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A Curious Thing

Hello everyone, I’m Tina DeSalvo – an author and lover of Romance! I’m so excited to be here to chat about the POWER OF ROMANCE with you. When I heard the title of the blog, I immediately began hearing the song by Huey Lewis that was made famous by the hit movie Back to the Future—Power of Love—cue music. I have it playing with me now…go ahead, take a moment and play it while you read on…and what the heck…sing along too— here are the lyrics…

The power of love is a curious thing

Make a one man weep, make another man sing

Change a heart to a little white dove

More than a feeling, that’s the power of love


Tougher than diamonds, whips like cream

Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream

Make a bad one good, mmm make a wrong right

Power of love will keep you home at night


Don’t need money, don’t take fame

Don’t need no credit card to ride this train

It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes

But it might just save your life


That’s the power of love

That’s the power of love

Wow! Doesn’t that explain it…it’s a crazy, contradicting kind of thing. It’s that contradiction and the reality of contradictions that gives us romance authors so many ways to tell the story of love with romance. And, that allows us to find a happily ever after.


…Make a one man weep, make another man sing

I love it! Don’t you?

I see the emotions…and comedy in situations that bring two people together. I try to capture that in my books – to tell the story of the power of love and romance in an entertaining way (with quirky, eccentric secondary characters to mix things up).  :o) But, always I tell the story in a very hopeful way. Do you believe in the hopefulness of love and romance? Don’t you like rooting for a couple to find it – not just for a little bit of time, but for a lifetime?!

Heck yeah- high five me!

Ohhhh…the romance of love is a powerful thing! Don’t you think?

Now crank up ole Huey…grab a romance novel and… feel the power of love!


Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel

You won’t feel it until you feel

You feel the power, feel the power of love

That’s the power, that’s the power of love


Tina recommends:

Cherry Adair   –    www.cherryadair.com     –   @Amazon

There are many authors of various genres that I love to read but when I’m looking for a fast-paced story with adventure, romance and suspense, I pick up a Cherry Adair book. Her turn of a phrase is clever. Her descriptions of the exciting locations where she takes us is like walking into a detailed painting. And…oh my, her Cutter Cay Series are amazing.

Barbara Devlin   –     barbaradevlin.com     –   @Amazon

When I’m writing my contemporary novels and want to escape into a good historical, I chose Barbara Devlin. I love her Pirates of the Coast Series. Who doesn’t love a ruthless pirate like Jean Marc Cavalier? Her pirates are not only tough, powerful and determined, but in need of a woman who is strong enough to be his partner. Her books are exciting, sexy and smart. I’m so glad I found her pirates. 

And a couple more!

Stella Barcelona   –     stellabarcelona.com     –   @Amazon 

Tonya Kappes   –     www.tonyakappes.com     –   @Amazon


Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

When I graduated from the cardboard books that had me counting apples and puppies, romantic stories entered my life. The very first story read to me that began with…Once upon a time, was a romance. I was hooked. And, when I read (or someone read it to me because I was too young or too lazy to do so) Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs I was doubly hooked. Not only was it a Romance, but a Romantic Comedy! I loved those quirky, eccentric, funny dwarfs that were so endearing…and sleepy and dopey too. Most to all, I loved how my heart thumped when Snow White met the handsome, brave Prince. The meeting of that one person who will forever change your life for the good makes my soul sing with anticipation and hope. I guess it also makes me feel secure knowing that while you’re strong enough to conquer the big, bad villain or situation, it’s really nice to share that battle with someone who cares for you so much that he’ll be there to the Happily Ever After-end.

For me, that story exists beyond the pages because of my parents. They met in a very romantic way that changed the course of their lives from that moment on.  My mom, Ann, who lived in Brooklyn, had gone into Manhattan to attend a movie and show with her girlfriend, Ruth. It was a warm, spring evening and after standing in line for a while, they reached the ticket booth. “How many tickets”, the salesperson asked.  Before either of the women could respond, a Navy sailor in uniform behind them said, “Three.” My dad, Frank, paid for my mom and her girlfriend’s tickets and went into the theatre with them. As my mom tells it, “he was handsome with sparkling blue eyes and a southern accent…and he was in uniform. Women love men in uniform.” That was how they met- on that fateful night, my father was on leave from the Battleship New Jersey that he was stationed to during WWII. He decided to see a movie…and POW! He and my mom’s lives were changed forever.  That’s romance. And so was the way, nearly forty years later, that my father and mother looked at each other with that special warm, soft light in their eyes. I think of the way their feelings and emotions flowed to one another in that unguarded way, when I write of when my hero and heroine fall in love with one another – even when they don’t realize it. I also write of the off-beat people that surround them as the Romance blooms – like the 7 dwarfs joyfully dancing with Snow White in their tiny cottage or my father bribing whomever of my mom’s nine siblings were assigned to chaperone them so he could steal a little time alone with the woman he loved.  Romance. It’s emotional and hopeful on the pages of novels and in our lives.

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

The medals and charms I wear on a chain around my neck are a very powerful thing for me. Some are medals of saints (I’m Catholic) that I received from beloved family members and some I got on special trips. Many I had during my battle against breast cancer. During the most difficult times during that journey, these tiny charms reminded me of the people and life experiences that brought me to that day…and as a reminder of the people and experiences I would have in my life for future days. It represents – hope and love and joy.

Tell us about a word that has power for you.

