The Grand Central Grand Prize

The Grand Central Grand Prize consists of one iPad Mini, along with 31 Grand Central Forever e-books! This is the prize that asks you to  share your own thoughts on why and how romance matters.  Beginning August 1, you’ll be able to enter the Grand Central Grand Prize by submitting a short essay (150 to 750 words). Contest will run from Noon August 1 to August 31 at 10 pm EST by sending the essay to the email address that will be posted on August 1st, opening the contest  Winner will be chosen by a drawing based on entry, not content, but winning entry must maintain contest parameters: a viable essay – sincere, if not perfectly written – received within the appropriate time frame with the correct word count.

Read-A-Romance Month may decide to use some of these entries as posts between now and next year in anticipation of R-A-R M 2014. If we do, we will contact you at the email address used to enter the contest. If for some reason the email address does not work, we do reserve the right to use the essays in support of Read-A-Romance Month. If we decide to do anything else with your entry, we will use reasonable diligence to get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity.

All entries for the Grand Central Grand Prize must be sent to

Good Luck!