The Grand Central Grand Prize

The Grand Central Grand Prize consists of one iPad Mini, along with 31 Grand Central Forever e-books! This is the prize that asks you to  share your own thoughts on why and how romance matters.  Beginning August 1, you’ll be able to enter the Grand Central Grand Prize by submitting a short essay (150 to 750 words). Contest will run from Noon August 1 to August 31 at 10 pm EST by sending the essay to the email address that will be posted on August 1st, opening the contest  Winner will be chosen by a drawing based on entry, not content, but winning entry must maintain contest parameters: a viable essay – sincere, if not perfectly written – received within the appropriate time frame with the correct word count.

Read-A-Romance Month may decide to use some of these entries as posts between now and next year in anticipation of R-A-R M 2014. If we do, we will contact you at the email address used to enter the contest. If for some reason the email address does not work, we do reserve the right to use the essays in support of Read-A-Romance Month. If we decide to do anything else with your entry, we will use reasonable diligence to get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity.

All entries for the Grand Central Grand Prize must be sent to

Good Luck!

  • Nancy Crawford

    Ah, the joy of opening a new romance, losing yourself in another life, another world – using your imagination to ‘see’ the setting and people. Romances allow us to forget the issues and problems of our real world and enjoy a world where everything works out in the end.

    • lovely, Nancy – thank you. xoxo

    • Just to be clear, Nancy: Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the
      above directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Pollyanne Searle

    the joy of romance knows no bounds, it makes you happier so you treat others better. You can travel to wonderful places as you read, and if you are very lucky, the romantic man in your life will take you to some of those places.

    • xoxo

    • Hi, Pollyanne! Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the
      above directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Mary Tapia

    Why not read Romance? Set yourself free! Have some fun! Be happy and make others happy too!

    • Why not indeed??

    • Just to be clear, Mary – please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the
      above directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Richelle Soon

    If I had to use one word, it would be hope. If you have read for as many years as I have, especially more recently any woman; tall or short, heavy or thin, abled or not so abled etc can find long lasting love. I find what Susan Mallery had to say important. Her characters are strong and self reliant as are many other modern women in romances. I especially like Consuelo; a tough, intelligent and much respected (and feared) Hispanic woman.
    For a disabled, 55+, Eurasian woman this equals hope.

    • Angels4Autism

      Same here for a women in her fifties who is disabled too, romance is my gate way to hope and knowing that love lives on! I believe in the magic of love!

    • Thank you, Richelle – so glad they bring you comfort. And I agree, the diversity is great, and getting better!

  • christieMI

    Unless less you’re a dreary cynic, what’s wrong with romance? So we all know that happily-ever-after doesn’t always come true in real life (heck, it doesn’t always happen in the romance genre anymore), but there’s nothing wrong with putting aside your daily cares and thinking that no matter what tribulations occur to your hero and/or heroine (especially those they bring upon themselves), everything will turn out as it should on the last page.
    And there’s a lot to choose from; think of all those romantic sub-genres! Historicals, contemporaries, suspense, faith-based, workplace, opposites repelling and then attracting, pets that bring couples together, kids that bring couples together, royalty and commoners, the exotic settings and time periods, men in kilts! And really, do you want to deny yourself a good old-fashioned bodice ripper with the cover of the impossibly lovely couple en deshabille?! Let the grumpies sneer–viva la romance! Ce magnifique!

    • Thanks for this! Please remember that the comment is not an entry, it must be sent to the email above. Thank you! xoxo

  • Kim Cornwell

    Reading romance takes me away from daily issues! Awesome giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Thanks for being here, and for such great comments! xoxo

  • Angels4Autism

    Now this is really exciting! A chance to share why we love romance, awesome giveaways and the grand prize is awesome! Cali via Brooklyn is in the house and ready to rock the romance. Lord knows if it were not for my book boyfriends I don’t know what I would do! 🙂

    • Thanks, Nicole! (Found it!) ;o) And thanks for all your wonderful comments so far!

    • Just to be clear, Nicole – Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the
      above directions to win an iPad. So glad you’re enjoying!

  • Robert Sutton

    Love this idea and look forward to see what each day brings. I’m a male that loves reading romance books. A couple of my favorite authors are. Susan Mallery & Suzanne Brockmann. Of course there are also many more. Thanks for the month of August and Romance does Rock!

