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The Super Powers of Romance…5 Things the Romance Genre has in Common with Wonder Woman

Romance novels have super powers. Didn’t you know? Lurking behind those (sometimes) saucy covers are words packed with the power to create change. Sometimes those changes are big, like a shift in an important relationship. Sometimes they’re smaller, such as passing a book to a friend that will put a smile on her face. In any case, if the romance genre were a person, she’d basically be Wonder Woman.

Think about it…

1.  She carries a Lasso of Truth. And truth is the essence of romance, isn’t it? Every book follows the journey of the hero and heroine as they find their truth—the truth about themselves, the truth about one another and the truth of the feelings swirling between them. We know they love each other long before they realize it themselves, which makes the journey oh so much fun.

2.  Wonder Woman is a kick ass example of female empowerment, and so is the entire romance industry. The genre is run predominantly by women, about women and for the enjoyment of women. And these women are crushing it. It’s a billion dollar industry that’s created some of literature’s biggest stars as well as brought women’s issues to the forefront of conversation time and time again.

3.  Wonder Woman’s bracelets are called the “Bracelets of Submission.” Tell me you’re not thinking about Christian Grey right now. I dare you. But I’m not just talking about submission in an erotic sense of the word. I mean the willful loss of control that takes place when we trust someone with all of our vulnerability. This is the essence of romance.

4.  Wonder Woman wears a boomerang tiara. It’s a crown and a weapon, all in one, symbolizing both beauty and strength. From Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett to modern-day book characters, romance heroines have been some of the strongest females of the written word. Like that familiar gold tiara, they celebrate the fact that women can be strong and sexy at the same time.

5.  Wonder Woman is a shining of example of positivity in a world that’s painful and ugly more often than we’d like to admit. At her heart, Wonder Woman is a pacifist. She’s a beacon of hope, and I can’t think of a better way to describe romance novels. These books that we adore so much celebrate the redemptive power of love.

What could be more powerful…or wondrous…that that?


Teri recommends:

Lauren Layne    –        laurenlayne.com        –   @Amazon

She’s so great at romantic comedy. I only started reading her recently, and I’m current binge-reading her Stiletto and Oxford series. 


Sarah Morgan   –       sarahmorgan.com        –   @Amazon

I swoon for her From Manhattan With Love books.


Maisey Yates    –        www.maiseyyates.com        –   @Amazon

I read everything Maisey writes. Always.  


Julia London   –       julialondon.com        –    @Amazon

Julia is famous for her historicals, but her contemporary romances are absolutely fantastic. I especially love her sparkling and witty dialogue.


Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

I can pinpoint the exact moment when I first experienced the power of romance. I was in

Margaret Mitchell House & typewriter

seventh grade, and Gone With the Wind was being broadcast in a three-part special on network television. My two best friends and I watched it every night, and I remember being completely swept off my feet. I loved the chemistry between Scarlett and Rhett. I thought it was the most magical thing I’d ever seen. I loved how Rhett could be so charming and so naughty at the same time. So many feels! All three of us read the book immediately afterward—the huge hardback edition with a bright yellow book cover. It was like carrying a brick around the middle school hallways. That was when I first fell in love with romance. I’ve been trying to recapture that magic in my own writing ever since.

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

I’m going to have to say the Miss America lunchbox I had when I was in Kindergarten. One morning when my mom was dropping me off for school, I ran in front of another car and almost got run over. My lunchbox did get run over. I don’t even remember what kind of lunchbox it was, but I definitely remember that when my mom picked me up at the end of the day, she’d gotten me a new, glittering Miss America lunchbox. I thought it was the most glamorous thing I’d ever seen. It also made me feel safe somehow. I’d been pretty shaken up all day after nearly getting hit by that car, and the Miss America lunchbox turned things around. The memory of it has stuck with me all this time, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because earlier this month, I judged the Miss United States pageant in Orlando. I was so thrilled to be invited to be a pageant judge. When I told the pageant organizers I felt like I’d been preparing my whole life for that responsibility, I wasn’t kidding.   

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

“Cake,” for obvious reasons. I’m kidding (sort of). I’d probably say capiche, which is a word my grandpa used all the time. It’s an Americanized version of an Italian word, meaning “do you understand?” I was very close to my grandpa, and I’ve never known anyone else who uses that word. On the rare occasions I’ve heard it since he died, it takes me right back to our regular Wednesday night dinners. I miss him very much.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

One of my favorite reads this year has been Close Enough to Touch, by Colleen Oakley. It’s a very unconventional love story. The heroine is allergic to the human touch, and the hero has just recently become the guardian of a little boy with emotional issues. It was so different and packed a really powerful emotional punch. I couldn’t put it down. I read it months ago, and I’m still thinking about it.

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

I owe a huge portion of my career success to an editor whose name I can’t recall. Back when I first started writing, my goal was to write animal stories, like Black Beauty. At the time, the American Kennel Club hosted an annual short fiction contest and the top three short stories received cash prizes, along with a publishing contract. I entered a Valentine’s Day themed short story about a Cocker Spaniel. (At least I thought that’s what I’d written.) I ended up placing third in the contest, and when the editor called to give me the news, she said there were two very important things she wanted to tell me.

  1. She hated the title of my story. She hated it a lot.
  2. She wanted to tell me that I wasn’t writing animal fiction. I was writing romance. Everyone was falling in love…the dogs, the people, everyone.

I thought about what she said and realized she was right. The next day, I started writing my first romance novel.

I wish I remembered her name, because I’d love to touch base with her and give her a huge thank you for changing my life.

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Teri Wilson is a romance novelist for Harlequin Books, Pocket Star and Tule Publishing. Her novels UNLEASHING MR. DARCY and THE ART OF US are now both Hallmark Channel Original Movies, and she currently has two other films in development with the Hallmark Channel.

Teri is also a contributing writer at HelloGiggles.com, covering books, pop culture and everything royal. She’s crazy about cute animals, vintage fashion and traveling.

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