The word – can – is powerful to me. I was taught as a child that I can do anything I want to do. I have the ability if I desire it. That doesn’t mean it will easy. It may be challenging and difficult. Regardless of that, I have the power to do whatever I choose. WOW! That’s powerful to know that life is open for me to dive into and explore.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

I actually read a few powerful books this year by Maggie Osbourne. These are from my “keep” bookshelves. They are her historical western romances – The Wives of Bowie Stone; I Do, I Do, I Do; and Silver Lining. I love these books. They are about strong women facing incredible challenges – yet holding on to their deep, core beliefs when not doing so would make their lives easier (but not their souls). These books unfold a beautiful growth of the characters – heroes and heroines, as life and love pushes them to do so. I highly recommend them. I love her writing in this genre so much, it inspired me to write an historical western romance. I plan to release it early in 2018!

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

NOT FAIR…There are many. Let’s focus on writing – not that naming a single person is any easier. While so many authors have been generous with their time, wisdom and support (hugs to you all), one author really stands out for me – Cherry Adair. We met through a mutual friend, who equally inspired me with her wisdom, wit and passion for the written word. She wasn’t an author, but she way a pioneer and expert in romance. Kate Duffy and I became friends in that mysterious way people do when they connect on so many levels. It just happens. Kate reminded me that I need to always write because I love to write and tell a story. She once said to me when I questioned if the continual unsuccessful pursuit of publication was a waste of my time — “Why would you ever stop doing what you love?”  She was SO RIGHT!  I think of that always. I write because I love to write, not because I want to sell books.

Now, back to the incredible, wonderful, smart and vivacious Cherry Adair. She inspires me every day to be a better author and better person…and she kicks me in the butt when I am a slacker (both as an author and a human being).


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Tina DeSalvo is the author of contemporary Romance with a fresh, humorous voice. Her characters are known for leaping off the page and into your heart! Tina brings her knowledge and passion for the culture, traditions and people of Cajun Country (where she lives) and New Orleans (where she grew up) to her Second Chance Novel series-Elli, Jewell, Hunt for Christmas, Out-lanta and Abby (released August 24th!).

Tina is also a journalist who spent her career in television news and as one of the first female sports broadcasters in Louisiana. A Breast Cancer Survivor, Tina donates her proceeds from Elli to help individuals fight the disease.  She loves to write, but she especially loves spending time with readers…sharing laughs, tears and hugs.

Learn more:

tinadesalvo.com     |    Facebook     |     Twitter@Tina_DeSalvo


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  • Sue G.

    I love the story of how your parents met! That is so fun! Also, congrats on beating cancer! Yay!

  • cheryl c.

    Yes, the little word “can” is actually very powerful.

  • Pamby50

    Wonderful story on how your parents met. Who doesn’t love a man in a uniform. As for Cherry Adair, what can I say. Love her books. New author for me. I can’t wait to read your books.

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Hi Pamby50! I introduced Jackson in this latest book, Abby while he was in uniform. He was in the epilogue of the book before it, Jewell. And– yeah…what can you say about the wonderful Cherry Adair…except..AWESOME!

  • Melissa Cowling Terry

    Maggie Osbourne brings back good memories for me. I enjoyed every one of those books.

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Melissa – she’s amazing!! Do you have a favorite book that she wrote?

      • Melissa Cowling Terry

        I loved Silver Lining.

        • Tina DeSalvo, Author

          SO WONDERFUL!

  • rebecca moe

    I have never read anything from Maggie Osbourne–my TBR continues to grow! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Sally Schmidt

    I just love your stories! Hope is the best thing about romance, and the very best thing is that even if it doesn’t work out the first time, you can always hope again. My mother used to tell us, “Don’t say I can’t, say I’ll try.” I try to live by that.

  • Patty Vasquez

    I’ll give you a high five! The world needs love, romance, and hope right now. I’m glad we have authors like you who give us romance novels to remind us of the power of love when Huey isn’t singing.

  • Ellen

    Hi Tina. I’ve been singing or humming the Power of Love all month. (Or Huey Lewis is singing it in my head.) Love your Mom and Dad’s story. You’re right, every romance has to have good supporting characters. (The Dwarfs) Thanks for the great post.

  • sasper5

    I would love to get a chance to meet you Tina. Your story of how your parents met was so romantic. Is that where you got your love of romance books? I’m going to check out your books.

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Yes! It is. My father was the most romantic Southern man. I hope you enjoy my books if you do read them. Let me know. I’d love to discuss them with you. Hope to meet you too.

  • Nicole Marie

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      You are welcome Nicole. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      You are very welcome, Nicole Marie. Thanks for visiting with me here.

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    Love gow your parents met❤ I’m a sucker for that romantic stuff 🙂 thank you for sharing your story

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Thanks, Tori. Yeah, I am such a Romance and Chick-flick kinda-gal. LOL. I bet you enjoy Rom Com movies too!

  • rebecca moe

    Thank you, I will!

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    Love the escape of a good romance book. Thanks Tina.

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Hi Madison….it’s the best! Nice hearing from you.

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    That’s such a cool story about your parents.

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      Thanks, Booklover. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Tina DeSalvo, Author

    I hope y’all have a great Labor Day holiday- I’m prepping for it today – hoping the weather clears. Do you have plans? I have a lot of great ideas of which books to bring with me from Read-A-Romance Month! Hope y’all do too. Enjoy the holiday!

  • Glenda

    Wow, Tina! I love the story of how your parents met! Thanks for sharing!

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Hi Glenda, thank you. I love sharing their story. 🙂

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Hi Glenda. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Tina, Thanks for sharing your parents story.

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      Hi vonfarm. Thanks for stopping by. Tina

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    Thanks for sharing your parents’ story–how lovely, Tina! And I love Maggie Osborne, too! Looking forward to your western historical!

    • Tina DeSalvo, Author

      Thanks flchen1– Do you have a fave Maggie Osborne book?

  • Tina DeSalvo, Author

    Thank you, Kezia…he was a fun man. Had a great sense of humor. Love to hear from you after you’ve read my book (s) to get your feedback. Stay in touch. T