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Taking The Best Parts With Me

I grew up with romance. I ‘shipped characters before I knew what that meant. I had decided opinions on whether Mary Anne and Logan were right together, or if Elizabeth could do better than Todd, or if Kwame and Gi on Captain Planet might make a better couple than Linka and Wheeler. I devised epic love stories for my dolls. My one Ken doll in a sea of Barbies might have lost multiple body parts thanks to my older brother performing emergency surgery, but an anatomically-incorrect, headless man with one leg has never been so popular with the ladies. As I got a bit older, I moved on to teen romances and then, with an introduction to Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and the discovery of a pretty racy Mills and Boon that I read under the covers and found fantastically scandalous, it was straight into adult contemporaries and historicals, and I never looked back.

One of the derogatory comments that I sometimes see leveled against romance novels is that they give young minds a skewed perception of the world, that a person who grows up reading romance will have unrealistic expectations and expect everything to be hearts and flowers and a happy ending. Romance novels have shaped the way I see the world, but they’ve helped to open my eyes, not clouded my vision with a rosy filter. These books have influenced my passions and my knowledge and my sense of self on a fundamental level. I’ve learned about history from romance novels, about human nature, and different cultures, and disabilities, about prejudice and hate, and love and grief. I’ve seen parts of the world and sides of humanity, both beautiful and intensely ugly, that I would have been blind to without authors letting me borrow their thoughts, feelings and experiences through their words.

When things in the world, in your house, in your body and mind, are bleak and challenging, the relief of enveloping yourself in a comfort read is indescribable, but it’s not necessarily about escaping into a fantasy world. We see universal truth in fiction, and that’s partly why it’s comforting. Romance novels are not only a celebration of the romantic love between two people, or three people, or five shape-shifters, they’re a celebration of humanity at its best, a much-needed reminder when in life we’re so often faced with humanity at its worst. To love another person more than yourself, to sacrifice, to want to give up but to persevere anyway, to forgive, to hold on to hope when all else is gone: that’s the powerful message in romance, and it’s one we all need, now as much as ever. I don’t read romance and then walk through life looking for the fairy tale; I read those stories and I take the best parts of them with me, a thousand fictional voices opening up new ways of thinking and seeing.


Lucy recommends:

Robin D. Owens   –     –   @Amazon

The Celta’s Heartmates series is one of my favourite fated-mate series, and just romance series in general. Awesome, multi-layered world-building and great romance; there really isn’t a book in the series that I wouldn’t recommend. Also, people have telepathic animal “Fam” companions, that are sometimes adorable and sometimes annoying as hell, and live in sentient houses, and I like it all. (


Julianne Donaldson   –     –   @Amazon

Julianne Donaldson’s “Edenbrooke” is one of my favourite historical romances. It’s not a steamy romance, but it’s such an intensely romantic romance. (


Laura Florand –     –   @Amazon

Laura Florand has a writing style entirely her own; it’s lyrical and gorgeous and paints such vivid pictures of the French settings that you can almost smell the flowers and taste the chocolate and see the sexy Frenchmen. She has two main series, but my favourite is probably the Chocolate series, because—well, chocolate. And brooding chocolatiers. (

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

For about a year in my early twenties, I struggled badly with depression. I felt like I’d lost myself, lost all sense of passion and enthusiasm and humour, and everything that made me me. It was like I’d fallen into a black hole and I couldn’t imagine ever being able to climb out again. But there is always a flicker of light in what can seem like relentless darkness; there’s help and there’s hope. In Kresley Cole’s book “The Master” (a fave!), the heroine and hero say to each other when they’re hurt: “Better things await you”. That reminder that good things are still yet to come, however bad it seems right now, is something that I think everybody should hold on to. I don’t remember the moment I realised I was climbing out of that black period, but I do remember, with crystal clarity, the day I was able to pick up one of my keeper-shelf books again and see the story, not just words on a page. I didn’t so much lose myself in the plot, then, as find myself. I loved—and still love—those characters so much that it was like reuniting with old friends, and being able to actually feel the emotions with them again was a gift that I haven’t taken for granted since.

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

This would literally look like a case of one’s (wo)man’s trash being another (wo)man’s treasure. In the top drawer of my jewellery box, I have the pink foil wrapper from a Barbie chocolate lollipop that I ate a long time ago. It was a Valentine’s Day present from a so-called anonymous admirer — a.k.a. my Grandad. From the time that I was very small until the year that he died, my grandfather would deliver unsigned cards and chocolates to my cousin and me on Valentine’s Day. He had a Santa Claus level of stealth going on; neither of us ever caught him doing it, but the gifts appeared every year without fail. And when I look at that wrapper, I remember him, I hear his voice, and I see the twinkle in his eyes when he blandly denied all knowledge of where that lollipop came from. And for the rest of my life, that love is what Valentine’s Day will mean to me.

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

“Believe.”  To believe in yourself, your goals, your dreams, your loves, that you’ll reach where you want to be, that there will be amazing times, that you’ll get through the bad times, that things will be okay. Believe.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” is one of the books that’s stayed with me the longest and the hardest. I read it at school when I was a child, it profoundly affected me, and I’ve never forgotten it.

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

There are so many people I could credit here, but in the spirit of books, I’m going to go with J.K. Rowling. In my teens, the Harry Potter books gave me my first experience of having so much anticipation waiting for a book to be published—and it was such a global phenomenon; there was really nothing like the build-up to each HP release. But more significantly, to me, was that Harry Potter was my first real fandom; I made a group of online friends who still offer me incredible support today. I’ve written stories since I was little, like most writers, and, also like most writers, I wanted to be a published author from a very young age. However, there’s a huge jump between wanting that in theory and actually finishing a full novel and putting your work out there, and the friends I met through J.K. Rowling’s books played a huge part in giving me the motivation to try.

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Lucy Parker lives in New Zealand, where she feels lucky every day to look out at mountains, lakes, and vineyards. She has a degree in Art History, loves museums and art galleries, and doodles unrecognizable flowers when she has writer’s block. When she’s not writing, working or sleeping, she happily tackles the towering pile of to-be-read books that never gets any smaller.

Thankfully, there’s always another story waiting.

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