquez

    Back in the day, I didn’t read romance novels because the previous husband ridiculed my reading choices. I missed about 10 years of terrific writing. Needless-to-say, he’s no longer a part of the picture. Romance in all of its forms- including books!- is a central part of my life now.

  • Amber Ag

    Thank you! Like you said, love can be found in so many genres and it’s beautiful to read. It can warm you heart <3

  • JoAn Varner

    I think that love added to any genre of books adds more depth to a story whether it be love of family, friends or a romantic partner. It is always a pleasure when I sit down to read to find that love is there within the pages.

  • mariannewestrich

    My mom used to hide her romance novels under the bed. Found them when I was 13 and have been hooked ever since!

  • Debbie Fuller

    I love your books. Thank you for taking the time to post here and share your thoughts on romance and putting into words the many reasons why I love and read romance.

  • cheryl c.

    I agree with you on your choice of a romantic spot. A gondola ride in Venice is fun and romantic, even surrounded by other people.

  • DVC Eeyore

    Aww, I love your description of your nephew’s wedding, so sweet yet reminds us the simple things are why you never know where romance shows up… Thank you for sharing that tender family moment.

  • Sandy Xiong

    I used to read it with my doors closed. No one in my family knew I read it and since I “borrowed” it from my sister-in-law, I kept it hidden away whenever I’m not reading it. After that, I’m hooked and haven’t stop!

  • Pamby50

    I watched a woman on the train pull out her book with a fake cover. I asked what she was reading and she was reading a romance book. I never understood why she did that but I just pulled out Kathleen Woodiwiss and started reading. I love your suspense books!

  • Heather Roach

    Love should be celebrated! That’s why I love romance

  • K Davis

    I like all your books, but love your historical romance. Do you have any plans for another historical?

  • Eileen Aberman Wells

    I agree that love should always be celebrated. Thank you for your post. You are sort of a new author in that I’ve not read any of your books despite hearing your name and books being recommended by authors I do read.

  • Linda Henderson

    I do enjoy reading about love. Whether it be in a contemporary romance, paranormal, romantic suspense, mystery or historical I always enjoy the romance aspect of the story. If there was more love in the world maybe we could do away with all the hate.

  • catslady

    I’ve never hidden what I read. There’s something for everyone and to each his own!! I have enjoyed your stories!

  • Sue G.

    I never hide that I read romance…too bad for those who don’t like it! 🙂

  • Glenda

    It is too bad so many people are judgemental about what other people read….my favorite incident was the kid who never voluntarily read mocking a school friend who brought a romance novel to class. Pretty much everyone told him to grow up.

  • Kim

    Thanks for the giveaway. You & Nora Roberts were always my must-buy when you wrote for Silhouette.

  • Meghan Stith

    My dream date is also a beautiful beach. That’s why my boyfriend and I are planning an anniversary vacation to the Dominican.

  • rebecca moe

    Great post–thank you so much for sharing!

  • Ellen

    There is something very romantic about the beach. One of our favorite dates is just walking along the beach, getting our feet wet, enjoying the view.

  • donnas

    What a great post. Love love your books.

  • Mary McCoy

    Love the idea of the breezy beach

  • Bube

    Thank you for the great post 🙂
    Macedonia – INT

  • Julie Nieves

    Thanks for sharing. I love your books!