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Welcome to the 5th Annual Read-A-Romance Month!

While I read romance all year long, August is the month we celebrate this awesome genre!  Come back every day to read all three “Power of Romance” posts. Check out the full calendar of authors here. You can also find links to the last four years’ posts from the boxes in the sidebar, and if you’d like, you can follow RARM on Facebook.

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A Voice for Romance

I am so excited to have three of my favorite audiobook narrators taking part in Read-A-Romance Month this year!

Xe Sands asked if it was okay to do an audio essay and I thought it was a brilliant idea!



(If that doesn’t work, you can find it on her soundcloud channel here.)


Xe recommends:

Oh this is so hard! Ok, ok…let’s start with Kristan Higgins. Best known for the humorous content in her fabulously written romance novels, Higgins also always delivers a wonderful emotional journey with characters who go through what we all do at various times: grief, loss, envy, longing, betrayal, redemption. I love that her heroines are smart and independent, but are also struggling as we all do, that they make mistakes and have to deal with the fallout of those mistakes.

And her heroes aren’t perfect, but they aren’t your typical bad boy either. While I *love* my bad boys, I also love my good guys too (as long as they have a decent dose of brooding thrown in). Anyone looking to start with Higgins can’t go wrong with any of her romances such as My One and Only or any of the Blue Heron series, or one of her women’s fiction pieces such as On Second Thought or If You Only Knew. Leo…ahhhh – well you just heard him for yourselves! Oh – and for those who like their steam behind closed doors, Higgins is your gal.

Kristan Higgins     –     www.kristanhiggins.com     –     @Amazon


For those how don’t mind graphic sexual content, I have to point you to CD Reiss. Reiss’s writing is raw, powerful, real and smart. Her characterizations are authentic and her sensual scenes are sexy as all get-out. Yes, there is often BDSM content, real and authentically delivered, and as emotionally powerful as the rest of the story. You can start just about anywhere with CD Reiss, but I can’t imagine falling more in love with a pair of characters as I did with Monica and Jonathan of the Songs of Submission. A close second would be a tie between Marriage Games and Shuttergirl.

CD Reiss     –     cdreiss.com      –      @Amazon


On the sweet but real front, I hope more folks discover Rachael Herron‘s wonderful The Songbirds of Darling Bay series. Herron has a wonderful way of weaving together humor, sweetness and the internal battles we face. She addresses the darker issues with integrity, allowing them to add to, not detract from, the personal stories and overarching love story of each set of characters.

Rachael Herron    –    rachaelherron.com     –     @Amazon


And for those who love their romance couched in a cozy (ha! what an image…), I completely adore the writing, content and cool-as-heck settings coming from Juliet Blackwell in both her cozies, the Haunted Home Renovation and The Witchcraft Mystery Series, as well as her split modern/historical fiction books, The Paris Key and Letters from Paris. Blackwell is highly adept at not only wonderful characterizations and humor, but also slipping in historical data on her settings that just sinks right into your brain and simmers until you can’t help but start looking at travel brochures…

Juliet Blackwell    –    julietblackwell.net    –    @Amazon

Questions for the Author:

Tell us about a moment when you felt or were aware of the power of romance.

I guess I’ll just say…saddle up readers, because from here on out, this all gets pretty personal! Ha! As if the audio essay wasn’t personal enough…onward!

Before I met my husband, my heart had been put through a Magic Bullet by my first college boyfriend. I came out of that a shell of a person, desperate to escape myself however possible, and in that insanity I *might* have signed up to work on a sheep farm 3000 miles away from where I was living. Heh. Seemed like a great idea…until it actually got closer to fruition, because by then, I had met the love of my life. So when it came time to actually get on that plane and go through with this crazy plan, I would have given just about anything to renege on that commitment…after all, we’d been dating for less than three months – how would we survive almost a year of separation?

Picture it: we’re at the airport, at the gate (remember when you could still walk your loved ones TO the GATE?). We’ve kissed and hugged…said our goodbyes. I’m a total mess, not wanting to get on that plane for anything. And then I’m walking away, not looking back, quietly crying. I’m walking away not knowing how we’ll make it, feeling quite sorry for myself if I’m being honest…when from behind, I hear the pounding of feet and suddenly I’m whirled around by my guy – right there in the gangway – and he’s kissing me, kissing me like he can’t possibly let me go, like a freaking romance hero!

So here’s why I’m sharing this: that moment on the gangway? That reckless abandon he showed? THAT – that has sustained us, knowing that’s in him, in us…that heady, romantic need and overwhelming sense of love and loss. You know, people often bag on the romance genre because of the HEA, the happily ever after. But here’s what the critics miss: those romantic moments fuel all they rest that come after. They create a sort of power source that you can return to, a reference point. THAT is the power of romance.

Tell us about an object that has powerful memories for you.

