Just one more day!

Tomorrow it all begins, the first-ever Read-A-Romance Month. What a crazy few months it’s been!

As I’ve been putting up a few posts, I am struck by how passionately these women feel about this wonderful genre, and how eloquent they are in their defense of it. I long for the day when women don’t have to feel defensive about anything, and while we’re closer, we’re not there yet.

Romance novels represent the very best of what the world can be. Men who respect women. Friendly communities that are welcoming and embracing. Worlds that reward courage, commitment and positive change.

Some writers are defiant. “By asking us to write about why romance matters, you’re separating us from all the other genres that never have to justify their worth.”  Good point.

Some writers are thought-provoking. “What I really want are more stories about what happens after the ‘I do.'” Another good point.

These are some of the best writers you’ll find anywhere, and they love romance. They are its producers and its champions.  If you’re here, it’s likely at least one of them is a favorite. I can tell you that what they have to say about romance is as compelling as the stories they write and the characters they create.

It’s going to be a great month.