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Romance On and Off the Page

I love romance but probably not the kind of romance most people prefer. If you ask my family and friends, OneLittleKiss_1800x2700I am not a mushy, lace and flowers girl. Nope. Don’t bring home cut flowers in a vase either…not my thing. Not what you expect from a romance author? I bet not.

But do I love romance? You bet I do. To me romance is my guy taking down the casserole dish I need to use so that I don’t have to get out the step stool. (the problems I deal with as a short person) Or when he texts me to let me know that my favorite musician is coming to town and he’ll be the designated driver for me and my friends – even though he hates his music. Or when he sweats it out in the car because the A/C makes me chilly.  That is romance to me.

Romance stems directly from love and when I feel it…when I see it…when I can reach out and touch it…that’s what makes me swoon. On and off the page.

Although I completely dig writing “the grand gesture” in my books I would die on the spot if they ever happened in my life.  I’ll save the dancing flash mobs and the skywriting for my books…not for real life. Nope, just show it to me in little ways everyday that I’m yours. Make sure that I know that I’m always at the top of your list. I’ll take it! That’s the kind of real life romance I love.

How do you love your romance? Wrapped up with yummy chocolates and bubble bath? Dinner hot and on MacKenzie World_Robin Covington_300dpi_USAthe table when you get home from a long day at work? Somewhere in between?

Robin Covington recommends: 

Oh man…it’s so hard to pick my favorites!  But, here are ones that I re-read their books because I just can’t leave the characters behind. (for me it is always about the characters!)

Abigail Roux   –  –  (at Amazon)   She wrote the “Cut & Run” series and I have it in audio, paper and digital. I love Ty and Zane and I bawled like a baby when the series was done. BIG. UGLY. CRY.

K.A. Mitchell   –  –   (At Amazon)   Her book “Bad Boyfriend” is my not-so-secret lover. I adore this book and most especially the character of Eli. In fact, when I met her I actually quoted a passage of the book to her – I am that much of a fan. There were tears.

Shannon McKenna   –  –  (At Amazon) Holy moly. She is the queen of complicated Alpha male heroes and her McCloud Brothers series makes my mouth water. She is my go-to for over-the-top sexy and suspenseful romance.

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment in your life when you felt romance surrounding you.

This question made me think of one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been: my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains. I have a life-long and deep love affair with my home state of Virginia and I am a mountain, farm girl at heart. So I stand on the edge of an overlook and see the blue skies above and the rolling hills and the navy blue mountain peaks and I am in love. I could stare for hours in any season and never grow tired of it.

Tell us about someone special in your life (other than your partner) with whom you share romance.

 My besties are the people I share romance with on a daily basis. Avery Flynn and Kimberly Kincaid are romance authors too and we are constantly talking, texting, gushing, and quoting romance from movies, books, and TVs. We share the best and the worst and think up new and unique ways to showcase it in our books. And we spend hours discussing the sexiest and most romantic heroes on the page and screen – all for the sake of research! The only things we talk about more are shoes and makeup and food…not necessarily in that order.

Do you have a place in the world or a sound that you equate with romance?

The sound of music is romance to me. I’m a singer and a musician and I am always fascinated with the ways that the weaving of words and notes can bring out a vivid picture or a deep, real feeling. If you get me with the right combination it will bring me to my knees and to tears.

Who is your (or a) favorite romantic couple?

My favorite classic romance is PERSUASION by Jane Austen because it is the epitome of a second chance romance between two people who never could forget each other. So, Captain Frederick Wentworth and Anne Elliot are my favorite. (when he writes her that love letter confessing his feelings? It kills me every time I read it.)

Tell us about your dream date. 

For me, it’s a weekend in a gorgeous penthouse room at a 5-star hotel with exquisite room service, in-room massages and nothing to do but to be together. No cell phones. No responsibilities. Yes! Please! (I have two kids…I need this!)

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  • Judy Goodnight

    I’d never say no to a bouquet of flowers, but I do agree that it’s the little things that show how much you care. I love knowing that I can count on my husband to provide tech support whenever I need it, or check something in my car, or even just keeping the bird feeder outside my window filled.

  • Amber Ag

    I love when my husband shows me that he cares how I’m feeling (which is always. lol.) It’s always nice to know someone cares. Thanks for the recs! 🙂

  • Sue G.

    I can sympathize with the short thing….5’2″…shortest in my family. I love the little things too….the unexpected holding of my hand, the noticing of something at the grocery story that hubby thought I would like. I don’t think I’d like the big, dramatic things, plus hubby is too shy to ever do something like that anyways! 😉

  • Bette Hansen

    I’m with you, it’s the simple things they do that really show how much they care. Great article!

