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The Love That Makes You Want To Dance

My kids are in band, and one year, they played for a Veteran’s Day ceremony.  I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, since I had to get back to work, but I did get to see their performance.

One of the songs they played was Tuxedo Junction – a popular song from the 1940s.  The conductor invited anyone who wanted to get up and dance.  And out of the couple of hundred people at the event, one couple did.

They jitterbugged and swung and hopped their way through the music and when it was over, they got as much applause as the band.  And this couple?  Had to be in their 80s, if not older.  If you’ve been with your partner for a lifetime and you still want to get up and dance, that’s romance.

Okay, yes, it’s possible it was a second or even third marriage for them.  But in my mind, they love each other as much now as they did when they first danced that dance 70 years ago.

One weekend recently, I was putzing around a Barnes and Noble café.  I’d like to say I was involved with writing my next novel, but in reality, I was digging Words With Friends and 2048.  Eventually I looked up and took stock of the room.

At almost every table sat older couples drinking coffee and reading. Maybe they said a quick word to each other.  Maybe they laughed over a shared read.  Maybe they sat in silence, each enjoying their drink.  But they did it together.  And that’s romance, too.

It’s not the grand gestures or expensive vacations or dazzling gifts.  It’s the pure and simple love that makes you want to dance.  It’s hanging out with a book and a drink.  And it’s wanting to still be together, even after a lifetime.

Abigail recommends:

Charlee Allden  –   www.charleeallden.com   –  @Amazon

The first in her Arena Dogs series, Finding Mercury, is hot and sexy and makes you want one (or two!) of these alpha men to call your own.

Kat Latham  –   katlatham.com  –  @Amazon

I know when I pick up a Kat Latham book that I’m going to get a satisfying read with heat and heart and hot men!  I love her strong rugby heroes who learn life is better with their heroines.

Lena Diaz   –  www.lenadiaz.com  –  @Amazon

The first chapter in Lena’s first book had me so chilled I knew it was going to be an exciting ride, and she didn’t disappoint.  Her Deadly Games books are my favorite romantic suspense series out there.

Carolyn Bradley  –   www.carolinebradley.net  – @Amazon 

Her debut novel, Heated Competition, should have been called BURNING HOT competition.  I was hooked by the type A personalities butting heads (and other things beneath the sheets!).

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

Picture this:  A community theater production of The Sound of Music.  The nuns have 15 minutes of stage time in the 2+ hour show.  So what do they do when they’re not singing in Latin?  Read.

On the cover is one hot highlander and lots of plaid.  Reading it is a quiet girl (definitely not me) who is in her first show.  She keeps to herself.  Until the stage manager teases her about the bodice ripper, and the nuns bond over our favorite romance novels.

(And an aside – for those of you who are like – but Jamie isn’t on Outlander’s cover!  This book must have been a first edition paperback.  This sucker was OLD.)

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

My husband is a homebody, while I’m more social.  When we moved in together *cough* years ago, I still went out at night with friends, and he would still stay home.  I began to notice – if it was dark when I came home, he always turned on the front light for me.

It became a symbol.  He loves me.  Even when we’re not together, he’s thinking about me.  He could be sawing wood when I get home, but it doesn’t matter, because that beacon means I was on his mind.  To me, that one gesture, means I am loved.

There have been moments. Early in our marriage, I told him I love when he leaves the light on for me.  AND THE NEXT DAY HE FORGOT!  I came in the house all pouty faced, but he made it up to me.  And I’m ashamed to admit that he so rarely comes home when it’s dark that I often forget to turn the light on for him.  (But I do other things to show my love!  Like bake chocolate chip cookies and rub his back! But not at the same time.)

We’ll have been married 20 years at the end of August, and even now, if it’s dark when I come home, that light will still shine for me.

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

There are nice words and pleasant words, passionate words and heated words, and then there are the words developed as part of a relationship that can be all types of words at once.

For me, that word is Mehshum.

I can’t remember its origin, but I have memories of it being used.  Boyfriend (now husband) and I would snuggle, with one of us saying it as we got physically closer (meh meh meh meh mehshum).  Or when one of us had something the other one wanted (meyshum?).  Or even in the midst of an argument when we knew we had lost (meyshum!).

It’s our private language, just for us.  And it means whatever we want.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

Julie Cross  –   www.juliecrossbooks.com  Letters to Nowhere

Ever read a book and were totally blown away by how much you loved it?  When all you did was yammer to people about how amazing the book was – the characters, the story, the happily ever after?  That for me was Letters to Nowhere.  I expected a good read – and what I got was a gift.

Pulled heartstrings and heartfelt and heartbreaking and heart thumping and all things heart.  I wish the hero was ten years older (it’s a YA novel, which I normally don’t read) and existed in real life.  He truly gets the heroine. He was sweet and compassionate and all things a good hero should be.  Like the kind of person I’d want my kids to be.  Watching the heroine grow and adapt was emotional and you rooted for her the whole time.  She was relatable and real and deserved her happy ending.

No otherworldly creatures.  No jet setting billionaires.  No dirty talking motorcycle men.  Just strong writing with characters so relatable and a love story done so well that it’s followed me for the past three years.

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

“No one here is going to care if you’re bald, Abby,” said my former coworker.

It was 2006.  I had just had a mastectomy to rid myself of stage II breast cancer, and was contemplating which wig to wear during chemo.  And she was so right.

Aside from having to be careful about my head getting a sunburn (yay, Florida summers!), being au natural was the best thing I could have done.  It showed my kids I had nothing to hide.  My shining beacon let strangers know what I was going through, and got many a high five from my sisters in illness.  And I wouldn’t have done it without my coworker casually blowing off my baldness.

Also because of this, I had my own words of encouragement to offer women who followed after me.  I hope I gave some comfort and strength to those fighting this disease.

All because of that one sentence.


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Abigail Sharpe is a Boston-bred Yankee now eating grits and saying “y’all” in North Central Florida. She dreamed more of being a stage actress or joining the CIA than being an author. While she still enjoys participating in community theater productions and singing karaoke, the secret-agent career was replaced by hours at her computer, writing passionate and playful contemporary romance.

Her first novel, Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy, was a Golden Heart finalist and was released by Grand Central in 2013.  Her current work in progress, Moonshine and Magnolias, is about two cousins and a friend who run a plantation-turned Inn.

When she’s not writing, she can be found wearing a corset and singing bawdy songs with Just Desserts, an a cappella musical comedy act, at places that won’t throw them out. Abigail lives with her husband, two kids, and one crazy princess puppy.


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