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The Power To Take Us Away

After my first book came out, I used to get a lot of, “Oh, I don’t read romance” when I told people I’m a writer. It came mostly from casual acquaintances, like friends of friends, or neighbors, or the lady standing behind me at the grocery store. After a while I noticed it’s the most common first response I got, and usually they’re in enough of a rush to define their reading habits that I hardly get the word “romance” out before they rush to tell me they don’t read it.

I find this baffling, for two reasons. One, from a statistical standpoint, it’s suspect (someone has to be buying all those romance novels, right?), and two, because more often than not the phrase, “Oh, I don’t read romance,” really means, “I’ve never even given romance novels a chance.” Now, I’m not the romance novel police, and I’m not going to judge people’s reading choices, but clearly I’m sold on the power of romance, and don’t like to hear my beloved genre condemned without a fair trial.

Whether we’re romance readers or writers (or both!) at some point or other we’ve all found ourselves defending romance novels to someone who’s never read one. I can’t count how many times I’ve been the champion of the romance novel, and sometimes I’ve had my work cut out for me.

My most recent skirmish as a lover of romance came in the form of an exchange with another parent at my kids’ school, a perfectly nice lady who happened to have a high-pressure, demanding job as an emergency room doctor. The conversation started pretty much like many other conversations I’ve had about my chosen genre:

Doctor: “Oh, you write romance? I don’t read romance.”

Me: “Have you ever tried one?”

Doctor: “No. My mother reads them. She just loves those trashy books.”

Me: “Um, I didn’t say I write trashy books. I said I write romance.”

I was a little stunned by her comment, and she was a little abashed by my response, and the whole thing left me feeling upset, so the next day I brought her a signed copy of my book, and (smiling through gritted teeth), told her reading romance is recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors (hey, it could be true) for relaxation and lowering blood pressure, and suggested she give it a try.

I had my doubts she’d ever actually read the book—in fact, I pretty much expected her to spend the rest of the school year awkwardly avoiding me, but I was wrong. She did read it, as I found out the following Monday at school, when she ran after me as I was getting into my car to tell me she loved the book, and that she’d ended up reading the entire thing in the bathtub because she couldn’t put it down. Her exact words? “It was a real ‘Calgon, take me away’ moment!”

That’s what romance does—it takes us away for a brief moment, and there’s not a person in the world—no matter who they are, or what they do—who doesn’t occasionally need to be taken away.

So, is romance powerful? I’d have to say anything that can take us out of ourselves for a few stolen moments is powerful, so now when people say to me, “Oh, I don’t read romance,” that’s what I tell them.


Anna recommends:


Elizabeth Essex    –       –    @Amazon

“Romance so good, it’s scandalous!” Strong heroines, witty banter, beautifully written! The delicious Reckless Brides series is a great place to start.



Claire Petretti-Marti     –       –      @Amazon

Fresh, fun contemporary romance! Second Chance in Laguna, which is the first book in her “Finding Forever in Laguna” series, is the ideal beach read!



Elizabeth Cole    –      –     @Amazon

“Smart ladies, sensual heroes, and thrilling stories!” Intrigue, suspense and romance in historically detailed settings. Compelling, addictive reads!


Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

If romance is powerful, romance writers are even more so, especially when they’re talented, hysterically funny, and know how to mix a mean cocktail! I’m so lucky to be part of a small group of fellow romance writers who never fail in their energy and support for each other. Whenever I get the chance to spend time with them I always come away with boundless creative energy. Writer friends and pomegranate-lemonade martinis? That’s power, baby!

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

This is the corniest answer ever, but what can I say? The truth is often corny. My wedding bouquet, which is now a little bundle of dried white roses wrapped in a faded green ribbon, is the first object I thought of when I read this question. It has pride of place on one of my bookshelves in my bedroom, because I like to be reminded that nineteen years ago, I chose the right hero!

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

Like most writers and readers I love words, so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just one, and I might change my mind tomorrow, but for now, today, I’m going with the word “hope,” because it’s a word from which so many other positive words come, and also because you know you have a powerful word when it’s opposite is unthinkable.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

I don’t usually read a book more than once (too many books, too little time!) but this year I found a book I enjoyed so much I actually read it twice—Sally Thorne’s “The Hating Game.” If you haven’t read this, it’s on my “highly recommend” list! It’s funny and engaging, and that in itself is powerful, but the book also delivers a powerful message, which is that the last person you ever thought you could love might be the one person you need the most.

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

Before I became a professional writer, I spent eight years helping amass a rare book collection of works by pre-Austen English women writers. The visionary and founder of that project, Sandy Lerner, had an enormous influence on me. The collection I helped acquire ultimately became the Chawton House Library, a country estate which at one time belonged to Jane Austen’s brother, Edward Austen-Knight, and where Jane herself spent a significant amount of time. Sandy was a demanding boss. She could be difficult to work for, but she had the kind of incredible drive and vision that made it worth it. She undertook a massive project with restoring such a historically significant estate, and like most massive projects there were delays and difficulties, but she persisted, and in 2003 the Center for the Study of Early English Women’s Writing opened. The house, garden and library are incredible, and I’m so proud I got to be a part of it!


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Anna writes steamy historical romance (think garters, fops and riding crops) and squeezes in a few days a week of teaching writing on the side. She lives with her enormously patient husband, two brilliant and maddening children, and a variety of spoiled pets in Portland, OR, where people are delightfully weird and love to read.



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