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When Somebody Loves Us

How do I #LoveRomance? Romance is the beautiful thread entwining us.WeddingShop_cover1b

We love in different ways: bromance, sister-chicks, sibling-mance, puppy love, and romance straight up.

We love ice cream and spaghetti. Walks in the woods, along the beach, being in Time Square at night. Love drives our choice of music, entertainment, even cars.

But each one of these loves is a taste sweeter when romance blooms in our hearts.

Chores sort of sing. Work is the sweet separation until we can meet again in the evening, our hearts having grown fonder.

Romance makes us swoon and giggle, and spend too much money on news shoes for a fourth date. Romance inspires sappy songs and sigh-worthy poetry.

Romance makes everything else bearable. It’s the skip in our step, the melody in our soul.

Romance made my fifteen-year-old brother disobey my father and sneak off to see a girl he mooned over.

Romance caused me to hang with a guy who was undecided about our relationship for three years. Best decision I ever made. I married him!

Sometimes it’s just the hope of romance that causes us to lift our head and walk with confidence.wedding dress

Yea, that’s it, isn’t it? Romance is a confidence booster. Somebody loves me.

Romance is about that special feeling we get when someone picks us.

Whenever a cute boy asked me out in high school or college, I got bubbly and giggly inside. He picked me.

To quote Bambi, “He thinks I’m cuuuuute!” Okay, he said, “She thinks I’m cute,” but you get where I’m going.

With my husband, all I want is to know I’m special to him. It doesn’t matter how he accomplishes that, but I love the feeling that I’m his one and only.

He’s a pastor, and if he mentions me when he’s teaching, my heart pitter-patters. Now, he should be talking more about Jesus than me, but you get what I mean. I’m “with” him. He’s got my back. I have his.

Isn’t that really the best part about #LoveRomance? You’re one of two. Or in many ways, one of one. A unit. You’re in an intimate relationship of which only you two are privy.

Recently watching the BBC series Poldark, I was so impacted by Ross Poldark’s devotion to his kitchen wench. She was a bruised and battered young woman. He rescued her. But when their feelings deepened and he took her to bed, he married her. He did the right thing and, as time passed, affection bloomed into real love.

Watching this captain, mine owner, leader of men, and defender of the weak relate to this woman and their baby daughter shouts to me of #romance. She is free, truly free, because of Poldark’s love. And he, well, he is the perfect hero.

Love frees. Love empowers and enables. Love forgives and forgets. Love hopes and believes. Love, real love, never fails.

I could spend my life writing about love and romance and never find the ending of its power and resources.

That is why I #LoveRomance and romantic tales. Because they bring to mind all that is beautiful and wonderful in life and in heaven.

Rachel recommends:

If you love quintessential romance, check out Denise Hunter  –   denisehunterbooks.com   (at Amazon)   Her book A Convenient Groom was a Hallmark movie. She’s a classic romance author.

One of my favorite authors, Beatriz Williams   –   beatrizwilliams.com  (at Amazon)   –  Her book A Hundred Summers impacted me as a reader as well as a writer. I told my editor, “I want to write like this!” Check her out at beatrizwilliams@me.com

Beth K. Vogt   –    www.bethvogt.com    (at Amazon)  –   a recent Christy Award winner, is a fabulous romance author.

And be sure to check out Melissa Tagg   –   melissatagg.com   (at Amazon)   –  another charming, funny and engaging author.

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.TonyRachelHaystackRock

A few years ago, my husband and I went to Oregon for a long weekend. I was speaking at a Saturday conference, but we took a few days after to see the countryside. We drove over to Canon Beach and it was so beautiful, so wild and fun. And yes, romantic, because I was seeing this gorgeous ocean scene with my husband. We had a blast together. That time stands out to both of us as one of our treasured trips.

Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.

I had a friend in college, Suzanne, with whom I clicked the moment we met. I knew she was someone special. I wanted to be her friend. I was rushing her sorority and while she had established friends, she made room for me in her life. Of course in college, you go through a lot of romantic gymnastics and we were always there for SuzanneAndMe2015each other, listening, providing comfort and advice. But what will always stand out to me was how connected I felt to her in that first moment. 

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance?

I love easy-listening music. The kind on the 5000 channels, where they take old rock songs and geek them out with violins and cellos. That is the most romantic music to me. I love when it’s playing and the house is otherwise quiet, the lamp light low and glowing, dinner simmering in the kitchen. So perfect. It’s romantic because it’s peaceful and soothing. Because it’s home.

Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?

Okay, I’m going to have to go with Ross Poldark and Demelza from the BBC show Poldark. My other first place winners are Matthew and Mary from Downton Abbey. When he proposes to her outside, in the snow, on Ross-Poldark-and-Demelza-poldark-38286234-1920-1080Christmas … sigh. It’s the best.

Tell us about your dream date. 

Dream date: a quiet dinner on the beach, then walking with my husband by the waves at dusk, hand-in-hand, saying nothing, saying everything.  


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