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In Year 2 of RARM I decided to have a reader write one of the posts for Day 1 – a tradition now. I’m so pleased to introduce you to Lynne Wall. Lynne is a huge romance fan (and also a librarian), and I’m so grateful to have her be the “Spotlight Reader” for this, the 5th Read-A-Romance Month.

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Romance When and Where You Need It.

I hang up.  She’ll be here in 5 minutes.  I grab my tote bag, stuff in a sweater because it’s always cold in there, my day planner in case they admit me and most importantly my E- reader and the paperback romance I’m reading at the time.  This is a scenario that happens and periodically I must call a friend to take me to the ER to get checked out for something pertaining to my fight with cancer. I have the most extraordinary friends and they all know one thing about me, I must have my romance books!

I may be considered a newbie when it comes to reading romance.  I read my first romance novel after I began to work in a public library 12 years ago.  I was immediately hooked.  I glommed back lists of the icons, Linda Howard, Brenda Jackson, Lori Foster, Leanne Banks, Dyanne Davis, Dee Henderson and Beverly Jenkins.  I caught up quickly.  I studied RT Book Review Magazine cover to cover.  I began to go to book signings. I visited chatrooms and met other romance readers.  I learned the lingo especially HEA. HEA, happily ever after.  It was the HEA that made romance novels different than other fiction.  It was the HEA that kept me coming back for more.

A few years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I would need radiation and chemotherapy.  I was fortunate that my side effects did not keep me from working.  But that was about all I could do. For several months, I had a routine.  Go to work, come home, eat a small meal and then get dressed for bed. I dressed for bed because at that point in the day I didn’t know exactly when my strength would give out. I would lie on the couch and do the one thing I looked forward to all day.  Reading a romance. That reading time was special, it was a time of relief that I had made it through another day.  It kept my mind from dwelling on fear, instead I was anticipating the next chapters in my book.

One series that captivated me was The Misty Harbor Series by Marcia Evanick. The stories were set in small coastal town in Maine.  I had never read a novel set in Maine. I looked forward to visiting Misty Harbor every evening. I enjoyed it so much that I made a promise to myself that I would visit Maine.  I made a similar promise when I read Nora Roberts Northern Lights. A promise I have kept.

This is the Power of Romance to me. Romance novels serve as a companion in a waiting room. A comfort that replaces the anticipation of a test result.  The pages hold descriptions that can spark promises for the future. The Power of Romance is the reminder to never stop looking for the Happily Ever After in the situations life brings.


Lynne recommends:

Lynette Eason   –    –   @Amazon

(see Q&A below)

Pat Simmons   –    –   @Amazon

Pat is a veteran writer who should be more widely known. Her stories about generations of families and everyday heroes will inspire you.

K.M. Jackson   –    –    @Amazon

I met K.M. Jackson in line at RT a few years ago as I complained Kensington Dafina had contemporary romance. She informed me that she had just signed with Kensington she would be writing contemporary romance. Check out her twist on weddings in her UNCONVENTIONAL BRIDES Series.

Shirley Hailstock   –     –   @Amazon

Shirley is another veteran writer with novels in several genres including contemporary and more recently a romantic suspense series Capital Chronicles.

Sheila Roberts   –    –   @Amazon

Sheila writes small town contemporaries with the lovable heroines that are little quirky. She has had some of her books made into Hallmark movies including The Nine Lives of Christmas.


Questions for the Reader:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

The first time I went to a book signing and saw the interactions between the authors and readers. It was like watching a reunion of friends or relatives. I found out that romance was a community.

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

My late brother’s jacket. He was an adult when I was born. With such a big age difference, I did not see him very much. He was a hardworking, very quiet person. I remember one day he packed us all in his white convertible and drove us to Burger King for Whoppers (my Mother never let us order Whoppers).

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

Help. It has power because it works two ways. I always believed in helping others, but I had to learn to let others help me.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

This year it continues to be Lynette Easons’ The Elite Guardians Agency. Empowered women in an authoritative job.

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

My aunt Fannie who was a powerful woman who reigned over 10 children. She was always the one I could ask for advice, if I needed comfort she was there. She told me to keep going because I had a good future ahead of me.


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Lynne has worked at the Aurora Public Library for over 12 years and that is where she fell in love with Romance books. She leads the Griot African-American Authors book discussion group at the library.

In 2015 she was selected as the Northern Illinois Librarian of the Year by the Windy City chapter of RWA.


Learn more:     |    Twitter@lynnelovesbooks 


Buy Lynn’s recommended books:

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