More Read-A-Romance Posts from Friendly Bloggers

Readers Celebrate Romance Too!

These are a few bloggers who  have been  active and interactive on the RARM Facebook Page over the past month and, in some cases, the last year. Or who had previously mentioned RARM on their blogs. So I invited them to create RARM content.

I hope you enjoy! And if you know of anyone else who’s created content independently or posted about RARM (or if you have yourself), please let me know. I’ll add more links when things calm down — if they ever calm down! — and I have the time.


Jillian Neal’s fun Defense of Romance                                  Tin at Love Saves The World

 The Sexy Readers at Lady Smut                                             Jennifer at Our Book Boyfriends

   Alexandra at The Lusty Literate                                          Rebecca’s Book Review

                                                         Author Cody Gary*

*(I am including Cody because she has independently posted, participated, posted, posted and posted about Read-A-Romance Month. I am so grateful for her enthusiasm and support, especially since she wasn’t even involved in an active way. Also, she is at the top of Victoria’s Author Crush list. So we have to have her her somewhere!) ;o)

Be sure to let me know if you or anyone you know is blogging about Read-A-Romance Month.