Sometime before we were married, when we were still crazy-young, I noticed among my guy’s things a beautiful and curious envelope. It was handmade from an old calendar page, with a nostalgic graphic of heart-shaped apples growing on the tree, with a picnic spread below. And for some reason, it came to symbolize pure romantic love to me – the kind of love I craved and I…I coveted that thing. Anyway, I desperately wanted him to give me a love note or some such encased in it because I had this ridiculous romantic notion that if he gave me that envelope, it would mean truly for really real that he loved me, that we would last (what can I say? I was young…).

Almost two decades pass…and each time we packed up to move into a new apartment or home, and I happen to move any of his things, I would catch sight of that envelope and that old feeling of longing would come over me – not for the paper itself per se, but for what it had come to mean in my head. Then, for my 38th birthday, he planned an incredible outing, which culminated in him giving me a hilarious recording of all the important people in my life saying “PIE!” one after the other (it’s impossible to explain why this was the perfect gift, but it was), and also…pulling out THE ENVELOPE.

He had used it to enclose another of his mementos that I had long treasured – a particular photo, on the back of which he had written the most loving sentiment about spending our lives and love together – something private that I’ll keep between us. So in that moment, holding in my hand these two mementos that he had carried around with him seemingly forever, knowing that he chose them to somehow contain how he felt about me, about us…ahhhh…one of the most powerful memories I have is that feeling – a feeling wrapped up in a gorgeous old calendar page covered in heart-shaped apples.

Tell us about a word that has power for you.


It’s the intention of it – you can’t avoid the need for action, the consequences, the responsibility.

For years, I had a note on my dash, written by my husband, that read: I choose you. And every day, I return that in kind: I choose to be with him, over and over again. Riiiiiiiiight you say. Sappy as heck. But here’s the thing: it’s dead serious. Choosing is serious, no matter what it is about – it is the conscious, sometimes difficult, act of saying definitively, “This.” It’s not letting yourself off easy, not pretending that it’s just happening to you. So when I’m reading romance and one of the main characters gets to that point where they are ready to stop flailing about and just looks at the other person and says with all their naked vulnerability and intent, “I choose you,” it gets me every time.

Tell us about a powerful book you read this year (or one that’s so powerful you’ve never forgotten it).

I have to sheepishly admit that because of my workload during the first half of this year, I’ve had barely a moment to breathe, let alone read anything purely for pleasure – and I don’t want to play favorites among my recent projects…so let me gush a bit about a book from recent memory that will forever stay with me. The Time Traveler’s Wife. That book, that…that is romance to me. And agony. And beauty. Although I completely understand the desire for a “happily ever after,” that’s not what generally feeds me in my fiction reads. I won’t get into specifics because I don’t wish to spoil it for any who have yet to read it, but my goodness gracious what a love story, what a book! A weird love story, a weird book…but phenomenal

Tell us about a person who’s had a powerful influence on your life.

During my childhood, my step-father and I seemed to spend most of our time either competing or avoiding each other. He came on the scene when I was 3 and he was just 23, so in a way, we grew up together – me into an adult, and he into midlife. It was hard going, for both of us. By the time I headed off for college, I had the sense many kids do at that age –  that I was perhaps a disappointment, not living up to my potential. This wasn’t due to anything he did or said of course, but more a product of my own internal struggles and sense of boredom with who I was and what I was doing. But as the years continued to fly by, something shifted – in and for both of us.  As I became a parent myself, I had what so many new parents report: a complete shift in perspective, LOL! So many of the choices my parents had made when I was younger suddenly made a whole lot more sense to me, which allowed me to open myself to who he might truly be and not just who my young self thought he was. And from my perspective, he began to express what he was actually feeling/seeing/experiencing – and I was shocked to find that he was incredibly supportive as I tried to figure out what kind of artist I was and how to express it. And when I decided to take a flying leap off the cliff and head into audiobook narration full time, he was and remains my greatest cheerleader, listening to every book he can get his hands on, encouraging me not to give up in the early years when it felt nigh impossible to succeed, and most important of all, allowing me to believe that I could do it, was worth it, and that what I was doing mattered to him – that he was proud of me. His belief in me was instrumental in my determination to make this career fly, to keep improving.

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Xe Sands is an Audie and Voice Arts Award-winning narrator based in the Pacific Northwest, known for her authentic, engaging and intimate delivery of over 225 audiobooks in various genres, specializing in first person, literary and epistolary fiction, memoirs, and captivating performance of romantic fiction. She has been recognized for her work by Salon, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and AudioFile Magazine for titles such as Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, If You Only Knew, Cruel Beautiful World, Euphoria, and The Muralist. In the romance genre, she is known for her work with Kristan Higgins, Jacqueline Frank, Anne Stuart, and narrating as Jo Raylan, with CD Reiss and Karina Halle.

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