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We #LoveRomance

The LoveRomance hash tag is significant, isn’t it? Because love is about so much more than romance. We His Hearts Delightnarrow the Love when we add Romance. Then it is about two people who are trying to figure out how to make the other fit into their world.

With all their baggage.

Because we all have it. Whether in the shape of adorable children, parental acceptance,  life choices — good and bad. How does a potential partner react to a child, or even a challenged child? What if the partner’s family is everything to them and the loved one has never experienced family ties that strong (or good) What if the partner is a police officer, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, a night nurse? Is the loved one willing to accept the challenge of dinner and bedtime put in second place to a commitment that can mean life or death?

The paragraph above is full of potential stories –which I have not yet written. But to show how broad the scope is I have written books and novellas about a partnership where marriage comes before love (The Captains Mermaid), a romance where a widow learns how to have fun from a man who needs a steadying influence. (The Pleasure of His Company), a love story about a man who finds a woman as innocent and honest as he is dark and deceptive (Lover’s Kiss).

Everyone of these characters brought their baggage into the relationship. It was too heavy a load to carry until traitor's kissthe other showed them how to share it.

So for me #LoveRomance is about so much more than moonlight, roses and (yes) sex. It’s about learning to fit into a world in which you have become an essential part of life’s puzzle so that you and your partner are better for it.

Mary Blayney recommends: 

Emelle Gamble   (at Amazon)

Her books are stories about “ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances”  That is the perfect description for SECRET SISTER. Two lifelong friends face a catastrophe that changes them forever. There is a paranormal element in this novel, only one, but it changes everything. I could not put this book down and grabbed another. DATING CARY GRANT is as different from Secret Sister as possible. It is a charming ghost story that still manages to convey a wonderful message about relationships that are worth the effort.

Lavinia Kent  (at Amazon)

writes erotic with character, plot and style. MASTERING THE MARQUESS is my favorite. Of the first hundred pages, seventy five are a love scene. A scene with sweetness and humor and an ongoing masquerade.

Elaine Fox  (at Amazon)

Elaine writes romance that pushes its way to women’s fiction with a humorous element that adds to the fun. The opening of SPECIAL OF THE DAY is a pages LOL pun. Elaine started off in historicals and her first book TRAVELER remains a favorite and was also a RITA nominee for best first book.

Evie Owens   (at Amazon)
Evie wrote a fabulous novella THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE. It has romance, mystery and heartache — all in one hundred pages. The trouble is that PD is hard to find. It was published in an anthology which is no longer for sale. Hopefully Evie will put Psychic Detective up for sale soon.

(Full disclosure:  these are friends of mine but I do love their work and hope more people will discover them.)

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.Fishing

My husband is a total outdoorsman: Hunting, fly fishing, beach-combing. Any out door sport. You name it, he does it. I love sitting on the porch and going for walks but that’s about as far outdoors as I go. Every once in awhile he will bring me a clutch of flowers or a perfect shell, something from his time in the woods or on the beach. I think that is the most romantic experience in our recent years together because it means that even though he is away from me he still thinks of me in a loving way. Sigh, just writing about it makes me smile.

Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.

 My friend from high school falls into that category. Jean and I would rode the bus together and spent much of the hour long trip  home making up stories, romantic stories. She went on to be an amazing OB/GYN nurse practitioner but her creativity was a great start to my writing career.

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance? Bed

Our fabulous wonderful bedroom — but to be honest it is still only 75% done. It is meant to be both romantic and soothing. Blue grey walls, carpet over the wood floor, and a glorious canopy bed made from rustic bamboo with filmy curtains. There will be an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed and two night tables with lamps. And that is all. The closet is big enough to hold all our clothes. This may not sound romantic to you but in all our years of marriage we have never had a headboard or bed frame. After all these years it’s time!

Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?

I love JD Robb’s Eve and Roarke. Over the forty plus books it’s been fabulous to watch them grow into their marriage and make each other better people.

Tell us about your dream date. 

My dream date happened not that long ago. Two nights at the Stephanie Inn at Cannon Beach, Oregon. It is one of the most wonderful places I have ever stayed in so many ways: A staff willing to answer any and all questions and requests, fabulous ocean views, a private patios where we can share a pre-dinner drink. We had dinner at their wonderful restaurant, followed by a walk on the beach and then back to the patio for a last glass of champagne (single malt scotch for my husband) A wonderful night together and lots of beach time the next day after enjoying the Inn’s fabulous breakfast. We met friends for dinner in the nearby town and then went back to the Inn for one more night with the doors open to the sound of the sea.

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Mary Blayney Regency and contemporary romance have been my writing world since 1986, though my writing began in earnest at age fourteen when I drafted a script for my favorite TV show

Raised on the East Coast, my life changed dramatically when I married Paul Blayney. Within six months we moved to Kodiak, Alaska and the moves went on for 30 years. Paul’s career in the Coast Guard gave me the opportunity to experience its search and rescue mission where life and death are only a breath apart. I learned that life is a gift best lived with joy, love and a generous heart. Those convictions are what I most wants to share.

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