    • Thanks so much, Robert! And good for you! I love you already. xoxo

      Susan Mallery’s post was great, and SB’s will be too. So glad you found us and that you’re here! :o)

  • Tina B

    This is a fun contest which I look forward to trying. I am not a writer, but will try my best to put it into words. 😉
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • J.J.

    Great idea about “Read-a-Romance-Month”, I found a few of my fave authors on here, so hope to pop in more, Awesome contest/prizes… even more fun. 🙂

    • Wonderful, JJ – So glad you’re here, thank you! xoxo

  • Leesa K Strawbridge

    Love this idea.

  • Toni Cameron

    This is a great idea.

    • Thank you! xoxo

      Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the above directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Cortney Allen

    At the end of the day, my favorite thing to do is sit down with a romance novel. There are few things in this world that I enjoy more than sitting with a good romance novel. It like being given the keys to another universe that you can visit any time and just sit and watch an entire world unfold, following the lives of your favorite characters. And after a while they stop being characters and become more like friends sharing their lives and their hearts and their secrets with you. It’s a great feeling knowing that, in your hands, is another world and, on your bookshelves, are dozens of worlds waiting for you to come and join them. Reading romance novels allows you to exercise your mind and flex your imagination. It is the authors who come up with the story, give the characters their names, but it’s the reader, I believe, who breathes breath into these characters and gives them life. That’s why I love romance novels.

    • Lovely, Cortney!

      Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Meredith Richardson

    This is amazing!! Thanks for putting this together 🙂

    • Thanks, Meredith – and for all your enthusiasm and participation this month! Just in case: Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

      • Meredith Richardson

        Yep, thanks! I sent an email for the grand prize a couple weeks ago… though my response was more about my obsession with books in general rather then romance :X Does that make a difference?

        • The prize is on entry not content, exactly. And I figure you’ve enjoyed this month enough that if I decide to as you for a testimonial, you might be willing, whether or not you win. ;o)

  • Ricki Stamos

    I’ve lost a lot of sleep because romance novels! Every night at bedtime I’ll pick up the latest romance novel I’m reading and then CAN’T put it down when it’s time to get some sleep. I’ll say to myself, “Just one more chapter.” and before I know it, I look at the clock and two hours have gone by! I personally find reading romance novels an excellent reason to lose a little sleep!

    • Love, Ricki! Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the above directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Karen Christine Vega

    Love it! It would be awesome!

    • Thanks, Karen! Please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the directions to win an iPad. Hope you’re enjoying

  • Janis Petzold

    creative idea

    • Thank you – please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the directions to win.

  • Kim

    Great idea! I’m really enjoying all of the posts, recommendations, and Q&A!

  • Marg Breece

    What fun! Just today discovered this thru newsletter from one of my fav authors, and you have a lot of them on the calendar lol. I will be back

    • Yay, Marg! Thank you – please spread the word. xoxo

  • Kathy Auten

    Fantastic always have romance novel at hand to read

    • Thanks so much! Hope you’ve sent in your essay. xoxo

  • Charlene Fraley

    I would love to write an essay!

  • Kai W.

    This is a great ideas to gather more authors together.

    • Thanks so much, and for participating so well this month, Kai!

  • Maria Cabral

    Thank you. Never enough romance to read. I sometimes read a book a day. Staying up late of course and forgetting house work. Thank you,

    • So welcome! Be sure to send in your essay. xoxo

  • Laura Weil

    interesting idea!

    • Thank you – hope you’re enjoying

  • Josie Lajeunesse Lombardi

    What a wonderful idea.

    • Thank you! Hope you’re enjoying Read-A-Romance Month. xoxo

  • Charlene Fraley

    Would love to win sounds wonderful!

    • Good luck – be sure to send in your essay, Charlene. :o)

  • Julie

    Wow, thank you

  • J.J.

    Romance…Why and How? Hmmm…. (((fingers tapping)))

  • Zany RiN

    Wow … this is such an aweaome contest. So different and unique! But I have a question … what does the essay have to be about or can it be about anything as long as it is well written? If it is about amt subject matter I know the perfect paper to submit!

    • Hi, Zany. ;o) The contest is a drawing for entries, not content. But it must fit the parameters in the directions above, and the content must be on the subject “Romance Matters.”

  • Great idea. Looking forward to writing my entry!

    • Yay, Brooke! Thanks so much for all your great comments this month!

  • Lori Baker Nash

    Love this have always wanted an i pad but no money to get one, Thank you

    • you’re welcome – please note this is not a “comment ” contest. You have to follow the directions to win.

