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Engaging Minds & Emotions

“Did you know the family history when you were writing the book?” my Aunt Carol asked after she read my last novel.

“What family history?” I replied, intrigued by her question.

She told me the story of how my great-uncle and his wife made the difficult decision never to have children because his parents both died in an asylum. I had never heard any of it before, and yet I had explored very similar themes. How incredible that I had unconsciously mirrored this buried family secret in my writing!

The romance novels I read over and over again resonate on a close, personal level. As the characters grapple with hardship and overcome devastating obstacles on the path to love and fulfillment, I’m right there with them. Their pain is my pain. Their joy, my joy. Romance novels have a unique and powerful ability to make us feel. They engage our minds, and emotions, and open our hearts.

But don’t people read romance novels to escape from reality? Aren’t they just portraying a fantasy world? When someone asks such questions, I know they’ve never read one of the books they are dismissing.

They’ve never been moved to tears by the portrayal of a woman recovering from a heartbreaking stillbirth. Never sighed with pleasure when a tough ex-military hero suffering from PTSD finally admits that perhaps he does need a good cuddle. And they’ve never cheered when an insecure, full-figured heroine learns to love her curves and embrace her sexuality.

I pick up a romance novel when I want to embark on an emotional journey. When I need the release of a good laugh…or a good cry. Or when my faith in love needs a little restoring.

Romance novels speak to the fundamental human desire for connection and love. They portray the complexity of relationships and explore the boundless capacity of the heart for empathy and caring. They shed light on many of life’s darkest moments, providing comfort and celebrating the healing power of love.

Now that’s powerful stuff.

Lenora recommends:

Here are three authors whose books are moving and powerful.

Pintip Dunn  –   www.pintipdunn.com   @Amazon  —  explores issues of belonging and self-discovery in her provocative, gorgeous stories.

Alyssa Cole   –   www.alyssacole.com   @Amazon  —  is a versatile maestro who moves effortlessly between sub-genres but always crafts compelling, soul-satisfying romance.

Laura Trentham  –  www.lauratrentham.com   @Amazon  —  pens warm, charming and always surprising stories of redemption, healing, and love.


Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

When I was living overseas for work, a U.S. reader wrote to tell me that she was going through a seemingly endless string of bad luck – from a job loss to a serious illness – and the only thing that elevated her mood was reading Regency romance. “Love spans the globe,” she wrote, “and I feel surrounded by hope.”

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

My mother-in-law recently passed away from cancer. The blessing was that my husband and I were able to be with her the last months of her life. We inherited her charm bracelet and it’s such a beautiful time capsule. I love touching the charms she collected on special occasions like her twenty-first birthday, her wedding day, the births of her children, and that lovely fifteenth wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii.

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

Hope. When things are broken, when rifts divide, hope illuminates the path forward.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

Probably the most powerful romance novel I’ve ever read is Laura Kinsale’s Flowers from the Storm. Talk about overcoming adversity! The brilliant, decadent hero suffers a stroke, loses his power of speech and language, and is wrongfully imprisoned in a lunatic asylum where he is cared for, and ultimately saved by, his innocent, fiercely ethical Quaker assistant.

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

One of my college professors recognized that I was struggling with perfectionism and writer’s block and gave me the powerful feminist book Silences by Tillie Olsen. I never would have finished my college literature thesis, much less gone on to write novels, if it wasn’t for his kindness, empathy, and insight in giving me the perfect book at the perfect time in my life.

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Lenora Bell is a USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of historical romances. She grew up in a small Alaskan town that still has no traffic lights and she blames those long, dark winters for turning her into a lifelong bookworm. She has lived and worked on five continents but can currently be found in an old farmhouse in the Pacific Northwest with her carpenter husband and two tiger-striped rescue kitties.


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  • Dawn Anderson

    I love the story about your mother-in-law’s bracelet. What a wonderful thing to showcase her life and memories.

    • Hi Dawn, thanks so much for reading and commenting! I love Read a Romance Month and I’m so honored to be participating! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

      • Read-A-Romance


  • cheryl c.

    The charm bracelet is such a beautiful memento of your mother-in-law and her life.

    • Thanks for commenting, Cheryl! It’s very special to both my husband and to me because each charm is such a beautiful memory. xo!

  • Molly

    I love how the charm bracelet is a great thing to have to remover her by.

    • Hi Molly, thanks so much for commenting! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

  • Sue G.

    What a family revelation…it was like you were meant to write that book!

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by. I couldn’t believe it when my aunt told me that. So weird that fiction was mirroring life! xo

  • Melissa Cowling Terry

    I’m so happy that you have your MIL charm bracelet to remember her by. There must be a lot of great memories on it.

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for commenting. It is such a beautiful way to remember her by. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Kathy Nye

    I too am a fan of Flowers from the Storm. Your covers are great by the way.

