A Note for 2018

Hi friends!

If you’re a Read-A-Romance Month regular, you’ll probably notice that Read-A-Romance Month is distinctly smaller this year.

I had considered not doing it at all, for a variety of reasons, but when I ran that idea by a few friends and fans, they were so disappointed that I reconsidered, and decided to simply scale it back.

Then in June I suffered a heart-breaking experience that seems to have sucked the energy straight out of me, a state that was exacerbated by a tragedy a friend suffered that I have been unexpectedly rocked by.

So I apologize that RARM is both smaller and much less organized in 2018. (I haven’t quite sorted out the schedule yet, as of August 1.  The evolving calendar is here.)

Aside from these (I hope) fun Q&As on the website – there will also be daily author visits on weekdays at the Romance of Reading Facebook page.

It has been a very difficult year in many ways, and I have decided that I need to be gentle with myself. I hope you will be too.

Enjoy Read-A-Romance Month, and this different version of a month designed to celebrate romantic fiction.

We can all use #ATouchofRomance in our lives, can’t we?

Happy August. xo



Weekdays in August on  The Romance of Reading page:


1   –   Jeannie Moon           💜         2   –   Lenora Bell

3  –    Nancy Herkness       💜         6   –   Kimberli A. Bindschatel

7   –  Cathy Maxwell            💜         8   –   Amelia Grey

9  –  Liz Talley                     💜         10  –  Dylann Crush

13  –  Marilyn Brant             💜         14  –  Sharla Lovelace

15  –  Sally MacKenzie        💜         16  –  TBA

17  –  TBA                             💜          20  –  Christine Nolfi

21  –  Susie Orman Schnall  💜       22  –  Caroline Linden

(more to come…)