August 18 – Vivienne Lorret

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While I read romance all year long, August is the month we celebrate romantic fiction! Come back every day to read the fun author Q&As – calendar here –  and each weekday in August, we’ll also have an author guest hosting the Romance of Reading FB page. Today’s Saturday, so Vivienne Lorret is her for the Q&A and no one’s on the page.

This year is significantly smaller in scale. If you’re interested, you can read about some of the reasons why here. It’s been a crazy year, and a complicated few months.

Happy August. Isn’t life better with #ATouchofRomance?! xo

2018 RARM Questions:

Why do you write books? 

If I didn’t, then I’m afraid it would be like Violet Beauregarde (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), who chewed the three-course dinner gum. I would get so full of ideas that I’d run the risk of exploding. Writing books is like putting myself through the juicer.


What do you consider to be the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Professionally speaking, I’d say the most courageous thing was sending out that second query letter, still believing in myself after I received that first rejection. And then doing the same thing for all the times that followed.


Tell us why you write romances or include strong romantic elements in your books?

There are so many reasons. I guess it boils down to having a romantic heart and wanting to fall in love as often as possible. Romance writers, and readers, are blessed with the opportunity to experience falling in love over and over again. But it isn’t always easy. You have to keep your heart in tiptop shape. I recommend a workout of several sighs a day.


Tell us about a romantic moment in your life. (Either romantic love, or romantic sensibility.

This may sound strange, but the most romantic moment in my life was when my sister was my secret admirer. Of course, at the time—when I was nine years old—I didn’t know that she was the one behind the surprise cards and little boxes of candy. But for a magical few weeks, I’d been lost in a haze of pink-clouded bliss, imagining that maybe… just maybe… Rick Springfield had loved me as much as I loved him.


If you could tell your younger self anything (either as a writer or as a woman) what would it be?

So many things, but most of all—be fearless.

Of course, it’s difficult to start off this way when your internal editor is breathing down your neck. So, before you begin to write, take your internal editor by the hand and explain that you have to do this without her. Then write what’s in your heart. Pour it all out onto the page and don’t hold back


Tell us something you uncovered in research that fascinated you.

I discovered that there was an actual matchmaking agency in 1825 London. It was the first of its kind, taking client applications and charging subscription fees to introduce people. It was the late-Regency Era’s e-harmony!


How do you handle the voices in your head competing for their story to be written? (Thanks Eileen!)

Post-it’s and file folders. I used to ignore the other characters and storylines that would pop into my head, believing that I would remember them in the future. But that didn’t always work. So now, I jot down ideas whenever they arrive (I put notes on Post-it’s, envelopes, grocery store receipts…), and keep them “organized” in file folders for later.

If you could live for a month somewhere (either in the present or past) where (and when, if applicable) would it be? Why?

When I’m on a deadline, I’d pretty much go anywhere that’s quiet for a month to write. But if I had my way, I’d like to stay in Neuschwanstein Castle. Alone. So I could write with a breathtaking view. There’s a Starbuck’s in Bavaria, right?


What is (one of) the most remarkable/inspiring things that has happened to you as a reader or writer?

One of the most inspiring things is when I hear from readers. Every time I meet a reader at an event, or read a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness and good wishes. It’s such a blessing to receive emails and letters from people who take time to reach out to me, wanting to share their stories, ask questions about future characters, or even offer a simple hello. These are the moments I treasure most of all.


Vivienne recommends:

Oh, there are so many great authors I love… I know the book is going to amazing if it’s anything by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Tessa Dare, Katharine Ashe, Lorraine Heath, Cathy Maxwell, Janna MacGregor, Lisa Kleypas, Sophie Barnes, Sophie Jordan, Kelly Bowen, Julie Ann Long, Kristan Higgins, Candis Terry, Jill Shalvis… just to name a few

(Bobbi here ~ I’m going to pick a couple lesser known names off the list and link to them.)  ;o)


Janna MacGregor  –   –   @Amazon

Lauren writes sweet contemporary romances and steamy erotic thrillers. However you like your books, Lauren has a heat level for you.


Kelly Bowen  –   –   @Amazon

Jennifer is all about the family saga, and her Harrisons’ books deliver great romance with all the feels.


Candis Terry  –   –   @Amazon

Gail has the military hero down like no other. If you want a sexy alpha in uniform, she’s your girl.


USA TODAY bestselling author Vivienne Lorret transforms copious amounts of tea into words. She is an Avon author of the Wallflower Wedding series, the Rakes of Fallow Hall series, the Season’s Original series, and the Misadventures in Matchmaking series.

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