    • Hi Kathy, glad to meet a fellow Kinsale fan! Thanks so much – I heart the Avon art department 🙂

      • Read-A-Romance

        Did you both see Anna Campbell’s post? She mentioned FftS too. xo

        • Anna Campbell is one of my inspirations! And I loved her post about the heroine’s journey ❤️

          • Read-A-Romance


  • Janette Gryniewicz

    What a lovely article. Thanks for sharing and for the contest.

    • Thank you for reading, Janette! I’m so honored to be here and to share Read a Romance Month with you. xo

  • Charlene Whitehouse

    That’s how I feel also. You get pulled in the story and feel as if you are right there in the middle of the words and the Adventure.

    • Hi Charlene! Nice to see you here. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling of being swept away into a story? I have to be careful or I’ll just keep reading other peoples’ books while I’m supposed to be finishing mine 🙂

  • Deidra Ann Hurt

    I love all your books! I own 2 of them but one got ruined by son when my husband left it in reach of his waterbottle….and the other is a ebook! Must say there’s nothing quite like the actual book to me but any way I can read your books I’m going to!! I totally read them out of order not realizing it but was instantly sucked in!! You are fast becoming one of my favorite must read authors!!!

  • Patty Vasquez

    I think it’s the ability of romance to make us feel, and the relatability of the plots, that results in my husband asking for a summary of the books I’m reading. He’ll ask daily about the story, the characters, and their HEA. It’s actually pretty neat how interested he becomes in some of the stories.

    • Read-A-Romance

      I love that! xoxo

      • Patty Vasquez

        He knows who my favorite authors are, too. I’ve tripped him up this summer because I’ve been trying some new-to-me authors. Lol

        • Read-A-Romance

          xoxo :o)

  • MaryC

    Do you know the story behind each charm on your mother-in-law’s bracelet?

  • Christine Colburn

    Thank you for the opportunity, Lenora!

    • My pleasure, Christine! I want to thank Bobbi and Read A Romance Month for inviting me. It’s so much fun!

      • Read-A-Romance

        thanks so much, and my true pleasure. xoxo

  • Audrey

    Lenora, I love your one word answer: Hope! I will remember that! Thank you for such a wonderful interview, and I hope to continue to read more of your works.

    • Hi Audrey, thanks so much for your lovely, supportive comment! It’s such an honor to be here today and I’m so happy to connect with you. xo

  • Nicole Marie

    Great post! thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thanks for reading romance, Nicole! I’m honored to be here.

  • Courtney

    I love that charm bracelet! And yay for awesome college professors!

    • Hi Courtney! I hope you have some awesome professors right now. xoxo

      • Courtney

        I do! They’ve been very supportive of my thesis!

  • Maida Malby

    I love Lenora and her books. She is a lovely, generous friend and her books make me happy. 😀

    • Hi my lovely writer friend! You make ME happy 🙂 xo

    • Read-A-Romance

      lovely! And she’s been delightful to get to know. xoxo

  • AdeleAhern

    I loved all your books! Thank you for taking us along with you on your fictional adventures. I just finished reading Flowers from the Storm, too! It was a wonderful story. Can hardly wait for your next book!

    • Oh my gosh, thanks for reading Adele! Isn’t Flowers from the Storm stunning? I re-read it every year. xo!

  • Pamby50

    I love reading romance! I see that you lived in Alaska. That is on my bucket list because I read in a book that the sun looks like a big rubber ball just bouncing back to the sky. I can’t imagine that. I love that charm bracelet and all the memories attached to it.

    • Glad to meet a fellow romance lover! I was born and raised in Alaska and my family still lives there. The sky definitely does some strange things there. The northern lights are spectacular! Where did you grow up? Thanks for commenting! xo

      • Pamby50

        I grew up in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Nothing strange going on in the sky but I loved going to Lake Michigan. No matter if you went from the Chicago side or traveled to Indiana Dunes or all the way across to the Michigan side.

  • catslady

    Would love to win this – historicals are my all time favorite read. These sound wonderful!!

    • Read-A-Romance

      they’re great C! Highly recommend! xo

    • Hooray for historical romance lovers! I love that Bobbi includes so many historical authors in RARM ❤️

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  • Cynthia

    I love, love, love Flowers from the Storm and Lenora Bell books are going to be on the keeper shelf as well.

  • Connie Kline Fischer

    I adore historical romances that focus on dukes. They always seem to be the epitome of “the man.” So, as you have written about disgraceful dukes, I am really intrigued and would love to read and review these novels. Thanks for the chance.

  • Ellen

    Hope is a great word. The charm bracelet is a lovely momento. So happy you know the stories behind the charms. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alyn Yang

    I think some people fail to understand why anyone would want to escape to the world of a romance novel. I’ve heard it before from others.

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