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(Quick shout out – Victoria was the graphics designer behind RARM’s logo and helped me so much on this project, especially the first 2 years. I am so grateful to her and it’s been a true honor to watch her expand into becoming a writer and blogger, and see her spread her wings into a bunch of different directions. So happy to have her here in RARM.)


Hope. Pain. Resilience. The Power of Romance

Truth time. I have never set out to be a romance writer and I don’t think I will ever be one…technically. I love the genre, but I feel that there are authors that just do it better. This is why, when I was writing WHEN IT HITS THE FAN, I was so adamant about not having a romantic element in the book. I had this idea that I had to different. I was going to be the anti-romance writer. Yet, as I got to know Cami and the rest of her crew, I realized one thing. There is a power to having a romance within a book. By opening up the characters to relationships and allowing them to implode or fall hard, it gave me so much more to play around with.

Now, as I work on my second and third novels, I realize what a gift exploring possibilities of love is. The emotions and the range of situations you can put a character in expand exponentially with this one underlining theme. Giving a character feelings for another opens quite a few doors. And the types of love and passion that can live within the pages of a book are endless. However, what I found most fun to write is removing love from my characters. In my next novel, I have pushed the boundaries of obsession. I am giving my characters something so strong that they cannot help but become all consumed and then rip it away. What will they do? How will they react? Pushing them from one spectrum to the next has proven to me the power in romance. Even in the darkest of stories (…yes…I am going crime/thriller/dystopian on you all), playing with the love or hate two characters have can make the difference between an OK story and a great one.

Romance has power. Some may agree and others may disagree. However, no one can deny the pure force that is love which is the basis for romance. The emotions and what they evoke are at the crux of this strength. Love brings out the best and the worst in humanity. It pushes people to take action and say things that they normally wouldn’t. This is its beauty.


Victoria recommends:


Though I am currently binge reading mysteries and thrillers, I have some fabulous recommendations for all the romance lovers out there.



GOOD GIRLS DON’T KISS AND TELL by Codi Gary    –    Amazon


A THOUSAND LETTERS by Staci Hart    –    Amazon


HOLLYWOOD DIRT by Alessandra Torre   –    Amazon


DATING YOU / HATING YOU by Christina Lauren   –    Amazon


MR. RIGHT-SWIPE by Ricki Schultz   –    Amazon


BONUS BOOK (…Because I can’t just give you 5) YOURS TO BARE by Jessica Hawkins    –    Amazon.


Questions for the Author:

1. Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of The Power of Romance.

I don’t know if there is an exact moment that became aware of The Power of Romance. However, when I was writing my debut novel, I realized what is so important about having romance within a story. It became clear to me, even though my book isn’t really a romance, that having Cami find love was important. There is this thread in most of our lives that gives us hope, can bring us pain, and sometimes make us laugh. Romance brings humanity and a level of honesty to not only the characters, but to us all. So I guess The Power of Romance is that it shows us who we are with or without another person. So I don’t know if I answered the question or not, but what I do know is that for every good story there is some aspect of a romance in it. I hope to capture that in every book I write.

2. Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

I have a horseshoe pinky ring from my father that I never leave my home without. Every time that I put it on, I feel like he is with me. I will not get too sappy on you all, but my father was a huge part of my life and I miss him every single day. This ring reminds me of him, of the times we spent together, and oh-so how Italian he was. I mean…a horseshoe pinky ring…you don’t get more Italian than that. 😉

3. Tell us about a word that has power for you.

The one word that has the most power to me is perseverance. In the dictionary, the word is defined as steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. This word is how I have lived my life. Nothing has ever been handed to me and I have had to work hard in making every step that will hopefully lead me to my goals. Perseverance is a word that has power. It shows us all that we should keep fighting even if we fall or fail. I know that I have stumbled more times than I have wanted in my life, but I pick myself every time, drink a bit of wine (because you have to wallow a little), and come at the situation with a different perspective. It is not romantic, but it is real.

4. Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

victoria colotta illustrationI have to go old school with this one. JANE EYRE by by Charlotte Brontë is the one book that I have read and re-read over the years that continues to amaze me. The eloquence of the words, the time period, and the drama are just the start of why I love this book so much. This book shaped me into the book loving coffee addict that I am today. I can still remember sitting in my backyard during the summer before seventh grade and devouring this book in a matter of days. I think it was two to be exact. To this day, it is at the top of my favorites list.

5. Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

Besides my parents, the one person who was the most influential in my life has Elena Sisto. She was my second year drawing teacher at the School of Visual Arts and one of the most amazing women/female artists I have met over the years. She taught me so much about my art and how to look at things in a completely different way by introducing me to Hans Hoffman’s SEARCH FOR THE REAL. This changed everything for me.

And then, one day I was sitting with her and expressed some of my fears about where my career could go. She turned to me and said, “If it doesn’t scare you on some level, then it is not worth doing. You have to put yourself out there and take a risk. If it is too easy, you will never appreciate the success.” These are words that I live with every day.


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victoria colotta illustrationVictoria Colotta is an artist, author, and award winning graphic designer for her work at VMC Art & Design. With a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and a voracious need to constantly be reading, Victoria managed to merge the two loves in her life…art and books. As an artist, she is constantly exploring new ways to create and share her artwork.

Catch up with her on her website, Instagram @artbookscoffee, Facebook, or Twitter @vcolotta to see what she is reading, writing, drawing, and whipping together in her kitchen. Don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter by clicking here.




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