  • Ooo… I LOVE K.A. Mitchell. Collision Course was my first read of hers and to this day it is my favorite. It was also one of the first m/m romances I read, and it changed my life. One of the highlights of my writing career was when Carina posted an excerpt from my book at the end of Getting Him Back…

  • DVC Eeyore

    LOL At first when I read your interview I read only “…sound of music…” thus my thoughts “Yippee, a musician who appreciates a classic movie!” I didn’t catch the lowercase at first… Groan, my bad yes I know but as a fellow musician, fingers & instruments out of tune, how could anyone think otherwise? 🙂 I love the Blue Ridge, the beauty no words but I can imagine it set to music… Love your books, great escapes, thank you for sharing a bit of “the real you” & keep the artistic side alive!

  • Debbie Fuller

    I love romance in any and all forms. The big, over-the-top moments and the little tipping-of-the-hat-with-a-crooked-grin moments, sigh. I’m easy, just ask my husband. LOL

  • Pamby50

    I love The Joan Wilder. Wonderful movie. My husband is not the flowers, candy and cards type of person. He will leave little post-it notes telling me he loves me. I may get candy bars if he goes to the store. He still sings to me and in Sept it will be 35 yrs.

  • Sharlene Wegner

    I haven’t had any grand gesture romance moments lately, but slow & steady love & security are good for me. Plus, I can count on my husband to fix stuff! I would, however, love that week-end in the 5 star hotel you talked about!

  • Heather Roach

    Within the first week of my relationship with my husband he bought me two gifts: a package of really amazing bacon and a candy apple red toaster. Not so “romantic” but they showed how much he “got” me. I have romance in my life daily because he is still that man.

  • K Davis

    I’ve been married almost 30 years, and I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. My husband isn’t the flowers, and girly romance type. He’s more likely to bring me a candy bar, or lottery ticket from the gas station. 🙂

  • Eileen Aberman Wells

    Hi Robin!! It really is the little thing that mean so much in a relationship. After being together 36 years, married 34, that is more important to me than expensive gifts. That and making sure you communicate with each other.

  • Flora Segura-Buchler

    Thank you for a wonderful post, Robin.
    On our first anniversary 37 years ago, my husband gave me an electric rice cooker. I thought it was nice, we’d been talking about getting one so it made sense. However, we were planning on recreating our honeymoon trip of the year before by driving up the beautiful California Coast; I considered this our romantic gift to each other. When we got to our first stop, Santa Barbara, I started to unpack a few things then took our toiletries into the bathroom. When I came back out there was a beautifully wrapped box sitting on the bed. He was grinning ear to ear when he asked if I thought he would give me a rice cooker for our first anniversary! This is my DH 37 years later: exactly the same! He still likes to surprise me with little gifts for no special reason or occasion.
    Oh, inside that long ago gift box was a lovely, lacy, pink, Dior negligee!

  • mariannewestrich

    OMG – so glad to find another Abigail Roux fan! Cut and Run should never have ended!

  • Brenda McCaw

    I love to hear about books or series that others re-read. If there were only more hours in the day up here in CANADA!

    • Ada H

      Hi this is Ada and I’m helping with the RARM drawings. You have been chosen as one of Robin Covington’s winner. Please send a message with your mailing address to me at and we’ll put Robin in touch with you. Please send a response by next Sunday, August 28/16. Thanks and Congrats!

  • Jami Birnbaum

    I agree with you about music. It fuels my soul. You should see my ipod ~ it’s such a crazy mix.

  • Meghan Stith

    I LOVE Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” I do have to say my favorite Jane Austen is “Pride and Prejudice,” but “Persuasion” is definitely a close second.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • May

    I think I love Persuasion more when I get older… I wasn’t as fond of it when I was younger…

  • Linda Henderson

    I love music too. Right now I’m totally hooked on Sia, I love her music. A lot of the time I will listen to music while I’m reading. I love reading romance and to me the small things are just as important as the big things.

  • “Just show it to me in little ways everyday that I’m yours. Make sure that I know that I’m always at the top of your list”: this is the best for me too. With little, kindest things.
    (Marinella from Italy)

  • Glenda

    I have to agree that to me real romance is less about the grand gesture and more about the daily interactions.

  • Mary McCoy

    Real romance is definitely seen in the little important every day give and take of a relationship.

  • rebecca moe

    OMG, yes, Persuasion is my favorite too! For my last birthday, my daughter collaborated with a friend of hers to draw Captain Wentworth writing the letter with a quote from it underneath. So. Sweet.

    I also would die of mortification if someone did the whole grand gesture thing for me–lovely thought, but no thank you 😉

    Thanks for posting!

  • Molly

    I love persuasion as well.

    • Hi Molly!

      You’re one of Robin’s US winners. Please either reply here, send a mssg to the this page (above), or send an email to – include Robin Covington winner in the subject please – with your email address and we’ll get your book to you. xo