      • Lori Baker Nash

        I sent an essay to your email did u not get it? Thanks!

        • Thanks for the note. I actually don’t check that email account often. I figure they’ll be there when I peek. xoxo

  • brhill2010

    Question can you only enter this contest once?

    • Yes, just once.

    • (Remember though, it’s entry not content. Unless you really feel it doesn’t fit the parameters. Then let me know.)

  • Melanie Backus

    Every morning since August 1, I have looked forward to reading the wonderful posts that have been supplied by fantastic authors. Thank you for this great idea!

    • Thank you, Melanie – for this and all your wonderful comments! Not doing a perfect job keeping up with everything, but I appreciate all your enthusiasm for this project. xoxo

    • Melanie Backus
      • Hi, Melanie – go up to the top of the page and read the contest directions. There are a few elements, but this is the most important part: All entries for the Grand Central Grand Prize must be sent to

  • Melanie Backus

    Nothing is better than romance. Thanks, Bobbi!

    • Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments, Melanie! If you didn’t enter this via the email address, be sure to send there. xoxo

    • Melanie Backus

      I sure hope I remembered to leave my email address with the big contest essay. Oh Me!!!!!!!!

  • Mary McCoy

    I submitted my essay, and as it has been some years since I had to do a word-counted essay for school, I hope I got it right! It will be patently obvious when you read it why I remain an avid reader but not writer of romance:)

    • Entry not content! xoxo You’ll be fine, and thank you. xoxo

  • Lisa Hutson

    What a fun interesting idea. We are mostly readers, not writers. But we all have our own feelings about reading romance. So letting us share our thoughts is a great idea. And not judging our writing abilities is the best! 😉

    • Hi, Lisa! Sorry this took me so long. Be sure to enter via the email address, if this is your entry!

  • Mira

    Is this contest open to people outside the U.S?

    • no, I’m so sorry. (and sorry this took me so long.) xoxo

  • Joe Keel

    Thansk for having such a great contest!

    • Thank you for being here – sorry this took me so long! xoxo

  • Just sent my entry in. I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

  • Anita Medeiros

    Romance and happy everafter is needed in our lives, how else could we coupe with the realities of our own lives? =)
    I have been reading romance novels since I was 13 (of course mom didn’t know about them then) LOL. I want to thank all of those great creators of the books that take me away to a happy place every day- Salute to The AUTHORS!!!

    • xoxo Be sure to send this to the email address if this is your entry. :o)

  • Jeanine K. Knight

    Love it! 🙂

  • Marianne Zanetakos

    What a fantastic idea! Thank you Bobbi!

  • Flora Segura-Buchler

    I can’t remember if I entered this part of the contest, Bobbi

    • I’ll check in a few minutes. xoxo

    • Flora, please resend. I’ll look for it when I do the drawing, and if it’s there twice, I’ll delete one. Something’s come up and I don’t want you to miss the deadline if I don’t have time to check. Hope that works for you. (Is the address recognizable to your name? If not, put your name in the subject line. Thank you! xoxo

      • Flora Segura-Buchler

        Thanks Bobbi, I sent an entry in yesterday just in case. I appreciate you taking the time to look out for it. In put “Grand Central Publishing Contest Entry” in the subject line. My email is the same one I’ve been using all month:

        Thanks for putting on such a terrific program this month.


  • Donna Kemp

    Great idea I get to meet authors I haven’t read yet.

  • CJ Feeney-Renaud

    Outstanding idea and marketing strategy! Kudos!

  • Margaret Stagg

    Such a great idea!

  • Laurie P

    What a wonderful contest and what’s not to love about romance?

  • Elisa Bozzuto Rinaldi

    This would have been fun but I don’t think I could come up with a good essay in such a short amount of time. I’m too late but good luck to those who entered

    • Elise, remember it’s entry, not content. Heck, you can come up with 100 words on a comment, right? Don’t be intimidated, just write from the heart. xoxo

  • Nina Diab

    Great contest! I just emailed my entry. I have a question though- I was so worried about getting the correct word count in that I forgot to sign my name at the end. And I don’t want to send it again just to add my name and risk getting disqualified or something for submitting twice. But I did put “Grand Central Grand Prize entry” as the subject. Is this okay? I mean, it is still sent from my email address..

    • Should be fine as long as it’s a working email address. xoxo

      • Nina Diab

        Oh good! Thank you so much! XOXO 😀

  • Tessa Slayton

    Does anyone know who won the Grand Central Prize?