August 27 – Lisa Patton

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Welcome to Read-A-Romance Month!

While I read romance all year long, August is the month we celebrate romantic fiction! Come back every day to read the fun author Q&As – calendar here –  and each weekday in August, we’ll also have an author guest hosting the Romance of Reading FB page. Today Lisa Patton is doing both the Q&A and the author takeover.

This year is significantly smaller in scale. If you’re interested, you can read about some of the reasons why here. It’s been a crazy year, and a complicated few months.

Happy August. Isn’t life better with #ATouchofRomance?! xo

2018 RARM Questions:

Why do you write books? 

I need to be creative. It’s in my DNA. And I love setting big goals for myself and actually accomplishing them. :o)


What do you consider to be the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

Fighting breast cancer, then facing my new body in the mirror.


Tell us why you write romances or include strong romantic elements in your books?

I’m not a romance writer but I LOVE romance. I’m the definition of a “hopeless romantic.” I want a man to stare in my eyes without looking away and tell me what I mean to him.


Tell us about a romantic moment in your life. (Either romantic love, or romantic sensibility.)

Slow dancing under the stars to “There’s a Place for Us,” from West Side Story.


If you could tell your younger self anything (either as a writer or as a woman) what would it be?

YOU HAVE A VOICE and it’s okay to use it. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Believe that God loves you fiercely.


Tell us something you uncovered in research that fascinated you.

 Nothing really fascinated me with research on RUSH, but I will say I was deeply saddened when I learned how devastating it is for a young woman when she doesn’t get a bid to her favorite sorority.


How do you handle the voices in your head competing for their story to be written? (Thanks Eileen!) 

I’m sure other writers will have a different story to tell but this doesn’t happen for me. I’d love to give you a sexier version of my writing life but I don’t have one 😉 LOL!

If you could live for a month somewhere (either in the present or past) where (and when, if applicable) would it be? Why?

France. I’d start in Paris, wear myself out visiting museums and Versailles, then I’d relax in a Renaissance villa for a week. After that I’d drive cross- country stopping at vineyards and French antique shops. I’d eat in tucked away French cafes, stand in the middle of a lilac field and drink in the aroma. A hotel with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean would be my last stop.


What is (one of) the most remarkable/inspiring things that has happened to you as a reader or writer?

The most remarkable thing that has happened to me as a writer was receiving a handwritten letter from Fannie Flagg praising my latest novel, RUSH.


Lisa recommends:

Kate Morton   –   –   @Amazon

The SECRET KEEPER is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’ve not read her latest, The CLOCKMAKER’S DAUGHTER but it’s definitely at the top of my TBR! In my humble opinion Kate Morton is one of the best storytellers alive today.


After thirteen years at an all-girls school in Memphis and a house full of sisters, Lisa Patton headed for co-ed life at the University of Alabama where she graduated with a degree in Communications.  Forever the music lover, Lisa landed her first job at the Historic Orpheum Theatre in Memphis as a manager and show promoter before transitioning into promotions at WMC–FM 100, the landmark Memphis radio station. It was there she received Billboard Magazine’s Promotion Director of the Year award.

The birth of her two sons made it difficult to emcee nightly charity auctions and movie premieres so Lisa shifted into TV promotions at the NBC affiliate, WMC-TV Channel 5.  Writing radio and TV promotional spots, character voice bits, and news promos made up a large part of both broadcasting positions.

A three-year stint in the restaurant business as a Vermont innkeeper added diversity to her southern roots and after surviving three sub-zero winters Lisa sped back to Tennessee to de-thaw. That experience gave her the inspiration for her bestselling novel, Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter.

A year later she returned to the music industry and was hired by multi-Grammy Award winning recording artist Michael McDonald as personal assistant and tour manager. She worked on several albums and video projects including the Grammy nominated, certified Platinum, Motown.  Lisa remained in that position until writing became a full-time career.

A breast Cancer survivor, Lisa is now the best selling author of what Library Journal calls, “the beloved Dixie series,” Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easterYankee Doodle Dixie, and Southern as a Second Language. Her lastest novel, Rush, a current Okra Pick from the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, has been praised by the Atlanta Journal Constitution as “a story about right versus wrong, old traditions pitted against modern ideas and changing times.” The proud mother of two sons, eight bonus children and eleven grandchildren, she lives in the rolling hills of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and their four-legged, furry daughter named Rosie. 

To learn more about her, visit Lisa’s website at


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