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A bit about Read-A-Romance & Read-A-Romance Month

Read-A-Romance Month was conceived and launched in 2013 by freelance writer and romance advocate RARM 2016 squareBobbi Dumas (hi!), after I realized there was no one place where the community celebrated romance all together, at one time, in a concentrated way. Read-A-Romance Month is cross-publisher and cross-genre, and represents a broad spectrum of authors and books. It’s also online, and open to everyone!

I also thought this would be a great platform to gather writers’ and readers’ thoughts about why we truly love these books, and in some way document how they do change lives and make women’s lives better.

I am so grateful for these wonderful essays and sometimes I feel actually breathless at how powerful some of them are. I hope you feel the same way.

Why August?

I picked August because summer reading tends to be lighter fare, and even eclectic readers tend to pick up more romance.

Also, after a little research, I discovered that according to some studies, more people felt romantic during the summer months, when they can take vacations and relax, than they did in February around Valentine’s Day.

So I thought August was perfect for this pro-romance event.

“Why Read-A-Romance MONTH?! I read romance every day!”

I see and hear this question a lot. Of course we read romance more than just in August! Think of it more as the month when we come together to CELEBRATE romance! Almost like Romance Appreciation Month. Isn’t it great to have a month we can look forward to where romance fans get to come gather and celebrate? Soon I also hope to facilitate in-person events that happen across the country—maybe even the world? (hey, a girl can dream big!)—where readers and writers can come together and celebrate this joyful, awesome genre.

A bit about Bobbi

Bobbi Dumas is a freelance writer and book reviewer who has been honored and privileged to write about and advocate for romance in a variety of places,


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Kirkus highlights:

You can find  my Kirkus page here, which features both the weekly Read-A-Romance blog and some author interviews (you can find some below). Mostly the blog is fun book recommendations, but I occasionally get to sink in to some romance advocacy, like with this piece where I rebutted William Giraldi’s scathing attack of romance in The New Republic.

Are these some of your favorite authors too?! Their interviews are linked through the images.

sherry thomas

Sherry Thomas photo by Sparks Studio


Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Eloisa James







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Lauren Willig photographed by Sigrid Estrada.


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Lisa Kleypas photographed by Danielle Barnum

Suzanne Brockmann photographed by Shirin Tinati

Suzanne Brockmann photographed by Shirin Tinati








NPR highlights:

I’ve contributed a number of pro-romance pieces to NPR – don’t you love NPR?! You can find the full list here. I especially like my first-ever NPR post, In Defense of Romance, though I also wrote about Julia Quinn’s The Bridgertons, Kristan Higgins’ Blue Heron, the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo, and more.


Barnes & Noble:

I’ve written a few pieces for the B&N nook blog. If you’d like, you can check those out here. It’s hard to pick favorites from one’s writing, but another advocacy piece I’m particularly fond of is Breaking the Glass Slipper Ceiling.


The New York Times Book Review – I did a romance shortlist for Valentine’s Day 2016. (Very cool!)


Huffington Post – In 2014, I did a feature titled Love and Rainbows — Romance Novels Blaze a Trail for Everyday Equality.


I’ve given you a lot to wander through, haven’t I? Just a bit more if you’d like.

Bobbi Dumas (hi!)

Bobbi Dumas (hi!)

Want to read the essays from the last 3 years of Read-A-Romance? You’ll find them linked in the sidebar boxes.

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