#BookADay 4 – Moonraker’s Bride

And other titles by Madeleine Brent….

Have you ever read Madeleine Brent? (Who was *really* Peter O’Donnell (read his Wikipedia page here.)

Gothic, fish-out-of-water storylines, usually with a heroine who was raised somewhere else who winds up in England.

And you know how flexible and forgiving those Victorian English people were, right? ;o)
I read most of these in high school, and have never forgotten them.  One of my best friends, Robyn, who lived two doors down from me, lent me her copy and I was enthralled.

They were all a bit similar to each other, but I’ve never read anything else quite like them.

A few years ago I heard a rumor that they would be coming out in digital editions, but so far no luck.

However, if you ever see one in a library or second store, don’t hesitate to pick them up!

Of course, having said that, it occurs to me that it’s my 16 year-old self recommending them, but I still think they’ll hold up. They have pretty good reviews on Amazon, so I don’t think I’m completely off the mark…If you ever read one, please loop back to me and let me know!) xoxo

Madeline Brent  @Amazon  (though these will all be second hand.)